Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 34

Jan. 24, 2019
Lake Lagunitas
Waning Crescent Moon

Eamon & Theo absent

This was a very sweet day.  We wondered how Holden was going to do with no other boys and it turned out that he did marvelously!  Straight away, before even getting on the bus, he was off and playing with Luna.  Throughout the day, when he wasn’t playing with Luna, Ella or all the girls, he sat, very, very happily, working on carving his future broom with either his fingernails ( he showed us how he did this after he did it) or with stones that either he found or I found for him for scraping the bark off.  He was very peaceful and easy all day.

Luna was happy to be playing with Josie. Josie came in first thing and gave all the girls something that she had drawn.  Being a full four some, Ellie, Luna, Josie and Uma, was a continuing learning curve. Ellie and Luna vied for the affection of Josie and Uma. There was much to be learned by patience, respect for who wants to play with whom, when, AND, continuing to hear that it is all right to play with one or the other without being unkind to those you don’t wish to play with currently. This, as I am sure you have gotten from these journal entries is a theme and, I truly will say, the learning is going well.  Watching them all play in, out, around and with each other throughout was indeed warming to the heart.

Our story at circle has been a continuing theme of Making Brooms which, will happen, next week.  Today’s focus was finding the broom handles.  We are also doing more standing, singing and movement as we enter circle. It is quite fun.

I needed to saw a branch and Ellie came right in for that. She LOVES working with tools and such and wants to get right in there and do so. And so she sawed away for a time.  She, Holden and I had gone down to the waters edge searching for carving stones. Holden didn’t want to cross a big log over the water but Ellie, she thought nothing of it and scampered across.  After Holden saw that, it did not take him long before he did it as well and he felt GREAT about his success!!  Later the others came over and did the same. Luna was more hesitant yet, with a little encouragement and support she did it and she too felt GREAT with her grand accomplishment!!

We were going to go on a long adventure looking for the best broom handles in different types of tree groves but, as we watched the children and their play it just didn’t feel right to alter the good play that was taking place. Therefore, we stayed there all day, gathering, working on scrapping, climbing over logs, listening to the many and varied sounds around us.

The time flew and the day was warm, peaceful, and conducive towards inner and outer “growth and development.”

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