Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 22

November 29, 2018
Last Quarter Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Eamon and Uma absent.

All week long it was predicted that we would be rained on and it didn’t really happen but today, today  the rains came!  Yet, it was a sweet rain with which we were able to easily be in.  The clouds would fill up and up and up and then dump on us for a couple of minutes and then slow down to a gentle sprinkle.

We began the day with exploration and then an easy and small circle at the picnic table underneath the shelter.
From there we packed up and began our long walkabout.  It felt like a good day to simply walk and explore.  On days when it is a bit colder doing this is the way to go.

Luna was REALLY happy that Josie and she were playing together.  Ellie felt left out at times and so she got brought back into the fold with kindness.  At this age it is often the case where playing with one other child is the preferred. Learning how to open up a bit more is the practice. And, they did quite well.  This day, as many others, the inclusion begins small and by lunchtime, it expands to where they all are playing with each other.  And so that happened today, again.

As we began our walk Holden and Theo instantly wanted to go back and find the three Banana slugs that we found on Tuesday. We looked but, they were not there. WHERE DID THEY GO???  Watching and listening to them wonder about how these friends could move about was a delight. We, however, found Banana Slugs in DIFFERENT places!  And, on our walk we discovered, tracks, mud, old doggie poop bags thrown in an abandoned corner of an outhouse, plants, big puddles, a lone Ca. Newt swimming in a muddy puddle and lot’s of other Ca. Newts wandering about. On this day it felt very important to have them WATCH the Newts more than handle them. This was a bit hard for some and there was learning around respect for all creatures.

I found a trail never taken by Tender Trackers and went off on that to find our selves right at a bridge with water running under it. With Theo’s input, we decided to have lunch there. But first, they all thought it GRAND to go back and forth in the creek. How they loved this!  Wading in the gently rushing water and being able to get to the other side was their joy. I enjoyed watching Holden figure out that he could backtrack across the creek and get to the original side BEFORE the other children made their way across the bridge. He beamed with utter delight over his being able to get there first! How did he get to the other side so quickly thought the others.

When we sat down to eat it didn’t take long for the Cloud children to fill up and dump upon us but wait, wait, wait….it, again, was brief. Then, sprinkles then, clear sky, again.

The play after lunch was either trying to get the Troll from under the bridge or, THEY became the troll and Ruby and I had to be EVER so careful going over that bridge!!! They all were under there planning their fun.

On Tuesday Theo was sharing a story about how his Father almost stepped on a Crawdad and the Crawdad spread out it’s claws. I couldn’t really fathom this tale as I have only known Crawdads to live in the creeks not out of them.  So, as we were walking back Luna shouted with a fright and ran back from the puddle she was walking in. And, what did we see???? A MIGHTY CRAWDAD standing up tall with pinchers out and ready!!!  Oh my this was incredible and now, Theo’s story came to life.  We spent time noticing HOW SENSITIVE this little being was. The slightest movement and he moved himself to protect and defend his precious life.  Truly he was SOOOO valiant!

In order to alleviate this little friends own fear, I had us put our arms up like him and then slowly, slowly, slowly back away all the while noticing when his arms would finally drop down and it would feel safe again.  When it did that I had the children stay where they were and watch as I SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWWWLLLLLYYYYYY stalked up to this new friend without him getting frightened.  It took a while and right as I was about to be able to touch him, I dropped my attention to look at the children and he raised his claws in defense.  And, in truth, it was time to move on.

After that Ellie and Luna, in particular, began to stalk in the same way and then Theo, and then Theo, Ellie and I hid behind trees, camouflaged, waiting ever so quietly to see if the others could find/ see us.  And, this continued on with most of them all the way back to the bus.

In the bus we got buckled up with just enought time for our picture/story of the day.

On the way back I played the Kalimba, sang and then told them a story of How the Song Funga A Lafia came to be. A story about Peace Making.


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