Tender Tracks Day 15

January 11, 2017
Day before Full Moon
Sorich Ranch

Ruthie and Oliver were absent today.
The rains took a break today and the Sun shone mostly throughout the day yet sprinkled with dark clouds bringing cold air when they did so.

As we were driving to Lake Lagunitas, our original destination, and right before the Cascade Rd. A coyote was walking down the road.  He seemed nervous and a bit skiddish. My guess is that all the flooding had displaced him from his normal roaming area.  I do hope he found his way!!!!!
Then, when we got to the turn off to go to Lake Lagunitas, there was a sign straight away that said the “Area Closed” due to storm damage.  We turned around and Linda suggested Sorich.  GREAT! so down the road in the other direction we went.
The intention of the day was to make a fire and pop popcorn. What to do???? Well, there were no barbecue pits there but we did have the  camp stove in the bus so, when we got there we found a picnic table and put out the camp stove.  But when we FIRST got there the children just ran  out and immediately and began climbing the great big rock.  They really love it.  Then Avaline didn’t get to go pee right away and she wound up peeing in her pants.  Linda went to go have a clothing change party with her in the bus while the rest of us discovered a lot of different colors, plants and curiosities about the colored popcorn that was in the jar ready to be used.  When we all got back we put the oil in the pot, watched it melt, put the different colored popcorn in and listened for the first pop, second pop, third pop MANY POPS!!!!
When it was ready we were really looking to see if the pop corn was indeed of  many different colors or pre popcorns usual color.  It turned out that there were two different shades of yellow and the color that they were before popping was on the very INSIDE of each popped kernel!  These were great discoveries. And they also, GOBBLED IT UP! It really was very good!

Before Puma got in the bus this morning he saw a rainbow and excitedly invited us all out to see it. Because of that I read them a beautiful story about How Colors and the Rainbow Came to Be.  The story started when the world was only white, black and many shades of gray.  We spent the day looking at all different kinds of colors around us.

We started our adventure following the roaring creek up stream and up a trail. Puma took us a bit off trail. Susie was NOT content with this and wanted Mom then.  All the while we were going up and up and up the hill as I held her hand all the way.  But all the time she wanted Mommie to be the one with her and wondering WHY were we even going UP HILL!!!! “I like going down hill”  she said.   And at the end of the day before we even left this new found wonder land up atop a big hill she said with absolute delight and glee “Can we come back tomorrow??????”  🙂

There is one part where the hill IS very steep yet they all made it up with great self esteem and confidence of their abilities to do so.  Avaline was climbing up with Linda. She found a beautiful rock that she wanted to bring home to mom.  During the day she threw it with joy and it left her care. On the way back and passing where she found it she remembered that she wanted to give it to Mom and cried. Linda had two Buckeyes in her pocket and said she could  have one for herself and one for Mom. She then was quite content.

When we got to the top of this hill there was the roaring creek, a beautiful rock to climb and a little swing that with handles that the children could swing on and a big swing for Linda and I.  The children LOVED this and took turns so beautifully.  Puma led the way in the creek and Avaline followed with perseverance even when it was really hard!  Vita and Jasper giggled and giggled in their play all around there and Susie and I either sat in joy near the water or played on the swing together.

We finally had lunch though there tummies weren’t as empty as normal due to all the popcorn!!
Avaline after lunch discovered this cave like place and she shared with Linda how much she loved it. All it’s colors and carpet like ground. It was just beautiful she said. When Linda said we had to go she said ‘I dont want to it is just so beautiful!’

They are all truly getting bigger and older in body, language, play styles and it is so fun to watch them and be with them.

Everyone had such a deeply beauty filled day as we watched the changing clouds, discovered trees, water, air, gratitude for our food and this place and so much more.
What a joy to celebrate the rain and the sun!

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