Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 30

January 10, 2018
Peri Park and Roy’s Redwoods
Waxing Crescent Moon

All were here and filled with a bit of the wildness within them.
As some of you may know, we have had to schedule our entire years adventures to Roy’s Redwoods in advance.  It is actually quite cold there in the winter yet we did not want to miss our time there as it is so very beautiful. Since this day was indeed a bit cold, we chose to stay at Peri Park in the morning, the coldest time of our day, and cook Oatmeal with a few other things added that were shared in the story; bee pollen, honey and ripe red apples!

The children were enthralled with being here. They played down by the creek crossing the water, playing with two buckets, collecting rocks, playing chase, hide and go seek and other such adventures.  Circle was set up, the Weather Watcher shared the observation of the day, story and songs commenced and Oatmeal cooked through it all.  Eamon, Uma, Josie and Ellie ate it up but the others, no, not at all.

We set up the washing dishes area after snack and different children came in to clean them, mainly Theo, and then run off to play again.  We then gathered everything up and got to Roy’s by about 11:45.

We walked the sunny side way to the Redwood Cathedral and small bouncy tree area.  They LOVE it there.  And then, lunch.  They were struggling a bit socially after lunch which was perfect timing for us to aid them by way of an adventure back to the bus the long way.  And with that, a great deal of their favorite game took place: Camouflage along the trail.   It is a great place to do this as there are so many Redwood tree hide outs.  I believe Luna loves this game more than any of them however and so hiding from one spot to the next and getting more and more able to be ever so still while waiting for the others to come by while the others are getting more and more able to look where they normally would just have “tunnel vision.”

There was a cross road in the trail. A big water spot in the creek could be crossed with rain boots on. Those that did not have rain boots came with me up the trail avoiding the waters and the others went with Ruby through the water.

As we went up the hill we then came down to the other Larger bouncy tree and there they said, BOUNCE US, BOUNCE US!”  And I did. But then, Ruby came by and said, ” Oh, dear, where are the other children????” She asked for help to find them. Looking, looking, looking we did until OUT THEY POPPED! and we all laughed and laughed.

We made it back to Juniper Rose all safe and sound and made our way back to the bus.





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