Tender Tracks Day 16

January 18, 2017
Lake Lagunitas
Waning Moon

Susie was absent and the rest of us went out into the gray and, finally, rainy day.
With that we went to  our spot, set up camp and got our fire ready. We put up our brand new and sturdy canopy to cover us from the sky worlds gift of great rain, cover the fire pit and begin our fire adventures.

The children were  delighted with making the fire, getting sticks in the fire, seeing it be lit, burn bright, smoke and then get the pot ready for the popcorn.  Some of them soaped the bottom to protect it from turning black from the fire.  We looked at the colored popcorn and wondered, if, when popped, would they be red, blue, light yellow or dark yellow, or, what color would they be????Well, the pot went on the fire, the popcorn in and we waited to hear the pop, and we waited, and we waited and we waited and we waited but no popping!!!! We built up the fire some  more and…Pop,pop, pop, pop, pop, pop……….until the popcorn was pouring out of the pot!  We took the top off, salted it and began to eat. And then we looked, where was the red and the blue???? They found the colors tucked deep inside the popcorn in the kernel!!

After the popcorn the rain began to come down a little more, a little more, a little more…..  they played in the rain, we had chase games and all was fun with cold on and off and then, TIME TO TAKE THE CANOPY DOWN and go into the bus for a lunch and changing party. And that is what we did.  They got warm, fed and content and then, off we went after a fine day of rain, wind, fire, food, fun, cold, discomfort and back to comfort.  Very nice. 🙂

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