Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 26

Dec. 13, 2017
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Puma absent today.

What a very relaxed and very enjoyable last day before holiday.
In the morning the children went right into those things on the land that brings them joy. They played, they explored and time was barely felt.  Ruby and I flowed in and out with them as we also set up our candle making place.  Vita and Avaline were having SUCH a good time playing in and around the water. Right as we were calling them in and over, OOPPPPSSSS, water experience happened and two wet girls emerged.  A changing party was most certainly in order.  So, while I took those two to change their creek filled clothes and boots, Austen and Devin lay on their bellies enjoying watching Ruby tend to the heating up of the bees wax.  She described their time in a way that just sounded so, well, RELAXING!

When we came back they were all ready for our wonderful Ginger Bread Men cookie snack and story. They ate them up while I told them all about how Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy learned how to make candles and then…..That is what we did!

It took them a bit to sink into the slow, and rhythmic way of going round and round the campfire stove dipping, putting the candles into cold water, circling and dipping, singing our winter songs and watching the candles grow and grow and grow. They were just in pure JOY!  And so were we. As they got the hang of this they really did not want to stop.  Those candles were getting bigger and bigger and bigger and then, well, the bees wax was getting lower and lower and lower in the pot. It was truly time to stop. One by one we called them over, poured some wax into their lanterns and put their candles in.

They played for awhile and a little elf got to work doing the Gnomes business and getting treasures set for them in the woods.

I came back and shared that the Gnomes had something very special for each one of them in the woods.  We lit their candles in the lantern and with that light they searched the forest for their gifts.  One by one they found them:  Little Colorful Gnomes wrapped inside a blanket with a gift inside that.  And what was that gift???  A beautiful un cracked Geode!!   Then the hammers came out and one by one they cracked open their geodes to find beautiful, beautiful crystals inside, each one unique in its very own way. This was just what they had seen in stories this month, the Gnomes tending to the stones and finding magick beauty inside each one.

After this, the children played and played up and down the hill across the teeny creek near the picnic tables.  Everyone was easy and playing with each other.   Lunchtime came so we ate right at those picnic tables.

After lunch, we were going to go up to the sun but too much fun took place for the rest of the day right where we were and, well, we simply never made it anywhere but right where we were. 🙂

This day was gentle, friendly, timeless, flowing and filled with a great deal of laughter.
True holiday ease and cheer.

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