Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 4

Sept. 22, 2016
Waning Half/First Quarter Moon
Sorich Ranch

Today was the official Autumnal Equinox and the last day in the beloved 9 year old Ganesha bus. A memorial day! Michelle was away getting trained in advanced Wilderness First Aid and our dear friend Sukaynah came to join us. The children took to her kindness and warmth with grace and ease and we received a beautiful text message from Michelle to send us off on our day with more love in our hearts.

I chose this place instead of back to Roy’s because the week has been cold and I want us to soak up as much warm Sun rays as possible before the true cold days arrive. And, Sorich is the perfect place for that as it has just that, LOT’S of warm, warm Sun that warmed us deeply up.

At Sorich the big climbing rock was there to great us and they all clambered up to explore and adventure on. Some guidelines of how to be on it were made for some and others just needed assistance on how to get up. There were many pathways to figure out which way one truly wanted to get up that fit their physical needs and that was a grand process to be a part of with all of them.

After explorations we settled in to circle and snack. By 10 am someone always seems to say, “When are we going to have snack? I’m hungry!” So then we know that they are ready. Our circle was longer then usual as our snack was granola and almond milk and then at the end of the story, which was long, Pomegranite seeds. The story was a child version of Persephone and Demeter, the ancient Greek myth of why we have 6 months of fall and winter and 6 months of Spring and Summer. I also used it to emphasize how to listen to the grown up ( in the stories case, the mother) and stay with friends while wandering as well as to always stay close to the group. Half of the children are enjoying running freely. I don’t blame them AND, at Tender Tracks we need to learn how to stay together and communicate. They are doing a good job of this too by the way. Repetition, with rooted loving kindness however, IS the name of the game! 🙂

After circle they brought all their snack dishes to the designated spot and off they went to play some more. Jessie became “The most Powerful Dragon!” and Ruby was “the Most Powerful Fairy Princess!” They, Kuba and Archer and maybe by the end of the game the rest of them all joined in our game of Coyote chasing Rabbit and eating it. Well, I was Rabbit and they all had fun eating me. We ran and ran and that was what was needed and then, it was time to leave our warm coats and sweaters on the bus making our packs lighter and find our way on a new adventure; up and around a big meadow hill to the hill with some swings that are always there in one configuration or another. On our way we came across a fig tree that was not ripe. Kai found one ripe fig and showed us, by eating it, that it was just GREAT! Then we found a magick arch way to go through with our wishes and some old berry bushes that they REALLY wanted some ripe berries on but alas, not to be so.

The children climbed and climbed and had to figure out how to slide down a bit of a hill, which they did and then up and up and up until: WE MADE IT!!! Phew, drinking water straight away and then discovering the area and how the swings work. There was some figuring out of how to share the swings and off they went. The rest of the day was filled with swinging, finding bouncy trees, rocks that work as knives, buckeyes that can fall from the trees,eating together, finding places to poop and more.

Jessie and Ruby created a “Celebration” place. They were SOO sweet as they figured out how they wanted to invite Skylar and Eddie. Jessie was shy to do so. Ruby took him gently and said “You invite Eddie and I will invite Skylar. And so they did. Skylar REALLY wanted to go but Eddie was immersed in digging with the shovel that I had open from the poop kit. It was good to see that Skylar, after thought, decided to go to the “celebration” without Eddie and Eddie decided to stay and play with the shovel that she was really enjoying digging with. Kai and Isabella found a GREAT old Buckeye tree that they had so much fun playing in. Archer was in HEAVEN swinging, swinging, swinging, swinging round and round and round with this one particular swing that had rings that you hold on to and twirl around with. Jake and I had so much fun exploring the forest and Kuba was on the swing playing with me Sukaynah and the other children and actually so was Archer and Jake. These are just small highlights that I am sharing.

I had shaken the Buckeye tree for some Buckeyes to come down and Jessie, Ruby and Archer took them and went to this fun place between some large rocks where they were cutting them up with some sharp edged stones. The learned that these were the first knives that people used. The other children joined as well.

There were many games going on and then it was time to figure out how to get down and back to the bus. This took a lot of physical balancing with the inner muscles of everyones body and they all figured out how to do it without falling down on this steep and slippy hill. Jessie, Archer and Jake were up ahead and I kept giving them land marks to run to and then wait for me to get there. And, they did! When we all got back in the bus we sang songs, offered by Ruby and Archer to Ganesha bus and good words to give to the new owner. “Tell him that we love the bus!” was the gist of their loving words.

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