Tender Tracks Friday Day 23

March 15, 2019
Quarter Moon
Lake Alpine


What a magically sunshiny day! We were all so happy for warm weather and a day to dry out. Grandpa Sun was high and smiling in the sky and we were joyful to splash in the water!

We arrived to Lake Alpine and Charlie exclaimed, “Look at that big puddle!” the children were all very excited for some ‘big puddle’ play.

The hills were green and fresh with wildflowers dotting here and there. Everyone climbed up the big rock to overlook the lake and search for signs of spring. We spotted a heron perfectly mirrored in the lake’s reflection, and line of turtles perched on a log in the middle of the water. Siena found some small purple flowers which led to her becoming a Flower Fairy with friend Margot.

Miles, Rohan and Blake were busy launching large logs into the lake. Some were gently floated out, some were thrown by many hands working together. Blake challenged me to chuck a big piece of wood into the water, it was a great big splash which we both enjoyed!

At snack we heard the story of Sean O’Hoolihan and Mrs. O’Malley and the milk she churned into golden butter. We enjoyed crackers and rice cakes covered in sunflower butter and raisins and sang about our favorite birds, robin, crow, nuthatch and chickadee-dee-dee!

On our adventure, we went to look at the spillway we slid on a few months ago and found water flowing down making it slippery and wet. We decided to head down another trail and get closer to the lake and sneak up quietly to look for turtles. We all quieted our voices and feet, and as we approached we spotted a log with nineteen turtles on it!

The lake was calling to rain-booted feet and soon many children were playing in the water. We also added to a spiral of stones that was made by other Tender Trackers earlier in the week, Ruby found a crescent moon shaped rock and Violet added it to the center of the spiral. Many children removed boots and socks to enjoy the chilly water on their feet and lovely mud between toes.

We had lunch looking at the lake and enjoying the warm sun and beautiful views. While we had lunch, more turtles joined the log and by time we were done eating there was a total of twenty-two turtles!!

Water play continued and small, flat wooden boats were launched with treasures aboard and sticks were used as paddles and pushers. Ruby pulled a giant log closer to shore and almost all of the children climbed aboard while Violet and I snuggled onshore. Violet noticed butterflies flitting by, and we could see some of the turtles in the water near the log.

On our walk back to Juniper Rose, Miles was leading Rohan (and soon Blake) in a game of Red Light, Green Light. Siena, Charlie and Ruby held hands as they walked together. Back on Juniper Rose, we snuggled under blankets and shared our gratitude for orange butterflies, big logs, water and sunshine!

heron reflection

turtles on a log


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