Tender Tracks Day Thurs. Day 54

April 13, 2017
Waning Crescent Moon
Richardsons bay

There were only three children today:Edie, Isabella and Archer. Due to this Michelle just went with them and I stayed home to do more Tender Tracks Business.

We thought that it would not rain and indeed it did not rain over here but there it turns out that it poured for one hour and then the sky cleared.

From what I heard they had a grand time staying under cover, having snack and story and then coming out and finding the water down there and playing with explorative delight!

They came by quickly to my place in the morning as I had not left the cook stove in the bus and Michelle thought it would be nice to make hot tea if needed.  When I came into the bus Archer had given the girls a gift of some extra Easter dying kits. He was happy and the girls were completely engrossed in their gift. 🙂

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