Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 40

Feb. 15, 2018
Day after New Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Devin absent.

What a very fun last day before holiday.
The weather was superb.  Warm, easy and conducive to relaxing and enjoying the ease of life.
In our circle today we had a story that came from our friends Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy but, they were not in there box!  Where were they???  The children had to find them and, they did. This, at the current moment, is one of Puma’s favorite games. He comes every day wondering, “Where are they?” “Have they wandered off???”  And so, at circle we discovered that they were indeed NOT in their box and a search had to take place.  When they found them they came back to circle and we discovered firstly, there was a Valentines Day surprise snack: A chocolate  ( of course gluten-free and as healthy as one can get with this kind of a treat) heart shaped cake.  We limited their snack to one piece and that, in the end, worked out just fine.  And then, the story: I relayed a tale about an adventure that our little forest friends took and how they discovered ” warm fuzzies.” These are colorful, soft puff balls that come right out of our hearts whenever you wish to give someone kind words, gifts, thoughts, hugs and the like.  And, they are ALWAYS there!! Yup!  You can never run out of warm fuzzies. The story was much longer but this is enough here I believe for you to get the gist of it.
After circle it turns out that, Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy had made the children special warm fuzzie gifts that were hidden in our forest near the smaller creek.  The children had SO much fun looking for their gifts and then finding them.  Each one of them did not let go of these hearts with many colored warm fuzzies in them and carried them with them all day.

What a joy to watch their magical joy around these gifts.
The day was so beautiful I got a large pull to take them to a spot Tender Trackers discovered last year.  It is a bit of a walk yet, they were ready to go so, off we went down the road, across the road, and onto a skinny little trail.  On the way, they found a wonderful Doug Fir tree with cones that turned out were fun to throw and we found a very old and flattened out lizard on the road.

As we began to walk up the trail there were two ways to go. I couldn’t quite remember, took the wrong path, then saw the right way and led them over land, and through trees to get to a BIG hill to climb up. “OH, this is so steep!!!” they proclaimed yet, they made it up with glee and delight from the end result!!!!

We found our way through a Madrone grove out to a small meadow. There we set our selves up. They found logs to bang, trees to climb and a sunny spot to eat lunch.   From there we explored, told stories, I sewed on two of the heart pouches, little makeshift buttons from sticks found on the earth, they were delighted to climb the trees and then gather Madrone bark for future dying experiments, then laying and basking in the suns glory.

Going back down the hill was fun and far easier than going up!

This used to be covered in Lupin yet they were not in bloom at this time, a bit early, but everything has been blooming so soon I thought, maybe!

The bus ride was peaceful as they were quite tuckered out from the big hiking. 🙂  and a Happy Valentines day adventure.

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