Tender Tracks Thurs. Day 12

Oct. 20, 2016
Bon Tempe Lake
Waning Moon

This day we started the day at our other Lake Lagunitas circle spot: “Witches Brew Hill.” They played with the big stir pot of magick putting all manner of ingredients in there ( sticks, dirt, leaves….)
We then had circle which was fun. Michelle and I had planned to go back to a place where we found GREAT, or rather Kai found, GREAT rocks for making paint from so, off we started. But alas, it became very clear that we would NEVER make it there and back again in time. The children were beautifully slow, slow, slow and taking a lot of time moving. We decided to go to a closer place along a beautiful trail to a glorious open spot that looks like a beach.

Along the way we came across a very friendly man that will come into this days story a bit later on. Half the group went ahead and I was behind with Jake, Skylar, Isabella and Eddie. They were delighted with running, playing, talking, and being. Our friends were way ahead so we had to really listen to hear them and then, WE DID!! There they were with shoes off and playing in the sun in the lake.

Jesse, Ruby, and Isabella were REALLY having a grand time for at least an hour literally throwing themselves into the muddy water. It was very soft and slippery at the edge and they thought this was SOOOO much fun!!! Archer was very happy to be “fishing” a bit away from them and Kuba was in seventh heaven pounding rocks to make paint dust. Our story for this day was demonstrating how to “Rap a tap a tap” the rocks together and make dust to then make paint. Kuba took a large shell I gave him along with the rocks, sat down and went to work!!!

After awhile half the children were with Kuba just sweetly pounding and making paint while the other half were in giggling delight down by the water.

We finally got everyone together and a bit cleaned up for lunch and had a very nice lunch circle but…Ruby’s feelings got hurt from Jesse and Isabella and she put her face inside her food dish and stayed there for a long time. Isabella and Jesse offered there kindness and she, after quite awhile, uncurled from her nest then was able to eat some more of her lunch. What was also happening before that is that Isabella and Ruby were not being very friendly to Jesse! By days end they had sorted it out.

The day was so very serene and beautiful as some played with learning how to skim rocks, being in the quiet and tranquil area we were in with the very warm Sun on our bodies and the water gently singing. Birds flying over head and treasures found below. Sitting together like a little village working on that which we need for the coming days too.

Today for the first time Kuba pooped outside! He has never done that. When he was done and I covered it up he said” Oh that’s how you do that.” He has known that other children poop out side but never really knew how it all went. What an amazing day.

One of the biggest event of the day though was when we were walking back. The children came across the man I mentioned before. He had set up an easel and wound up painting a beautiful beautiful painting of the area. He loved showing this to the children and they in turn loved receiving what he offered for their eyes to take in. When we carried on from there most of the group was ahead accept for Eddie, Skylar, Jake and I. We saw a small snake and called everyone back. It almost looked like a little rattlesnake and it turns out Michelle saw this up in Sebastopol a couple of weeks ago and also was wondering if it was a small rattlesnake. She had searched and searched and could not figure out what it was. It did not have a rattle at it’s tail yet it’s head shape was what brought about the question. So mystery still going on with what it was but the children LOVED watching it slither around and finally go into some bushes. Then as we were walking away, most of the others were up ahead with a few back with me I saw a very large Rattlesnake on the other side of the big puddle we were near. The others came back, we positioned ourselves in a good place to observe and OH how much fun this was!!! Two snakes and then this big Rattler. The kids were even more thrilled! We really did have to get back to the bus but Kuba so much did not want to leave. He LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this!!!

So, Tuesday we were blessed with a fully intact dead Raven and this day two Snakes. The wild life around us there is just stupendous and we are blessed with such beauty.

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