Tender Tracks Day 31

January 17, 2017
Roy’s Redwoods
Waning Moon

We had a full house today with Skylar’s Mom, and Michelle’s children plus all the Tender Trackers.  And it was an extra special day as it was the day we celebrated Jake’s fifth birthday!  We were met at Roy’s by Michelle and her children and then we all went out to see the wonder’s of Roy’s Redwoods. We have not been there in a long time and the creeks were beautifully flowing with water. The ground was soggy too so for circle time we put out a large cloth for us to sit upon.

Archer had found some Rose’s all bundle up. He brought them to circle and began to make the circle beautiful. Archer has a  knack for making things beautiful like this.  He moved on though and Edie took up where he left off and finished encircling the circle with the rose petals.   The children had a grand chase with Michelle while exploring the water too, particularly Skylar! 🙂   It was then circle time.

We gathered standing and sang a new song ( ok I sang it and hopefully in the future they will too!!) felt different parts of our body to wake it up and then down to the ground we went where there they joined in with gusto to our usual songs.  And then, it was time for the birthday story.

Each birthday story includes parts of their life in each year and I believe that my favorite part is when they recognize part of the story that is just like there life , as Jake did today when he exclaimed”Hey, I have a monkey named Buckey too!!” Other parts of the story he recognized as well but didn’t put it together that this story about a beautiful Star Child was indeed about HIM!!!!  The innocence and sweetness in those moments is nothing less then beautiful.  The story was gentle and the songs to him sweet and kind as well and then, he received his special gift from Tender Tracks via the Gnomes.  He put his hand in a bag and, using his finger sensations and his heart, he found just the right stone for himself.  And, HE LOVED IT! and took it out very carefully several times during the day to feel and look at.

After this story he then passed out his birthday snack gift and all enjoyed it oh accept Jesse who did not like it.    We cleaned up and were about to go but alas, Skylar got a bit of wetness from her earlier water adventure so we stopped and tended to that and then off to “The castle”, some of them call the Redwood Grove tree stand, we went.

They remembered which way to go though there were many rivers, and creeks to navigate in through and around.  Up over big fallen trees, and through places they remembered too until we made it to our familiar site.

All the way there Ruby was VERY excited about putting on a show for the teachers just by the students.  She and Kuba worked at clearing out the Redwood grove for the place of performance and after lunch what a performance we had!!!   I recorded a bit of it and the other recording never took. Kuba was running around decorating the area, Jake was playing Redwood branch guitar, I believe Kai was the lighting person, Edie, Skylar and Ruby were the singers with sticks for their microphones. Isabella was sitting next to me and Archer and Jesse were  behind the tree doing, well, I am not sure what. However, they were heard doing something related to the performance. 🙂  Jessie was particularly involved prior to the full set up.  So on they went for awhile. Skylar then led us all in a call and response song which brought us into big smiles and laughs of joy.

Throughout our time there there was a lot of taking turns on the bouncy tree going side to side up and down and then right before they got off they were pulled back really far and then…………swinging they went and the other children ran away from it!!!!!!! with big glee.

There was then a run to the meadow to find sun and then, the great game began. They LOVED this game that Michelle introduced. It was a very watered down version of a game called Fire in the Woods so that they all could play, “win” and just simply have fun.  Michelle was the Water Princess in the middle. The children secretly picked what animal or creature they were. Every time she yelled out something like” if you have sharp teeth” then they would try to run across the field to the log on the other side.  Oh no matter what she did she just could not catch them!  And they were SOOO pleased with themselves saying ” She just can’t catch me (us).” with big big smiles or personal pride.  This game went on for quite some time and then Edie, and Kuba wound up being the callers.  Finally the game seemed to be winding down so I brought out a beautiful book to read to them. There they sat on the logs, I read and then, it was time to go back to the bus, change a few children’s wet clothes and make our way back.  Jake held his stone all the way home, while I told them some stories and sang them some very silly songs. They were silent and wanting more.  It seems to me that all of this shows us that they are getting much, much closer to five years old. And one already has.

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