Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 24

Dec. 8, 2016
Waxing Moon
Wild Care/ San Rafael

Skylar and Ruby were absent today.
It was raining and/or gently percipitating throughout the day. We thought this would be a fine place to go for this.  Most of the children have been here before but not all. And no matter it still was quite a treat.

When we arrived we went down the road to a very nice spot under some Redwood trees for a simple circle, snack and a story about Why Some Trees are EverGreen.  This turned out to be quite perfect because one of the things it includes is why some animals are nocturnal. At Wild Care we got to see some of these animals.

After our time there we walked to Wild Care and in we went to the wonder and awe of so many beautiful beings. Jake was in absolute giggly delight over the LARGE Pelican. When it flapped it’s very wide wings everyone joined in that giggle and amazement.  We got to see a Fox Squirrel close up and many different kinds of Hawks.  The children also got to see an Opossum come out, usually they don’t because, THEY ARE NOCTURNAL!!!:),  and eat.

We then went inside. They just loved playing with the toys there and drawing and being Veterinarians or people Dr.s.  Then one of the very wonderful staff came in with the 50 yr old Tortoise. The children got to gentle stroke it and then be very patient as it slowly, slowly, slowly woke up and began to move.  There were snakes there to watch and little windows with many animals to see. Kai really liked that and called me over to see such wonders!!

Lunch time came and we went outside to eat slightly under an umbrella and slightly not at a picnic table there. It was gently drizziling all the while yet we were fine.  There was more spending time with the animals and then it was clear that more space for movement would be good so, packing up we did and off we went.

Right outside there is a bridge and the water was running full and alive. We saw a very large palm branch floating down this creek but oh no, it wasn’t a Palm Tree branch it was a CROCODILE!!!!! We watched this crocodile glide under the bridge and then POP out the other side.  We then watched other things float down the creek and then we walked off to find our own special puddles. Oh so many many puddles to stomp in and have delightful fun with! We ended up at a small children’s playground and spent the rest of the day there having a GREAT deal of fun.

There was a small slide, a little horse that bounces back and forth, a little house and a big wooden boat and some baby swings.   Kuba and Edie were mainly in the little house, Isabella was on the little rocking horse, Archer often was in the BIG puddle outside the playground and Kai, Jake, and Jessie were REALLY into chase games and capture games and growling games.  And oh yes, as we were walking there Kai REALLY, REALLY, REALLY  wanted someone to be a Lion with him. Sadly he was turned down by everyone.:(    Therefore, when we got to this park, growling and running were clearly what was needed for some so, OFF WE WENT!!!! Michelle wound up in the little house with Kuba and Edie. They were all bakers and anyone that came there turned into sacks of flower!!   I was captured often and put in the jail on the boat but Edie saved me on NUMEROUS occasions. Phew!!!!  I asked Isabella where she was going and she quite clearly shared with me that this horse can’t go any where. “See it has that spring down there. It can’t move!!”  🙂

Edie, Jake and Isabella wound up taking turns on the horsey  but the funniest part was when Edie and Isabella were on it and they were just too much for this little horse AND Tumble bumble off the horsey they fell!!!

The running and playing reached it’s peek and then they went from fun to over stimulation. Our cue to slow this down, reel them in and, go back to the bus for a far more elaborate changing party then expected.

While some were inside with Michelle getting changed I was playing with the ones outside throwing old Palm leaves in the creek and putting our ears to different size metal poles and hearing what it sounds like knocking on them.  Then we were all ready to go back home.

A beauty filled day for sure!

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