Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 20

Nov. 16, 2017
Lake Lagunitas
Waning Crescent Moon

What a beautiful, beautiful last day before Holiday.
Simply, it was harmonious, kind, easeful, funny and fun.

We made popcorn, had a delicious treat, and made gifts for the birds that got sent home to hang outside for the holiday week. I hope you all were able to hang your Cone bird feeders out to observe during this holiday. It will be grand to hear any stories you might have from this:)

Since these photos do not have clear faces I have inserted them here as a visual description of some of what went on for the day.

Without my written words see what you get from the subtleties of body language.  Do they seem relaxed? engaged? curious? inquisitive?

If you were to describe each scene here in relation to the 6 senses: Hearing, seeing, touching, tasting smelling and sensing, what might YOU write? What do you think is going on in each scene here?

And, where does your curiosity, imagination, wonder, and awe come in as you look or where does it not?



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