Tender Tracks Day 6

Oct. 19, 2016
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

All were here, the Sun was up and warm in many spots and cold in others!
To me this day felt like they had really dropped into the regularity of Tender Tracks. The “Honey Moon” felt over. They were much quieter and less singing in circle, and just an air about the day. They explored and played happily for a time before circle and then pop, right in they came each sitting upon their mats with their very special symbols. We sang a new song that I wasn’t going to introduce for awhile but, due to them picking up all the fallen leaves in the circle with delight and that there were to be falling leaves in the story, I brought it in today. It is another finger counting gentle song about leaves falling from a tree with a WHOOOSh in the song, which is fun to do with voice and hands.

Right as we were about to have story, Avaline needed to go poop so Linda took her to the potty. Then about three more went to a tree to give their offerings.
We were then ready for story. It was a short and fun story that had a felted pumpkin, mouse and Mother Earth in and they got to let their leaves fall upon the top of the pumpkin during the tale.

After circle we started some great play time. Puma, Susie and Oliver were having A LOT of fun playing with water at the water fountain very creatively. The rest of the children were down by the creek with Linda painting their faces with rock paint. Ruthie was playing with a tall tree and playing hide and go seek. Jasper and I joined her. Puma wound up by the creek with painting rocks and came up to paint me. Then all but Vita and Jasper were playing with me rousing games of Hide and Go Seek. All taking turns with who was the hider and who was the finder.
I found some leaves and began making a crown of them.

Linda was with Vita and Jasper who were laughing and playing on the top of the table and dancing having such a good time. But alas, Vita decided that she didn’t want to play with Jasper any more and he became pretty sad about that for quite a while. And, he didn’t want to hold anyone else’s hand!! Usually he is more then happy to. It wasn’t until the end of the day that he actually perked up again with his beaming smile that he has.

By 11:30 it was either, go on an adventure or, to another place not too far. The choice was made, pack up and go towards the Sun and a walk to another lovely spot. We wanted them in the sun more because several of them had gotten their feet in the water and there really weren’t any more changes of clothes left.

We wound up going to our regular place and Puma knew right where to go! Ruthie really wanted to play at the place that she and Jasper were a choo choo but we kind of needed to continue on. I stayed in the rear with Oliver, Ruthie and Avaline while the others were with Linda making “stamps” with the pollen on the back of the ferns. When we all got together off we went until we made it to our spot. Puma, Avaline, Ruthie and Vita made their way straight down to the water to play. Oliver was wanting to be more near me this day and Jasper was still in a bit of a funk over Vita. I did not know this at the time though. I just knew he wasn’t his usual self. When we laid out lunch they all ate up accept Jasper. He said he only wanted strawberries and that was what Susie had. She didn’t want to share with him when I asked her. BUT, after everyone was gone she, Jasper and Linda, were still eating. Linda encouraged him to ask her if he could have some. She said yes, and then he asked again, and she said yes. And then he saw the blueberries and asked for that and, she said ……. YES!

There was a lot of peeing and one pooping going on throughout the day, getting wet, not liking having wet feet and socks ( Avaline and Oliver), bare feet( Puma, Vita and on and off Oliver) and noticing all the beautiful ducks, sky, ground, smells and life all around us.

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