Tender Tracks Day 36

Feb. 2, 2017
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

I was absent today, the rains were in full glory and Michelle took the children here to carry out our plans of making candles. This is a traditional adventure to take on this particular day of the year: Bridget’s Day, Ground Hog day, Mid Winter Day. What ever you call it it is a time of Hope and a time to notice when Spring might be coming. We certainly have been seeing February’s leaf buds on many trees that give the sign that Tree Blossoms will be arriving, hopefully, SOON!

So there they all went under the protective shelter at Lake Lagunitas, set up the camp stove and got their bees wax to melt.And then, they made their candles. I saw some pictures that I sent to those that were there. It looked and, from Michelle’s report, sounded like such a great day that they all had!!

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