Tender Tracks Friday Day 17

January 25, 2019
Waning Moon
Lake Alpine

The sunshine sparkling off the lakes today was truly magical! We were all so happy to have some time to dry out and warm up after the rains. The children were instantly enamored with the big rocks to climb and the logs to bob on the lake at our new spot for the day. The large rocks became the new Raccoon Family home base and adventures were had up and down, always returning ‘home.’ Throwing small pebbles from the top down into the water for plunks and splashes was enjoyed by Margot, Violet and Siena while Miles, Rohan and Blake hefted long logs into the water to splash and float.  

We snuck to a hidden shore to spy on turtles across the water. There were so many basking in the sunshine, some were even piled on top of each other. Rohan and Blake saw a pair of ducks gliding through the water and quacked them a ‘hello!’ Also out on the land, Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy were on an adventure of their own and we found them enjoying the sunshine just as we were.

Ruby led us to snack all in a line, holding each others shoulders like a long snake in the warm grass. We slithered here and there, laughing and singing until we made it to our mats for snack. Our story was all about Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy and their grand adventures exploring the lakes and fishing and even splashing in the water!

During snack we dried our socks in the sunshine and let our toes soak up the warming rays of Grandfather Sun. The children chose new symbols to be guardians on the land and Siena and Blake became our Guardians of Safety, Violet our Weather Watcher, Margot and Rohan our Snack Helpers, Miles was a Guardian of the Earth and when Charlie returns, she will be, too!

The weather was so warm we ‘peeled like bananas’ and took off our too-hot rain layers.

As we began our hike, the children all held hands along the trail. They are so integrated and connected with each other, the land, and their play together. Then we saw a familiar face: Charlie’s dad! We said hello and sent all our love to Charlie. On our big adventure we slid down the sides of the dry spillway, splashed in mud puddles, scooted under tree branches, followed horse tracks, and stomped the trails uphill and downhill. We hiked farther than we ever had before and were rewarded with a grand and sweeping view of the lake and a perfect spot for lunch!

While we lunched, gazing at the glistening lake, we spotted Osprey soaring over head and coming ever closer for us to get a good look. During lunch, we took moments to coyote howl and listen to our echo and to listen for Miles’ Dad who was on his own adventure to find us and pick up Miles a bit early. Afterwards, we headed up the hill to be on the lookout and soon ended up in a puppy pile with Ruby and me at the bottom of the giggling mass. Miles’ Dad must have heard all the commotion because he appeared across the trails and came to meet us. We all wished Miles and his Dad safe travels and a fun weekend.

The children played for a bit more in the cool lake water before we started our journey back to Juniper Rose. On our walk back, Raccoon Family play returned and there were calls of “Honey!” and “Sweetie!” across the trails between various family members. Raccoon Mom Margot reassured her Raccoon Children not to be afraid on the trail because she and father Raccoon were close by, and young Raccoon Violet asked Father Raccoon Blake how his day at work was. We soon found out that Raccoon workdays and Tender Tracks exploration days are similarly exciting and enjoyable. Back at Juniper Rose, we shared many gratitudes for the sunny day, bare feet, turtles, and our Raccoon Family and friends.

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