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Nov. 15, 2017
Waning Moon
Sorich Open Space Park

Cole was not with us today and Ellie Erickson’s Grandma Nanna came to be with us.  Another wonderful Grandma to come play with the Tender Trackers.

The weather was cool and mostly gray without a drop of rain.  We went to Sorich and never left our little area yet adventured deep into Fig trees, Big Rocks, Bouncy trees, running up and down hills, going on big climbing adventures, pooping in the Tender Tracks porcelain potty, circle time celebrating Ashleys Fourth birthday and making gifts for birds from Pine cones, peanut butter, and birdseed.

Such a full and delightful day!!!!
Uma was so happy accept, when it came to her nice rain suit. She runs hot so to have to keep that on was a feat. However, we took off as much of the clothes as possible yet still keeping this suit on that enabled her, and all the children, to roll and play on the ground and all around as much as they chose.
Ellie Acorn, she had so many smiles, laughs and playing with the other girls today!!  She even shared in circle!  Ellie Turtle was simply happy, happy, happy with Nana being there. She was just, content.
Eamon was delightful as he climbed up and down the rock and was DELIGHTED with gathering and eating fresh picked Figs!!!  Holden happy, happy, running and playing yet one time he fell and that just did not feel good.  He was scooped up, held for a while and was pretty fine after that.  Luna, laughing, smiling, curious and playful in all moments. Ashley was happy with her new warm clothes and for her birthday snack that she brought. We sang her two birthday songs and she was HUNGRY ALL DAY!  She played and ate and wanted a bit more and played and played. Violet, well, she was happy and playful with all the children.

Sandy, Nana, Violet, Luna and Ellie Turtle went on a grand hiking adventure. When they came back Violet, Luna and Ellie ran down a hill. They were SOO excited about that and told me all about this fun adventure!!  While they were doing that, Ellie Acorn, Uma and Ashley had a grand time making their bird feeders. What they REALLY had a good time with though was putting their hands in the bucket of the bird seed. It did feel so good and they enjoyed that part immensely. And then, they really liked when they were able to take handfuls of the seeds and scatter them all around for the birds.
Eamon and Holden were IMMERSED with bouncing on the Bouncy tree as well as playing many dinosaur and imaginary games. They finally came over and made their bird feeders.  When the others came back they did as well.

Lunch then happened. They all got in our beautiful lunch circle and had a glorious share around eating time each with their own stories offered.

After lunch they all had a GRAND, GRAND, GRAND!!! time running up and down and falling, up and down and falling, up and down and falling………the hill near us.  We all had such a good time doing this!!

Getting back on the bus there was a lot of taking off of rain suits and some clothes as the day did get much warmer.  This day was truly so very lovely, lovely, lovely!!



Nov. 1, 2017
Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Moon

Everyone was here!  For the first time in weeks. So yeah for that! Linda was here to substitute for Ruby and she flowed quite well.

At the end of the day debrief it seemed very clear that yesterday was Halloween celebrations. Though they are an active group we have yet to have such scattered, jumpy, bumby, tumbly, and rumblies.  🙂 Don’t get me wrong, the day was full and fun, it just had that over excited amp to it. Outside of that, we stayed in one place and the day whizzed by to the point that we were not able to do one of the things I had desired to share with them: receiving their paint brushes and painting with them. But no worries, next week is another day!!!

We got out of the bus and made our way to the sunny part of the area way at the end and past the picnic tables and right near their favorite Redwood Play tree.
Here are some play highlights:
•Cole and Violet making gifts for each other and finding a great new friendship.
•Cole being very happy that he could help Luna at the end of the day unbuckle her backpack.
• Ellie Turtle loving climbing up in a particular spot in a tree. At first she got nervous about getting out of it or someone trying to get in this spot and she falling down. But after a few times climbing in and out she relaxed more and more and was just so content in there.
• Ellie Acorn shared that she really, at both schools, only plays with her brother.  When she came with Uma, Luna,Ashley and I to help Luna change her wet pants Uma wanted to play with her. She said she didn’t want to. It was here that I probed a bit about who she plays with and she told me the above. I then shared how much Uma wanted to play with her and, if she changed her mind and wanted to play with her, would she let her know. She said she would.  Then throughout the day after that there was more and more connections and fun being made between she and the other girls. Yeah!
• Aemon and Holden were more involved in being the bosom buddies that they are. They were today though, more than any other day, FILLED with more of the scattered, rambunctious and sibling type behavior with each other.  They were easily worked with but it was just more than we have experienced so far.
• Uma was happy, happy, happy playing, changing clothes, running around, twirling, playing with others and immersed in the day.
• Luna seemed to have some of that Halloween excited fatigue. This showed up by being quite sensitive about things that she has not been so about before.  Her tears came easily and, at times, she had a stupper about her.  Halloween over load????.  Yet, she still was her delightful and dreamy self.
•Violet shared that she still was a bit under the weather and we heard her cough to prove it but she was peaceful and truly enjoying her time with Cole and other aspects of the day.
•Ashley was her usual self, happy to be with the other children, engaged and open for whatever was going on.

The things they did:

LOVED playing Hide and Go Seek!  Loved playing in their Redwood House. Loved RUNNING all around!!
They all lined up and watched as I took out the cook stove and roasted some Pumpkin seeds from our Sunday pumpkins. They really liked eating them too!!  Particularly Cole and Ashley.
There were porta potty times for Aemon with Linda to go poop, many Pee Parties with Uma, Luna, Ashley, Ellie, oh well All the children.  They have all gotten quite good at going when they need to yet there is still more help needed for the girls. It is SO tricky at times for girls to not get some of their clothes wet! So changing parties too were had.
Circle time with new songs, and a lunch that happened at noon which then took so long we had to not fully finish lunch in order to pack up and get to the bus.

The day truly flew by. Yet, in it’s flurry, there was so much that filled the day with a story at lunch about Turtle, Rabbit, Frog, Raccoon and Dark Eyed Junco. And, who did we get to silently watch while we eating and talking about?  Yes, Dark Eyed Junco!!!!  The little bird who wears a black hood over it’s head and finds little seeds on the ground to eat.


Dark Eyed Junco wallpaper 33741

Oct. 25, 2017
Waxing Moon
Roy’s Redwood

Uma, Holden & Violet were all absent today.
Ellie Muenzen’s Grandmother came to be with us all day. That was a delight! And Sandy, one of our Substitutes for Ruby, was here too.  The children welcomed her in with much ease. I was delighted with that.  And she knew Luna from before she was ever born having had her older sister in a school that she taught at. 🙂

This was just another delightful day.
Luna was filled with dance and her happy, happy self.  Her joy is contagious.
I thought Aemon might have a hard time if Holden wasn’t there. At the very beginning, he said he missed him yet the rest of the day he was just fine!  He had a grand time playing and exploring the day and the group.
Ellie Acorn spent a lot of time with Grandma for the first part of the day yet then joined in with the others the second half.  Ellie Turtle was in great spirits; happy, smiling, and fully engaged. She is rather adventurous and up for doing things that others might not want to do like, going into the dark tree hole to see what might be there! Ashley and she had a fine time playing together and Ashley is just so ready each day to play, and explore the natural world.  Cole was back for his first day since week 2 and was ready and alive filled with play and presence!

The day was sweet with a story about How the Rainbow Came to Be and how the world now has color!  The children had a task today: Find a straight stick a little longer than your hand and about pinky thickness, for me to make them a paint brush. I shared with them that we will make the brushes next week and we will make paint from rocks to paint with. Paint from Rocks???? Yes indeed.

They had fun running around finding the right sticks. I was amazed how fast they ALL got into this and did it in short order!! This group is just too fun, present, ready and raring to go with all that is presented to them!

When we first got there the spot I typically set up for circle was taken by a group of teenagers so we moved on to another spot not far away. I have not used it for this before but the children took to it straight away, walking on logs and such to get there.  We never left this area the entire day.

There are many Redwoods trees there that have wonderful hidy places.  This is where Ellie Turtle was happy to go right into these darkened places and check them out along with Aemon. Everyone else was slow to try it until those two did.

The day was simply filled with explorations of the area, listening and seeing small birds around us, gathering, playing, laughing, listening to stories, and then, finding Doors!  Yes, doors come in all sizes and for all manner of beings.  Some of them found big doors like at the Redwood Trees, others find doors that would be grand for fairies while others found doors that a teeny tiny little bug would use.  They looked under, near, and around logs. They looked in the grasses and the dead trees with little holes in them. We searched all around to find such magical places where different creatures and beings may live