Tender Tracks Day 39

Feb. 21, 2017
Waning Crescent Moon
Terra Firma Farms

Archer and Edie on Holiday.

We thought today would have some rain and that it would be quite nice to go someplace with shelter as well as access to outside. Kai and his Mother live and have invited us many times to come. Today was the day.

Ruby, Isabella, Kuba, Jesse and Jake had a lovely time coming and going on this longer ride. It is the longest ride we have ever taken. It was also such a joy to ride in our new bus Juniper Rose. She rides so well, sturdy and strong. I was filled with great appreciation. I was also filled with great appreciation for seeing the children again after so long!

When we got there we were greeted by Kai and his Mother and then walked over to Michelle, her children and a friend of her daughters. They had made a beautiful fire for us all. But, the sky world gave nothing but Sun rays, some gray clouds, cool breezes and NO RAIN, the entire day!

The children looked at the fire but when they saw the large covered area with a stage, brooms and hay on the floor they INSTANTLY got to work. Kuba, Jesse and Jake LOVED, LOVED, LOVED! sweeping up the floor and Ruby and Isabella got into creating a “performance.” Their audience: Michelle’s children and friend. The three of them were in very sweet delight to see the children play. What was so beautiful was the ease and great unity that was going on. I wish you could have seen Kuba in particular, sweeping, sweeping, sweeping away. He just didn’t want to stop!!!!

We finally had a small circle around the fire with snack, a few songs and a short story because, Kai’s Mom’s group wanted to take us on a tour of the animals so, off we went.

We got to see the ducks in the pond and hear stories about them. We went to go see the pigs but they weren’t there so we went to go see the CUTEST little pigmy goats!!! They were bleating about, romping around, letting us feed them and pet them. Most of the children however, were a little hesitant about feeding them and chose to put the food they were given on the ground for the goats to get.

We then went back to the pigs. And, these pigs were in the true proverbially saying “Hog Heaven” as they literally, ROLLED, laid, sniffed, snorted and squealed with piggy delight in the mud pit. Their hair had the most incredible red, cooper and sun like shine. We even got to see them have tussles with each other. We watched them for quite awhile. It really was a bit mesmerizing as well as intriguing. None of the children wanted to jump in and roll around like the pigs though. Hmmmmmm, I just am not sure why! 🙂

Ruby began the journey, at the pigs, of finding Lady Bugs and the story we had was about Spring being right around the corner. So, the journey of finding Spring commenced. There are truly signs of Spring sprouting up all around us!

We finally went back to where the fire was and our packs. The children went right under the over hang and began to play with the brooms and the hay. If we were to get any further then this place we knew we had to leave now so, drinks of water and then off we went up the hill to a big lake. The walk was filled with streams, mud, fences to go under, lands and hills that we could see as far as our eyes could see. There was a great peace and quiet where we were  that was deeply nourishing and refreshing.

We finally made it to where the lake was. Michelle’s son saw a Jack Rabbit but the rest of us did not. We just went looking for it, to no avail. We walked through a creek, through mud and grass until we got to some stones next to the lake. There we ate our lunch and the sky world gave us some Gray clouds without any rain.  A moth was found and we noticed how it blended in so well on the rock in front of us.  Check out our facebook page to see the photo.

We watched a man fishing across the lake and catching and releasing many fish. They all accept, Isabella, Ruby and I, went over and talked with him for a bit. Then Isabella, Ruby and I went the opposite direction and met them all. Isabella thought it was REALLY fun to keep slipping in the mud, getting up, doing it again and laughing and laughing and laughing.

The day went by quickly so after a bit it was time to get our packs and make our way down the hill. I was in the rear with Kai, Ruby and Isabella. They were taking their time and having such a good, good time!  When we all got together they felt and discovered that the fire went completely out! We made a circle, sang our good bye song and went to the bus. Kai said good bye and met back up with his Mom.

A beautiful day had by all and new adventure as well.
Good to be back and the children clearly loved being back with each other as there were so many hugs, smiles and great joys for seeing and being with one another.

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