Tender Tracks Day 19

Feb. 22, 2017
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Susie and Vita were absent today. Susie has a beautiful new baby sister!!!!

The rest of us were here and with happy hearts with being back and seeing each other. The weather started out with being warm and sunny yet a couple hours in and at lunch the cold of Grandfather North blew in and we bundled up!

Before that though, we jumped out of Juniper Rose and discovered the wonders and magic of all our storms and mighty weather patterns of late. The waterfall was “crazy” as Puma said and the little and large puddles were everywhere.

We set up circle up above and in the warmth of the sun and heard a story about Spring being Just Around the Corner and spent the day looking for spring. Puma found a California Newt, put it next to a tree for circle time and became a great Guardian of it all during our circle time. Then he and Oliver popped right up afterwards to continue tending to it with such love and care!!!!!
Ruthie wanted to play hide and go seek so we had several rounds of that before we took off for our adventure to a spot in the sun that we have been to before.

Puma LOVES to play Bear chasing him and he gathered up a “team” to be apart of this. A couple of months ago Linda was a Bear and he now LOVEs to play this game every time with very large roars. All day Oliver had the most incredible GRRR RRRRR face yet with no sound and he and Jasper would GRRRRRRR at each other with butts and all. They both really liked this game when asked. It never came to any discontents and they would stop as soon as they wanted to. Avaline was having fun all day running, playing, exploring, finding plants and mushrooms. And Ruthie, LOVED the puddles and playing.

As we made our long journey to our destination Avaline, Jasper, Puma  got there first. They went straight to the water and threw rocks in there and looked all around for animals, frogs and then HIDDING PLACES for when the “bears came”, Linda, Oliver and Ruthie.  When the “Bears” finally came they hid behind logs and trees and roared when they came. This was an on going game throughout the day too.

We ate lunch and, as mentioned earlier, the air got colder and colder and I told a few stories while they ate. One of the stories was about Why We Have Seasons and why it was getting so cold. ( It is a Por que tale that aids them in learning about the Cold of the North and warmth of the South, among other things.)

We thought we might leave because it was so cold but rousing games of chase came about. Avaline and I ran to our hill while Jasper and Puma went to find us. And, they did! and we all ran around. Oliver and Ruthie were playing with Linda then we all got together and finished our time there by working together to make “porridge” and build up the fire ( with all the sticks and lichen we were finding.)
When it came time to leave they were not so keen on that as all were having such a good time of playing so peacefully.

Highlights for me:
• Olivers face as he silently growled
• Jaspers focus with his fighting stance and his growl
• Pumas joy of the Newt and delight in leading the way
• Ruthies JOY over jumping in the puddles. She would jump in every one and say” e heeeeeeeeeee!!!!”
• Avaline, as well, had soooo much fun in the puddles.
They both showed the true childlike joy, and wonder with the simplicity and beauty of puddles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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