Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 34

Jan. 25, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Vita was back with us with the instructions to not let her climb but she can walk. That was a good thing because the intention of the day was to take a very big explorative adventure.
And, this was the first day that Devin rode in the bus with us going to our destination!  As a matter of fact, this day seemed like a beautiful and big gorgeous day for each one of the children. There was also such support one towards the other.  Even when they weren’t getting along they would ask for help in a way of wishing for support for the friend who was having a hard time. How wonderful is that?!

When we got to the lakes we ate a simple snack at the picnic table, sang our songs and then put packs on to adventure.  The entire day was a glorious wander and finding new places.  As we walked they organically would find places of curiosity and all gather to explore a creek, a newt, a…something. Then I would pull them a bit along to keep going.  My guidance was to really have them walk for quite a bit. I also had seen a place in my mind’s eye that I have never taken Tender Trackers before but always wanted to. I kept seeing it all the night before as well as the morning.  It was a walk for me, of listening, listening and noticing for when my body would said BINGO! this is the place to stop.  And, that is just what happened.

Avaline was getting quite tired however on the walk and wondering “When are we going to stop?”  Devin never once said that but was rather running ahead of the crew and filled with joy. I suppose it was because he was either an airplane or a train and had all that power in him to keep going!!  Austen and Owen were pretty good too.  I was surprised that Vita just kept going even though I kept checking in about her leg, though she did not really want to put any attention on that.  And Puma, he was just fine too.  However, when I spied the place, after exploring many wonders along the way, YEAH, they all ran down to this magickal Redwood Grove near the waters and LOVED IT!!!   We ate there, played there, laughed and shared there.   Puma and Devin had to go poop so I found some very fine places to make a little pottie. Both spots had ways for them to relax into a log or a tree and….let the poop gooooo!!!  All was easy and no complaints.

The sky was getting darker and darker and the rain began to ever so gently tickle our faces so we carried on.  That meant that by the time we were done for the day we would have walked around the entire Lake!  We saw a man and a woman that had passed us twice and the children made admiring comment to those people about that. 🙂    As we walked around the lake we could see the places that we usually go to and how remarkable that was!  They were in awe.  We found the most beautiful Mushroom forest, so to speak, that we just had to check out. They were really large white mushrooms.  To me they looked like bit Gluten-free Muffins.   We saw Newts and then found this great cache of eaten acorns from the squirrels that are good for whistles.  The kids really tried to whistle with them. The one who got the closest to being able to do it was Devin.  I just love these nature made toys that the Squirrels leave for us.

We ran into someone I know who had a dog. We all chatted with them and the dog for a bit and then those people moved on and so did we. But then, the sky world thought it time to give Earth a bit of a shower and us too!!!  Rain sweetly coming down and we were almost back to the Spillway.   Down the path, to the bus, changing party and off to home.


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