Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 16

Nov. 10, 2016
Alpine Lake
Waxing Moon

Michelle was at home sick today recuperating and Linda came to be with us.
The children from last year were so very happy to see her and play with her today That was lovely. The day was sunny, warm and inviting us to explore new areas never before discovered by us.
Last year Ruby, Kuba, Kai and Isabella had been to this place many times playing with many turtles there and the water. But, when we got there “Where is the water????” The lake was basically empty. This enabled us to take an adventure that we just have never been able to do because to get to where we ultimately went it would have been a very, very long walk. Too long for a Tender Tracks day.

The children when we arrived got out and half ran right down to the small bit of water, mud and big metal cylinder that was there. The others checked out the big rock to climb on.

When we came for circle we had a story that is only told during the month of November. It is called Fredrick the Mouse. You can find it at the Library. It is about a group of mice gathering what they need to make it through the long and cold winter days and nights. They are gathering, gathering their food and supplies, all but Fredrick. Fredrick however let’s them know that he IS gathering but he is gathering, colors, stories and the warmth of the sun to remind them all during those cold, gray and hungry days ahead. It is a beautiful tale of our unique gifts that we share even when it is not what everyone else shares, about the Fall Harvest in preparation for winter and working together.

Skylar had burned herself on the lantern so right as circle was ending I took her off to tend to that. It wasn’t that bad yet a burn is a burn and it hurts! Linda finished up the closing part of circle and off they went. Jake and Archer came straight away over to Skylar and I to see how we were doing and then the rest as well. Then Jesse and Archer went exploring but a bit far and Jake went and found them and brought them back. Isabella was off playing with Kai this morning and Kuba was very quiet this morning. Ruby was bright and alive yet wanted some “alone time” for a bit. I helped her find it. After she took her time she came right back to playing with the others happily. Jake and Archer discovered that they could climb down the moss covered steep side of this rock face and they had much to navigate as they did. Jesse stood guard with support and guidance.
A tree that turned into a bouncy tree was at the top of the rock and Linda spent a lot of time with Eddie, Kai, Isabella and later Skylar on this. Maybe all of them actually. I was more with any of them that were down below and aiding Jake mainly as he wanted to not only come down this rock but go back up!!! It was tricky yet success came!!

During circle time and on a hill behind us there was a large fallen tree. A Red Shouldered Hawk was calling and calling above us during circle along with the Turkey Vultures. The Red Shoulder Hawk went straight to the trees above the fallen down one. We all decided that it would be grand to check this out so, after all our adventuring where we were we packed up and made our way down to the mud river. Archer, Jake and Jesse figured out how to make a bridge with some long logs down there so that everyone was able to cross over the mud and climb up and over the big metal tube. Then, we needed to climb up the side of a big steep hill! But, Jesse called out to me “Look at this tree. Come, come. Are these strawberries growing on the tree?”
As I looked from the distance it was a bit hard to tell but I thought I just might know what those red berry looking things were. I asked him if there were leaves right across from each other on the stem, 4 to 6 altogether and one leaf at the top. He said yes, then I knew: It was Rose Hips from a rose bush!! I have been looking for a good source for quite a while know so YEAH!! Jesse was REALLY happy that he discovered this too. When we finally got to the top he also discovered pine cones that I have been looking for a good source as well for gifts we make for the bird this time of year. He was even MORE delighted that he found something else!

While exploring up there Kuba discovered some Madrone tree’s that had the most ripe and delicious berries that I have ever, ever tasted in my life!! Kai, Kuba, Linda, Isabella and Edie were just eating, eating, eating, these berries. Archer was so happy quietly next to a tree building little fairy houses and talking to them sweetly and Jake and Jesse found another bouncy tree and were REALLY having fun playing together on this tree.

The fallen down tree became such a joy as throughout the day all the children were together on it playing airplane and such. Archer was up at the complete front just happy in his quiet games. Jake was REALLY into being able to climb higher and higher and higher because he said “I’m a really good climber.” Linda and I both, at different times, shared with him ways to be a great climber that also climbed with great safety and observation. And, he followed the advice while still being able to climb and be in tree heaven. Eddie, Isabella and Skylar took me on an adventure after lunch behind everything and we found more treasures up there.

Kuba and Ruby at different times both said that this was the BEST place ever and we need to come back again and again and again. We were listening to the frogs and crickets today, noticing, in the end, ten Turkey Vultures that circled above us. Skylar fell in love with a millipede and took such tender care of it and didn’t really want to let it go so that she could eat lunch. Ruby found a crabs claw down below near the mud and took an elastic tie her mother gave her and tied it to her finger. During lunch she lost it and was soooo sad. Skylar and Eddie kindly offered to help her with such deep empathy. Jake was immersed in climbing trees and playing JOYFULLY with Jesse and Jesse was happy, happy, happy being the founder of great things and playing with Jake on the tree. Eddie was happy sitting on my lap as we watched the Turkey Vultures and she and Skylar liked playing with my hair. Linda was with the Madrone picking kids a lot and they were all so very happy and content.

All day long we were getting Burdock seeds stuck to us and they can hurt! When it was time to go we went down the hill. Archer went to the mudflats and was delighted to find little shells. All day long he was whispering to the little treasures that he found. The other children went with Linda to the tree with Golden leaves just like the song we sing every morning. but, when I got there, where were the children????? Oh NO they turned into stones!!!!! Jake wound up rolling down the little hill into so many burdock plants. He was covered. Linda and I carefully took them off. He was a great sport about it.

This is the longest journal I have written and it was indeed the most magickal and amazing day. The community spirit was so palpable. My hunch was that after most peoples devistation over the election so many were coming together for support with open hearts and true vulnerability. I saw this in the children. Open hearted, kind, sticking together with gentleness. Such a very, very tender and loving day.
And one more very special thing, Kuba came to me and said “Wendolyn, I helped Jesse figure out how to get down from the tree.” Pause with some other words and then, “And it worked!!!” He seemed genuinely delighted and surprised!!! It was yet another precious, precious and treasure filled moment of the day.

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