Tender Tracks, Day 35

Jan. 31, 2017
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Ruby, Archer and Isabella were gone today.
Kai,Jesse,Kuba,Jake and Edie were here along with Kai’s Daddy.
Kai was very happy about this and the children too as he brought his beautiful new van that is having a BED built in it! The children loved seeing the work that was going on in there and Kai was proud to show us the work he had helped to do in it!!

Today the children spent a great deal of time:
•making and building Fairy houses: Jake and Kai
•pounding a red rock/brick that Kai had found a week or two ago into paint:
Jesse, Kuba and Edie.
• making paint brushes: Kuba, Jesse and Edie

It was a peaceful day as they all immersed themselves into their crafts. Kai and Jake really had a great time building upon the existing Fairy house there plus another. When the rest of us were ready to paint Kai, in particular, did not want to come over and paint. When I said, “What if you paint your house”, he got REALLY excited and very happy about that prospect so,using plants made into paint brushes the pounders shared some of their newly made paint and then Jake and Kai painted and painted their houses.

The others painted in their nature books, painted other things and just had fun pounding, pounding, playing in the water trough there that they love, heard a great story that was inspired by their conversations about the wind, played racing games and enjoyed the sounds of birds and beings about us.

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