Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 36

January 31, 2019
Terra Firma Farms
Waning Crescent Moon

What an adventure we had!  All were happy accept Josie when we arrived on the bus. Uma sat next to Ellie and on the other side of the bus, not the norm, instead of being next to Josie.  Oh she was so very, very sad about this. However, it was one of those incredible opportune moments for her to make it through, and by all accounts, she did!  Holden was sitting between Josie and Ruby while we drove. Ruby made sure she had warm and loving contact with her for quite some time as we drove and, it worked.  Josie found her ease and acceptance of the different play dynamics throughout the day and ALL the girls were played together.  Hopefully you will have received the videos and photos to show this.
As we drove there the children had some of the Children’s Field guides that we offer them and they shared their delights of the pictures in them one to the other.  Ruby told great stories coming and going as well and the drive back and forth, though longer than our norm, was just fine.

When we got there we immediately went to see the fun and playful goats that were very happy to be up high on boxes.  We then went through the barn and looked to see if the Barn Owl, that often is there, was. But no, we only saw the straw stuffed up in the ease.  There was a table of old bones that had been found on the land and they were so very curious about all those bones and what animals they used to be.  We then found the pond there with many ducks swimming about and stories I told them about my friend that runs programs there and how they catch LOT’S of Bull frogs there to eat.

We went to a big Barn with tables and chairs yet sat on the outside for some Good Morning Greeting songs and then through the barn and out the other side to find the large pond up the hill.

We had to be mindful of “hot wired fences” which they were and Theo made sure everyone was safe! We found grand puddles and a HUGE Oak Tree. We found a trough to wonder about because a tooth brush was in there. They thought that was very funny!  We kept looking back to make sure we would know how to get back to the bus. This was a new place and we needed to keep orienting to where we were so we would not get lost! 🙂

We went up and up and then, there it was, a huge lake with little boats around it.  I continued to orient them to where we were and then to feel what directions their bodies wanted to go.  With eyes closed, the girls all pointed the same direction and the boys the other way. So, Ruby went with the boys and I the girls.

The boys found a great Rock to climb up. It turned into a grand driving machine or something like that. Ruby said that when Holden sat down to drive, Eamon said he was doing it wrong. She let him know that every time someone else drives a vehicle, like she and I, the position and such changes!  Well after a bit of hearing that it seems that he let go and let Holden drive the way he wanted.  They then wanted to find us so Ruby sent them out to scout out the best way to get to us. They ran over to one side of the hill and then the pond and discovered that the pond actually was too wide in that direction to get around so it would be better for them to go the way we went.  And off they went.

The girls went on a grand adventure down a thin and muddy trail around the pond until they found a little creek with stones to look at and a little hill near it.  Here they stopped and great fun ensued.  We drew with rocks and then went tumbling up and down and up and down the little hill until, they started to “make nests” in the tall bunches of grass. Luna was a Fairy in the nests and the others followed her lead.  We then went exploring in the creek and there, I saw something I had never seen before. It looked like an intestinal parasite wiggling around. It clearly was alive!  I came home and discovered that they are called Horse Hair worms.  Through further research I found out that they are no harm to humans, cats and dogs.  As this amazing being was swimming a round, a  2″ frog jumped into the water, went down partly under a rock and made itself very camouflaged at the bottom of the creek!  We stared and looked to see such skill and adeptness.  We continued to explore and then, the boys came.  They tromped through the waters and we met up.

We then went back to eat some lunch. After lunch they were happy to play with abandonment there however, our time was limited so we figured out how we can get back by way of remembering our land marks and such and then, discovered the pigs to our left. We went to see them and what fun!  However, the children were in truth FAR MORE excited to be playing in the mud near the Pig area then watching the pigs for too long. So, you got a video of the pigs and then, your children looking LIKE little Piggies! :)!!

We found our way back through all the places we first discovered, got back on the bus, changed a few clothes and made our way back to our park.

What a day!






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  1. Sarah Conway
    Sarah Conway says:

    Hi Wendolyn, Where are the videos and pictures you wrote about above and in the last blog post? I didn’t receive any, but would love to see them! Thanks, Sarah


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