Tender Tracks Day 32

Jan. 19, 2017
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

The day had intentions of rain yet all we ever really got were moments of some rain yet nothing ever really full and flowing. However, it was an unknown so, we put our new canopy over the picnic table just as well. All the children helped with this and were very eager to do so as well as help bring out all that was needed to make a fire and popcorn.

Circle time had new songs and movements and then we went to the picnic table where there they ate part of their lunch and listened to Michelle read them the book that I read to them last week about How the Rainbow and Colors Came to Be.  The reason they ate some of their lunch was because it would take too long before the fire was ready to cook the popcorn. And, indeed, the popcorn was not ready until lunch time at which they ate both.

Prior to that though:
Kai, Isabella and on and off Ruby all played with great peace and joy in part of our place near a tree. They took a lot of the kindling sticks/bought sticks and used them to make a boat/space ship and? for their adventures.  Kai was really into Star Wars all day and being R2D2. The funniest moment, to me, was when Isabella, whom I do not think knows much really about Star Wars responded to Kai. Kai said that Darth Vader was very bad, he was a bad guy. Isabella very joyfully and with a very matter of fact style said, “No Darth Vader isn’t bad. He’s my husband.”  ” yeah he is:)”  If only you could hear her inflections and see her body movements to do this quote amusing justice!  Ruby wandered in and out of their game partaking in her way yet also enjoying gathering things all around and by the water.

All the others were by the water making paint from rocks and gathering different plant material to see what colors they might get.  When that wound down some of us were playing a game under the shelter when Michelle began to get the fire ready. All I had to say to Kuba was “I think Michelle might need some help with making the fire” and OFFF he ran to help. He LOVES working with the fire!!!  Next I saw the kids were surrounding the fire pit with Michelle and building the fire up and then all working together lighting it in the most beautiful way!!   Jake soaked it in so much that he came over to be with Kai and Isabella afterward to play with them. They let him in to their building and he wound up completely building and imitating what he had just experienced with the fire and built up their “space ship” just like the fire was built up. What beautiful and instant incorporation and reception of the role modeling.
The popcorn took awhile yet it finally took and was it yummy or what!!!  Kai wound up eating near the fire, Archer came by a little later while the rest of them ate at the table with delight.

The entire day was filled with IMMERSION into play and enjoying the day.  We cleaned up most everything and then it seemed best to take a little adventure and then come back to reading a story and drawing before we head home but, an incident happened where Archer got hurt. He got rushed off with Michelle and Skylar’s mom to take him home to his Momand I had the rest. At which point we drew, cleaned up and went back to find out how Archer was.

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