Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 44

March 7, 2019
Day after New Moon
Spiral Hill at the end of Manor Rd.

What an exquisite day! The sun was up, cool breezes in the air, blue skies, open space and a full panoramic view of where we live.  The Turkey vultures were happy soaring in the sky as we watched their grand magnificence and, Josie was very happy to be here because, SHE KNOWS THIS AREA!!

As we now get into the bus with their “bus passes”/ tracking cards, they are enjoying them more and more so, when we got to where we were going they were instantly looking for tracks and, when found, recognizing some of the details like that on the cards.
When we got out of the bus we knew there was something there that Luna would love, SOUR GRASS!! Luna is, as often as she sees them, eating with great joy, sour grass or Redwood Sorrel, a cousin.  And, Eamon we figured would like this very much as he is the Plant Guy, he loves plants, he loves to eat them and roll in them too!! 🙂

They spent a lot of time looking at the sour grass and eating it. I can’t eat it without making a big scrunchy face so we watched to see who could eat them WITHOUT doing that. Pretty rough to do. However, I am pretty sure that  Luna was the winner of that game.  The boys found worms and LOVED playing with them for awhile until, we began our journey up the steep ascent.  Ruby took most of the children on the higher and easier trail. There they were finding so many wonderful wild flowers popping up with Spring time color!!! Theo pretty much ran to, almost the top, and then stopped hoping we would be at the top. He wanted that so much that he decided that right on the trail, SURELY, must be where we should be for the day. 🙂

When we all got to the top again, Josie was very excited because she knows all about the Labryinth there and how to walk it in a respectful  manner.

However, we had them explore the area first and then, we came into circle.  From there they were then given some instructions on the labryinth and all was well.

Josie and Ellie had a grand time walking it and finding the treasures in the middle.  All the while knowing that we do not touch nor take anyones gift given/the treasure and we stay within the the pathways created.  The boys wound up finding clay on the trail we came up on. They and Ruby spent a great deal of time over there creating such wonders!!!  Ruby told me that Eamon made little gifts for everyone. HOlden made me a gift and Theo made marvels.

Later on the boys went in the Laybryinth and had a grand time.  And, the big puddles in it, wound up being great puddles to wash their clay ridden hands.

Luna found some rocks that she wanted to build with.  She and I began and then, little by little all the others wanted to join in. It was her creation so she was in charge of what was ok to put on there or not. All the children would ask her kindly, if this was good or that was good.  She was quite comfortable and easy with her yes’s, no’s and well, ok…. And the children were delighted to be apart of this. By the end, what a glorious creation was made!!!

Theo was the first to come in and be apart of this so he and Luna worked together in such a fun way for awhile.  Everyone added what they could find: flowers, rocks, grass, sticks, little bugs, slugs…..

We then came in for lunch, I read them a fine nature story of unity and all sorts of animals, which, later in the day due to the story, they were looking for signs of like the little bug in the tale and it’s tracks.  YEAH!!

We put our packs to the side after lunch and went on our way for an adventure down the path.  We found such a great tree BUT, there was Guardian/Poison Oak underneath it. They could only play on top of the tree!  They did so for awhile until it was clear that they were ready to move on. So moving on we did.  As we were walking Eamon got a little disgruntled and said ” Why can’t we just play??”  I shared that we were as we had no idea where we were going and what we would find.  Right after that the trail got thin and to it’s sides were a whole lot of French broom that they could hide in. And, that is what they all did. Hide and Seek, Hide and Seek, Hide and Seek!!!  I then gave them a mission to find the big rocks on the Right side of the hill. Off they went and, they found them. But then,  the boys wanted it all to themselves and the girls were dissatisfied with that so, what do you  know?? There was ANOTHER rock out in the distance. They all, actually, ran off to that and from there they were playing here, playing there in this very large play ground on the top of the mt.  Theo went to explore another rock much further and was delighted with his finds.

We finally had to go back.  When we got to a very large hill the girls, with ease, made it up but the boys were huffing, and puffing, and complaining.  We all waited at the top with smiles. They finally made it. Oh but no, Theo, where was Theo?  On the ground on the other side of the little rise.  We couldn’t even see him. Eamon ran back for him. He got up and then all the boys went to go collect the things they made from clay.  Then down the hill we all went. And what/who did we find?? Josie’s mom and brother waiting there for Josie.  The children ate some more sour grass and shared some of the day with Josie’s mom. Then we sang our good byes, said good bye to Josie as we watched them begin their journey down the hill and we went down in the bus all the way back to the park with happy hearts from such a grand adventurous day.


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