Tender Tracks Day 9, Oct. 11, 2011

Day before Full Moon

Bodi and Caroline were not with us today.

The day began gently and continued this way throughout.  My theory for some days like this is due to the air pressure.  It was a cloudy, overcast day.  Our part of the world was covered over and held in with Gray/blue skys and a hush all around.  The Cloud children just tenderly dropped some soft rain upon us early in the day and then left us to warm air, sweet breezes and gentle holding.

The story for the week was about a little turtle, ( Used a turtle shell and horn to play the shell and to add to the tale with music), that got scared of all the Halloween  decorations.  The story brought in a blanket, and how it got dyed with Oak Galls, Toyon berries branches and Sage brush and how little Turtle found bravery from the dyed blanket and making a costume from the plants of the Earth and this newly discovered dyed blanket.  This was a lead into going to Pichetti and gathering Oak Galls and getting us ready with making our own  Nature Halloween Costumes!

Well, Pichetti gave it’s usual magick: baby california newts, little frogs, blue belly lizards and a beautiful log to climb on and figure out how to manuever on this thing. At the end of last year we found a whole lot of California Newt egg sacs and here we were finding very small new baby California Newts!!!!!

Wow, so much fun!!!!! Anjalie is getting so much more adept at catching the frogs and is DELIGHTED about this.  Lucy was just so content catching and looking for the newts and frogs along with Kashi and Aleki.  Aleki caught the lizard and was very happy.  Jasper wanted to catch them but didn’t want to bend down to get them and Grace really wanted to make little houses for the newts. Giulio was in HEAVEN over a stick he found and “chopping ” down the tree.

All the children started to climb the big dead tree and got stuck at this place or that, accept Aleki and Lucy. The rest thought they couldn’t do it and each one, with a little support and encouragement from each other and us grown ups, found their way all the way over,across and down this magnificent and large tree trunk.

They had so much fun gathering the Oak Galls and then they found a shelter that someone was building at the base of the tree. Jasper really liked this and then Kashi made the whole tree into a ship, one of his large themes.

I enjoyed watching Grace and Giulio looking at bugs and such on the tree that he was so “happily chopping.”

They all showed themselves to be very happy gently grazing the now dried out lake, playing with sticks, climbing trees, listening to the many birds around us, staying away from Poison Oak and being alive and present.

Another beautiful day exploring Earth and Sky with your treasures.


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