Tender Tracks Friday Day 1

September 14

Waxing Moon

Lake Lagunitas


We had a wonderful first day with our Friday group at Tender Tracks. It was lovely to return to Lake Lagunitas so soon after our family gathering to play with our new friends!

Lauryn shared a raccoon story on the bus ride to Lake Lagunitas and when we arrived, we all played as baby raccoons climbing a tree together. Later, children explored the creek for fish and crawdads, made fishing poles and splashed some rocks.

We had so much gratitude for the delicious banana bread that Wendolyn made for us to fuel our adventuring. Ruby shared a story of Grandfather Sun climbing into the sky and we could feel his warm rays even through the towering redwood trees.

Many children were helping to collect green redwood cones and litter for our earth bags. They also searched through the forest to find their canvas bags and snack mats that were specially drawn by Ruby. We saw many of the creatures and symbols from our bags during our day’s exploring together, including dragonflies, sunshine, and redwood trees.

We climbed the tall stairs near the spillway to visit the lake. We felt like we were climbing into the sky just like Grandfather Sun! Near the lake we found a spot to spy on some bullfrogs and a rambling crawdad, then we perched on the the warm sunny bench and rocks nearby to enjoy the lake view. Many children enjoyed running around Mother Madrone tree and chasing Ruby all around and down the hill or playing eye-spy with Lauryn by the water.

Our Friday friends had so much fun on our first day! We are so happy to be spending the year together.

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