Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 14

Oct. 27, 2016
Lake Lagunitas
Waning Moon

All where here and the 80% prediction of rain NEVER came!!!! As Kai’s mother said, it might be a good idea to learn how to read the tools that they use to read the weather for ourselves or I say, just learn to read the clouds and wind factors better and TRUST that!
So, we did not celebrate the day with you families yet in a way it seemed just right for them. The day went quite peacefully, easy and so beautiful!

For snack we ate the muffins that Kuba brought and the vegan cheese puffs that Eddie brought. They had a sweet story about Mother Earth helping a little mouse find his autumn and winter home inside a pumpkin as she watched over him all through the cold days and nights. We then split into a Trilly Trully (girls) group and the Trippy Troopy (boys) group. First the boys carved one pumpkin together with Michelle while the girls painted their capes with different colored rock paint. The girls mostly liked painting their nails and hands though. When both groups were finished with that we then switched. The boys got really into painting their capes and Kuba and Jake even wanted some feathers sewn on their capes, which I did. 🙂

When all of that was done I found Skylar, Eddie, Isabella and Ruby off in the mud about to go full body deep. It was a bit early for that yet Isabella’s cape now has a full 8 to 10″ hem of deep brown mud color:)

Michelle began getting the fire started and all the children, accept Jake whom I took to the bathroom to go poop, were helping find all the right size pieces of wood for the fire. Due to the bottom of the fire pit being so wet it took some work for the fire to really hold but, it finally did. The children then all helped make the pancake batter and stir and stir it. By this time it was definitely lunch time so they began to eat while the pancakes cooked and then they ate these delicious treasures. All their senses were engaged!

After lunch and such Archer wound up creating this great game that Skylar, Jesse, Ruby, and after a time I think, all of them came by to see and play. He took the elastic from the bottom of his rain suit and made it into this ingenious sling shot from a fire pit. Everyone was deeply fascinated. After awhile Jesse, Eddie, Skylar and Archer discovered a California Newt in the dark part of this pit and that intrigued them for quite some time!

Some of them were getting a bit excited to the point of excess random energy. We were trying to get them together to take a photo of their capes and the lighting of the pumpkins. We finally were successful. The Jack O Lanterns were lit and we sang a beautiful Jack O Lantern song and I took some pictures of the backs of their capes. They were still a bit wild so for our last few minutes I said we could now go over to the Water fall. Instead of climbing all around it wildly I just had us sit down near it and view the beauty. And, THEY ALL DID! We all just sat there and the greatest peace came upon every one. We were just in the flow, beauty, grace, ease and serenity of the waterfall. Skylar and Kuba wanted to just go to sleep on my lap right there. Archer and Jake just sat with ease. Michelle said she saw Jesse just watching the water fall from this beautiful site. Eddie, Ruby and Isabella sitting peacefully. There was so much tranquility it was truly hard to say, “Time to go now.” But alas, we did.

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