Tender Tracks Friday Day 4

October 5, 2018

Waning Moon

Lake Lagunitas


When we arrived to Lake Lagunitas, we saw some deer and Ruby taught us how to walk on fox feet, so we could silently to sneak closer to the deer. The deer were too sneaky for us and ran off and then we had so much running and chasing energy of our own!

We came together for circle, and a small friend was there to join us – a newt! It was slow and dry, so we got our hands wet and muddy to help transport it back to the creek where it was quickly reunited with the flowing water. We thought we could see it smiling as it crawled off into the creek.

At snack time we celebrated Miles’ birthday with a sweet treat he brought to share, and a special story all about him! All of our Tender Tracks friends thoroughly enjoyed the banana and chocolate muffins, thank you so much to Miles’ family – for the muffins and for Miles!

After snack, there was more running and chasing as we shed the energy from the week. We embarked on a journey around the lake to a favorite Tender Tracks spot. On our way we saw turtles and frogs, two banana slugs, and some people fishing in the lake. There was also a spot teeming with ladybugs, they were everywhere! We got a chance to hold them and watch them fly.

At our destination, we settled in to play and explore. Though this place had been explored many times before by many Tender Trackers, this time was different as some small wasps were sharing the space. Three tender trackers were stung and though it hurt in the moment, they were able to really tap into their resilience and recover to enjoy the rest of our time. The whole group was very supportive of friends that were stung. We decided to head back on the trail to sit with the ladybugs instead, and enjoyed a view of cattails and dragonflies while we lunched with ladybugs.

On our walk back to Juniper Rose, Charlie and Lauryn spotted 7 large rocks – our Tender Tracks friends had turned into rocks on the trail! There was a big Ruby rock, and the Violet, Margot and Siena rocks were extra mossy and the Blake, Rohan and Miles rocks had fun patterns on them and were a bit giggly. Charlie thought we should take them all with us, so we did! Magically, all of the rocks turned back into children for our goodbye song and drawing of the day. It was a very full and colorful picture for a very full and exciting day!


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