Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 16

November 3, 2016
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Jesse and Ruba were absent today.
The Sun was up and in full glory. We went to our “Witches Brew” spot to begin. Michelle was held up this morning so we spent some time playing while we waited for her. We played a game I created called “Gnome finding his jewels.” The children were the jewels and they hid while I, the Gnome, went searching for my precious jewels. From there a game of Coyote chasing rabbit ensued. Then “Jack be Nimble, Jack be Quick Jack Jump over the candle stick” game came about. This is how it is played: the children, while I sing the rhyme and replace the name Jack with theirs, run and jump over the big stick on the ground.

Another game: The children became scouts and were looking out down the road for Michelle. )As an FYI, though these seem like simple games for the sake of playing games they actually are riddled with nature connection themes and laying foundations of, silence in nature, connecting by way of being ever so still and listening, using eyes to look very far and all around, using eyes to scan the surroundings, group unity, and a lot of opening their senses much, much wider then usual.) Jake climbed up a tree to be a strong look out and got a bit stuck. The group worked together through problem solving to finally get him down. It was a happy success!

We got together for circle after that and sang one song when, WE HEARD IT! Michelle’s car. The children instantly turned into completely silent stones waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting and then SURPRISE!!! they jumped up and greeted Michelle.
We finished circle with fruit compote that Michelle made from the Madrone berries we gathered on Tuesday and Squirrel biscuits that I made to go along with one of our new songs about Squirrels.

After circle there was play again. Jake back in the tree, Kuba and Archer building and creating more to Kai’s Fairy home. Isabella, Eddie and Skylar playing games and house and Kai floating in the mix. We then got packed up and went off to adventure as well as find the pumpkins we put out last Tuesday for the animals.

We found the boys pumpkin and, it had not been touched but for a few ants. This was near the water and we set up camp there as they were very, very happy here. Jake and Isabella were best buddies today and were wrestling, making a house in a tree near the lake and loving playing with one another. Kai was, again enjoying Kuba as his friend and Kuba in turn enjoying their friendship as well. Archer earlier was playing with Kuba and at the lake was DELIGHTED to be playing fishing like he does and exploring and playing with the lake “seaweed.” Eddie was so happy just drawing with the rocks. We found a large slab of a rock on the ground and sat down to draw on it with other rocks. Kuba and Kai joined in with this. Skylar had fun taking the rocks and painting me with it.

Towards the end of the day I gave Archer a bulls eye rock to throw the “seaweed” at. Skylar, Kai, and Jake came over to gather his seaweed so he could play this game.

There was a great deal of going into the water by Isabella, Skylar, Jake, a bit with Archer and some with Eddie. They love this spot. It is so very peaceful and provides an opportunity for them to unfold, relax and enjoy the gifts of nature. Many times we sat in awe and wonder of the Great Blue Heron swooping over the waters and the large birds swimming and diving in. The flock of 15+ crows that flew quickly over head and the Pileated Wood Pecker that we saw and heard as we were leaving. The frogs joined our circle time too and the magick dew covered spider webs were seen with their magick all around us throughout the morning part of the day.

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