Tender Tracks Friday Day 3

September 28, 2018

Waning Moon

Lake Lagunitas


The day began chilly and cloudy so we stayed bundled up when we arrived to Lake Lagunitas. Everyone was excited to be back at Lake Lagunitas and exploring across the creek and climbing the long leaning log and testing balance across the stones in the water. Miles was very interested in using a long stick to measure the depth of the water near the spillway, and later tested this even further with a splash of his own!

Grandfather Sun came out to shine and our play turned into a hide and seek game with Margot, Rohan, Blake, Siena and Violet hiding and Charlie and Miles seeking. When Charlie got a chance to hide, she was the sneakiest and quietest and it took the rest of her friends some careful searching to finally find her. There was also much giggling from Margot that gave away hiding spots and soon Ruby was chasing everyone through the open area!

During snack we had a bounty to share with little seed and fruit cakes and cut apples that looked like flowers. We heard the story of how the seasons came to be and played the guessing game that Grandfather North and Grandmother South played to take turns with warmth and cold. Each child had a chance to hide the rock in their hands and try to challenge their friends to guess its location.

After snack, all the children were still enamored with chasing and finding each other, which then morphed into an impromptu game of duck, duck, goose! Chasing and running was a big highlight of our day!

We took the longer trail up to the lake overlook and our sunny bench, big rock, and shady picnic table. Some children saw turtles, and we all saw frogs and two crawdads and then each child spent some time writing and drawing in their nature journals. Blake and Rohan had remembered Mother Madrone tree from our first day at Lake Lagunitas and enjoyed climbing up around her and running down the trail on the other side, racing and chasing each other the whole way.

We tried to have lunch at our favorite table under the Douglas Fir, but the wasps found us again. We ate as much as we could, even providing a small offering for the wasps to deter them from our lunches. We decided to offer a second lunch at Peri Park if there were hungry Tender Trackers later. We played more after lunch, up by Mother Madrone and later down by the creek before heading back to Juniper Rose.

When we returned to Peri Park, we had some lunch leftovers, and more importantly: a big stuffie party! We got a chance to meet ALL the stuffies from the special bus basket and they even did a show on the stage. It was a lovely end to another lovely Tender Tracks Friday!


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