Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 30

Jan. 11, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today was Owen’s second day and Austen’s dad joined us. Which, he said was “The best day EVER!” Whenever there is a change of people or activity the energy can shift and so too today had a different feel than Tuesday.  Owen was a little more high strung and less of a feeling of groundedness yet, as happened with them all, a settling comes after the Earth and Air find their way in their beings.
The weather was mostly gray and cool yet no rain came upon us.  We thought, however, that it would be a fine day to build a fire and make popcorn. Austen and Devin helped with the building of it and the others were far, far to immersed and enamored with playing in and near the creek.

We called them in when it was time to light the fire. We gave our gift of gratitude to the fire and then sang a fire song to bring it forth.  It turned out we needed dryer material so Ruby ran to the bus to get some and POOOF the fire came!  We had to build it up, watch it burn down and then put the pot with the popcorn in it.  But, it didn’t pop like it usually does and it took a lot longer so, the children ran off to play for a bit but then Ruby and I worked it and then, and then and then, IT BEGAN TO POP! And, even though the pot did not pop popcorn to pouring out of the top, we did get enough for everyone to have a bowl full.

After that, I set out hammers, nails, and other such things to work with. Devin, Austen and his Dad went to that and the others went on a GRAND adventure all the way down the creek with Ruby I stayed with the others. Ruby came back with great stories of their adventures, their SWIMMING in the water, needing to go poop, coming back down the creek and by the time we saw them they were DRIPPING!!  Avaline and Owen hammered a bit but they really needed to change their clothes. Avaline, in particular, was REALLY drip, drip, dripping!  There were four of them so it took some time.

While they were having an incredible time exploring the creek and such Devin was fully concentrated on sewing a Madrone Berry bracelet for his Mom and Austen and his Dad were hammering and building things from wood found nearby. I brought out popsicle sticks  and some old acorns to pound and play with too.  When Devin finished his bracelet he joined that party.  When the other kids came back it seemed that Austen had gotten wet earlier so his Dad went over and changed Austen as he was beginning to shiver with cold.

We then all came into lunch. After that there was just enough time to go up the rock stairs and see if there were any frogs where we used to see them. What we did find was a lot of water and absolutely no way to go down to where we had gone during our first weeks of school.  We also threw things down into the spillway and watched the sticks whoosh down. We then ran down to see if we could see them come down.  I had said on Tuesday we could go under the waterfall so, right before we left most of us went under the waterfall. What a delight that was!!

I wish to share that I believe Devin LOVED having Austen’s Dad there because he kept him quite engaged and Dad was so kind to play with him as well.  YEAH!

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