Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 18

Nov. 9, 2017
Waning Moon
Wild Care

What a beautiful day.  This seemed like a great day to go to Wild Care and see some birds and animals that we normally see in the wild yet not close up such as: The Fox Squirrel, Acorn Woodpecker, Redshoulder Hawk, Red Tailed Hawk, and Turkey vultures.  So many other animals were there as well yet these are the ones that we indeed more easily see on our adventures.

When we got there they were not open quite yet so we went to a place that we often go for circle when we are there, under some nice Redwood trees. Though it was not raining we were gently blessed with little rain drops falling upon our heads and coats.  We had a short circle with songs and snack and then we began to explore this place. They found a great American Sweet Gum Tree’s seed balls. A photo of what they look like is below.  They were in varying stages of decomposition and it was unclear if they truly were the same thing. We all looked and looked to see if we could find some clues to help us figure this out. Puma finally noticed that no matter what, they had the same stem. YEAH!  deductive reasoning at work!

Spikey seed pod from a American Sweetgum tree - Stock Image

The children played in puddles and hills and then off we went to Wild Care.

What a treat, treat.  The staff was there usual helpful self yet today we got more animals to see with more attention and time. Not only did the children spend time with the animals outside but inside, they got to be with the Tortoise that meandered all around the area in there.  Puma caught some pets to it with delight.  They also got to pet a constrictor snake and truly discover that it was NOT slimy!
The play area there was also a big hit along with the Rattle snake that was quite active.

Outside they each found animals that they truly enjoyed. Devin liked the Owl, Puma the Fox Squirrel, Vita the Opossum in the cage near the duck and Avaline the Opossum in the cage near the Owl, Austen liked them all.  They all had fun with the duck who made his funny little quack, if you could call it that, every time you made the sound.  And, Puma, Austen and Avaline in particular, loved playing with the water fountain and making it do very interesting types of sprays!

Lunch time was in the sun at the picnic table outside and then visited by the nice gentleman that has been there for years, and years and years. He thought they all had quite gourmet lunches!!

After most of our day at this fine place we made our way back to Peri Park to play and explore the creek.  Oh my what adventures and fun we had there!!!  Immediately they went down and began finding rocks to color and paint with. Devin stayed in that area and the area around the corner most of the time with Sandy while Avaline led the way to the other side. I went with her and then Austen, Vita and Puma joined in. Devin was there, actually, for a bit too.

Avaline had discovered a great muddy hill to climb up with a fallen down tree.  Puma started to climb up it, Austen went to join in and Vita too. However only one at a time could do this adventure so we all watched Puma made his way up, up, up the slippy, sliddy muddy hill using  the roots to help him climb up. He finally made it up and to the trail at the top. He was DELIGHTED with his ability to do so as it wasn’t clear if he really was going to be able to.  Austen tried but, due to heavy clothes, and shorter body he could not. And oh yes, the heavy clothes, well, that was because he went waist deep into the creek and his boots and rain suit, it seemed were a bit full! 🙂

Vita tried to and made it part way and then down and around.  Austen and I went back to the area where now all the other children were. He wanted to see where Puma came out so we went up there, then found another trail that led us to the bachy ball area ( I do not know how to spell that) and back to the other children.

There they all were climbing in and out of this big tree stump with big smiles.
Then, Austen led the way of going into the water waist deep and getting quite wet and filled with water.  They laughed and laughed! And then it seemed clear to me that we better get them changed before parents came back.

We went to the bus, got the clothes out but alas, you wonderful parents came right on time and did a lot of the changing.  Thank you for that!



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