Tender Tracks Friday Day 6

Lake Lagunitas

October 19, 2018

Waxing Moon


Wendolyn came to join us for our day at Lake Lagunitas and it was a special treat to have her along. We explored a new spot full of sunshine and with a water trough to play in. All the children had a great time making ‘stew’ with sticks, logs, rocks and cones in the trough. Eventually, they covered the entire top with sturdy logs and Margot felt confident and walked over them. The construction was so strong that she did not fall into the water!

Everyone moved into play in this sweet sunshine spot. The children were playing racoon family with dads and moms, brothers, sisters and even teenagers. There were some nice nooks under the trees for raccoon homes, with ‘rooms’ for all the family members. We also built some raccoon homes by leaning logs against tree trunks and tried to fit inside.

At snack, Ruby told us a story about Douglas Mouse and his great hiding spot inside a fir cone. We were even able to look at the Douglas Fir tree cone and see the little mouse feet peeking out! Afterwards, raccoon family play continued as well as some exploration and digging. Ruby and Miles were digging for soaproot and found some iris roots instead- the roots were soft and tickly feeling. Wendolyn was working on constructing some paintbrushes and many Tender Trackers were curious and spent time with her observing and assisting in her project.

Later, we adventured across the big bridge and found a great spot by the creek for splashing big rocks and stepping stones to cross to the other side of the water. We spent a lot of time crossing back and forth across the creek. Charlie found a log that looked like a lizard and pretended to be a lizard on that log. From our lunch spot we saw some horses – which he hadn’t seen at lake Lagunitas before! After lunch, Miles and Wendolyn threw rocks at a stump with great accuracy. Siena and Margot explored the area barefoot and found a lovely perch in a mossy tree. Rohan and I had a running race and soon, Blake and Violet joined in. Then, all the Tender Trackers were running up and down the trail so fast!

Warm and happy from running, we returned to Juniper Rose for our gratitude and goodbyes and on our way back to Peri Park we were surprised to see two more horses walking along the road!

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