Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 26

Dec. 13, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today was a true Red-Letter Day, meaning, WOW the developmental and social shifts really stepped in and up.  This was glorious to behold!
Luna, with her warmth, joy, dreaminess, and ability to enjoy boys and girls yet challenged with entering into others play accept in ways that she really connects with was seen playing with the girls and even having the girls wanting to play HER games!  This was extremely beautiful and so very heartwarming to see.

Josie, who is quite connected with Uma for a strong reference point of stability and comfort showed ease and peace by playing with Luna, then Ellie, then Uma then all of them together.
Ellie was easy with all the girls and slipping into all the different play as well as finding times to explore on her own.  That is the big milestone here for her, playing on her own contentedly absorbed.
Uma was not only playing easily with all the girls, she was playing with different configurations as well.  And, her most happy moment was when she proclaimed, “We’re playing with the boys!!” with words after that something about the fact that it wasn’t mean? or chase or guns or that sort of play. And it was true, they were all playing in a house, making tea, sweeping and such.

As for the boys, there were more struggles between Theo to Holden and Eamon where this has not been the case prior. However, what did happen was that, with some small facilitation, they were able to soften the disagreements and have greater heart openings. For example, Eamon came running over saying that Theo said he wasn’t going to be Holden’s friend anymore and that he didn’t want to be his friend.  ” Oh, I said, something happened”  “Yes, Holden wrecked Theo’s Gnome home.” said Eamon. “Ah, I can understand how Theo would be a bit mad” said I.  I called Holden over.  Holden said he didn’t mean to.  ” Oh, that does happen sometimes.  Well, when we make a mistake we can just help make it right.  You can go over and help Theo build it again” said I. And off Holden went with a smile and ease.   These were the ways throughout the day until, after lunch, ALL of the children were playing peacefully together.  The boys have heard the girls so often say they don’t want to be chased. In the past, it has always been Luna who will play harder games with the boys. Today the boys were softer with the girls.

The sad ending however to this great day of change was, when we got into the bus Luna was very sad that the boys didn’t want to play with her.  Eamon, who really likes Luna jumped right in to tell her that he wants to play with her.  Theo was now thinking how much he just likes to play with the boys. Holden was neutral without a conversation about this.

Then, the challenges and discomforts that they faced during the day came up and were expressed and then, in a very typical preschool fashion, they were done and, a greater sense of ease was present.
This all I witness as a great day as they are now able to express more, embrace more, move through more and more.  They are able to find great presence with what is actually moving inside them and take beginning action steps with it all.
They found successes. Yes, there are still challenges ahead ( such is life) yet, glory be! there is change and movement in the natural flow of Life.

And what else did we do today?  We worked with saws, hammers and vegetable peelers( beginning knife work).  Theo, Josie, Uma, and Ellie REALLY liked working with the saw and they each cut their own “wood cookie” QUITE WELL!!!  This was no easy feat yet each one of them persevered in a grand way.  Uma, Ellie, and Josie worked with the vegetable peeler yet it was a bit challenging for them and they stopped.  All the children worked with the hammers and nails. After a time the girls just hammered without nails.

The story of the day had a Gnome it. Theo’s Gnome that he brought was perfect for the tale.  In the story, the Gnomes taught Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy how to build with saws and hammers and such.  So, from this, the children began making many kinds of homes for their fairies and such.

After lunch the children were playing so finely together and then, it was getting a bit loud. I brought them into a story that calmed their beings down a bit. They played just for five minutes more than into the bus we went and back to the park.

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