Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 28

Jan, 4, 2018
Waning Crescent Moon
Wendolyn’s Home & Land in Fairfax

Well, Tuesday I really sprained my ankle so walking a lot wasn’t a choice on this day. However, coming to my home and using the house as well as the land was an option.  It rained a bit throughout the day so this was truly a great idea to come here: inside and outside.  I set up the home for them and the land here met them so beautifully as well.

When they first got to my place they all gathered around the mint plants. Each one of them cut some mintand then they brought it in.  Austen was very clear that he likes his tea cool and not too hot

Then, when they came in and took off their rain clothes, they made their way into my Library/music room. There they got to strum, with their Angel wings, the harps that I have.  They looked at the whole room and then came into the Play/SandTray room where they all sat down in circle on, sheepskins, pillows and a tray with tea and snack in nice trays. Austen pointed this out.  We had a story that is most often told at Tender Tracks at the beginning of the year.  It is a New Years tale that also goes along with one of our new songs about the 12 months, four seasons and 7 days of the week.
Below is a picture of the circle area before circle.

After circle we put the sheep skins away and found a straw mat underneath.  They then went to playing with all the figurines that I have on all the shelves on either side of this picture.  After a time I made the Sand Tray available and boom they went to town.  Vita at first played away from it. She found the Nesting dolls that she was familiar with. There were two of them. Devin joined her and Austen and Puma a bit on and off but mainly Vita and Devin were really into them.  Avaline was just into pulling as much off the shelves as possible onto the floor and then into the sand tray.  Eventually, they all wound up playing in the sand tray together.  Those pictures you can find on the new shutterfly account. Let me know if you cant get in.
Well, they went to town together playing and playing. Austen got really into and very curious about the little toilets there and then about the clock.  They all just played together with joy and delight.  We then cleaned up. They had a great time cleaning up in the sand tray as they needed to sift the treasures in the sand through their fingers. Puma actually spent a lot of time from beginning to end feeling the sand, Avaline settled quite a bit when she sifted and sifted the small treasures hiding and then put them in a little cooking pot. They all tidied up and then we went into the other room.
In there I made a map of the journey outside they were going to take on a big piece of paper and then talked them through it.  Ruby and I then got them all dressed up for outside and the rain and off they went with map in hand.

When they got back they came with great stories. I had asked them to gather a lot to tell me.
I also set up my backyard for them to sit on yard chairs, receive the warm peppermint tea and share their tales.  Ruby shared with me that they were completely into the map and following it the entire time. So, first, they went and found the singing creek. They all sat on the big rocks there and listened, listened. They, by that point, were so still that they quietly followed the path and, as they walked into the large meadow looking for the big tree that I sit at each morning, what did they come upon?  6 large bucks!!  They and the Bucks sat quietly looking at each other until it was time to move on.  When they came back they told me how many they saw and which ones that they remembered the most and what they remembered the most.  It turned out that Vita just had the best of the best time outside and brought everyone into play and delight.  They found a different way to get back to my place.  They were sneaking up on me and I slowly discovered them. They then came to the backyard where the tea and chairs were waiting for them and I heard some of their tales.
We said our goodbyes after that and then happily, happily walked back to you parents.

Such a different and fun day.




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