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Jan. 17, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Alpine

Violet was absent today.  The sky was MISTY almost the entire day but it was not a wet mist like it was the day before.  It was just thick and the atmosphere had a held silence about it.  Ruby had something to tend to in her car first thing in the morning so we elongated our departure time with our circle songs and a mini, mini story. We then left and she met us up there.

This day seemed ripe for just beginning our adventure straight away and bypassing circle so that is what we did or rather that is what happened.  Ellie Turtle needed to get warmer clothes on so we were in the bus tending to that, Ellie Acorn wanted to wait for us despite many invitations to romp down in the little creek in the large lake bed.  When Ellie and I were finished the two Ellie’s and I went down to meet the others.

They greeted us with SO much excitement as they found MANY, MANY newts swimming in the water.  There was mud, water, rocks, and adventure. Ashley, Eamon, and Holden were in extreme delight for sure!  Uma was happy to explore and Luna was in dreamy, sing-song delight.  Ellie Turtle, once down there, got very into the water and discovered that if you walk right into deep water you get wet! Oh dear 🙂

We began the day with the intention to find turtles so I drew them to the trail to where we used to see them when there was water.  On our way walking there we came upon the sticky, clinging, sharp Burdock seeds that LOVE to cling to your clothes!  Throughout the day we had times where we needed to remove them. The good news was that they were wet and, unknown to the children, hurt so much less than when they are dry!

Earlier they had some yummy muffins that I made. After that was when we went to find turtles. On our way, we heard frogs, saw birds in the air that we tried to identify by the shape of their tails yet, no turtles!  We got to the place where they usually are but there was no water. However, they found all manner of wonderful large logs to play on, turn into flying beings and another log that had “Dino bones!” ( they were actually old crab pinchers)

There was a large log, you can see it on the front page of the website, that they all sat on. I was able to rock it back and forth. Luna found another smaller one near by and invited everyone to come on to it.  The children took turns on both. We went to many wonderful places too on these “boats!!!”

Eamon and Holden were at each other more than we have ever seen today yet, they did what children this age do: love, hate, love, hate, love, hate, love, hate…… And in the end, love won out:)

In one of their moments, they were tussling over a rock.  I showed them the sharp edges of stones and how these were the first knives people ever had. I then showed them how to clean sticks with them. They all gathered around and looked for stones to try out.

Throughout the day there was stick finding, rock throwing in the water and exploring.
Ashley was in GREAT spirits today. She was singing songs, exploring and just plain content and happy.  Luna did not have the struggles she had last week and was having fun playing with other children. She still has that parallel play going on and/or just involved in her own games and really wanting everyone to play those 🙂 yet still playing with as well. Ellie Acorn was very happy and playful yet coughing a lot during the day and not moving much until later on when she was running faster than we have ever seen her do so.  Ellie Turtle, once over the dislike of putting on warm clothes, was just grand and full of life until about after lunch where she then got a bit stiller.

When it was time to go home they all had to figure out where Juniper Rose was. They were able to point pretty accurately in what direction the bus was and we found our way!  In the bus, there was a grand changing party as well as passing out the children’s size field guides which they enjoyed reading and sharing.

A beautiful, gray, wintery day.


Jan. 10, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today was the first day of the year where the peaceful, playful, easeful state of this group was a bit topsy-turvy.:)
Firstly, Ellie Turtle REALLY did not want to put her rain pants on, Violet needed to be with Mom and was a bit disgruntled throughout the day about things she didn’t like, needing to get most of the children in their rain clothes first thing and then, circle starting late and ending much later than usual.  We were cooking today so that was different and took awhile.  However, circle was so much fun and they LOVED hearing the story that went along with cooking noodles and eating them. They were a hit!!  All that is accept for Holden. He was not so keen on these noodles.

The big challenges came about I think from, what happens often this time of year, having to deal with extra clothes, rain, wet, having fun then all of a sudden not liking what they are feeling and wanting it to change NOW! Postponement gratification can be so very challenging at this age! 🙂
The good news is however, the Sun was shining, the waters were flowing, story was fun, snack was grand, explorations were enjoyed and laughter was heard.

So now, a bit more details.  Ellie Turtle truly did not like the rain pants on yet, it just has to happen.  I know I have said for years and years, just send them any way you can but, after today, I am beginning to rethink this as there were so many to dress!!!  🙂 ( please hear my gentle laughter here)
Violet began her day unsettled and had Mom brought her and stayed with her for awhile. Mom aided Ellie Turtle a bit too while we were tending to the other children and place.

When we finally all got down and into circle it was grand!  They sang, they learned new songs, they saw a pot sitting on a cook stove in the middle of circle. The pot was filled with water with the help of Violet too.  And, they watched it get hotter and hotter, while steam came out from the top. But, why did we have this pot there any way?????  And a story was told to tell us why.  You see, once there was a Mother who had not enough food to feed her daughter. She went out to the woods to settle herself and find some answers if she could. As she walked she began to see the Beautiful trees standing tall and strong. She smelled the fresh air and felt it gently hug her skin.  She began to relax and know, all things would be well, as she found those things that warmed her heart so.  She remembered her true wish, to find food for she and her daughter when, all of a sudden, POOOF out of the woods came an old Woman cackling away.  Long story short, the old woman gave her a magick pot that when she said “Stir Pot stir” the food she wanted would bubble up in the pot and when she said “stop pot stop.” the pot would stop cooking.  Her daughter saw her mother do the first part but not the second and the town filled with noodles and….well, you might know this story and the ending.  But, just in case, the ending of the tale, the Mother came back, the daughter learned that listening in with out Mommy knowing is mostly not the best way and they lived quite well ever after.  🙂
The children LOVED the gluten free noodles that we cooked with Olive Oil and sea salt.

In the midst of all of this, we sang a special Happy Birthday song to Eamon and he got to choose a special gift from the Gnome people that was just for him. He appeared to be quite delighted by it all.

After snack off they went. Eamon and Holden went STRAIGHT to the water and proceeded to get VERY, VERY wet! And, or However, with great smiles and delight.  Uma, Ashley and Violet went down by the water and were fishing for candy. Uma said they were fishing for candy land fish.  I asked Uma what kind of candy there was or if we could choose. Ellie Turtle said she can’t have candy, Ellie Acorn wanted Chocolate, someone else wanted Chocolate Mint and on it went. And Luna, Luna mopped around a lot of the day saying, “Nobody wants to play with me.”  However, at the end of the day we were all sitting together eating and I mentioned Luna’s sadness. Then I asked what she would want to play if she was to play with someone. She said “house and some other things.” Then I asked if any one else likes to play house. Uma and Ashley said they did and then Eamon and a few others. Ashley asked her if she wanted to play or something along those lines.  Right after lunch Eamon, who was sitting next to Luna, asked if she would like to go into and play with him in the “tunnel.” She said she didn’t want to do that.  She did smile brightly however when she saw how many children said they wanted to play with her and, for the rest of our short time left together and all the way back in the bus she was content and happy.

Ellie Turtle was very funny as she and I were walking towards the other children earlier in the day. She said with great glee “I’m not crying anymore. Sometimes I cry.”
Holden was playing happily but then he got something in his eye and, most wonderfully, his tears just washed it out.  He wasn’t quite sure about that though because it still didn’t feel well for a bit. He stayed snuggled in my arms until he was completely ready to go back to play.

I found a rope and the children turned it into a choo choo train. They went many places in this train. The challenging part of it was though that the front of the train and the back of the train weren’t always going to the same place at the same time!!!  And one time they went around the tree in two different directions and almost bumped into one another!!! 🙂

Another time there was a tug of war with this rope. I kept winning UNTIL they had Ruby come on their side and WOOOOOOWWWW, I got pulled down and Ashley fell over too!!!

There were some upsets when wet children couldn’t get changed the moment they were uncomfortable. Uma was one of those. It turns out she wasn’t actually very wet or at least her warm woolies did exactly what they were designed to do, keep a person warm even when they do get wet. Well, after a time her needs and some of the others needs got met and yeah for that.

Since our snack time ended almost by 11 we didn’t have lunch until a bit after noon and when that happens, oh dear, getting back on time is a bit of  a challenge, particularly when Holden and Eamon seemed to think that, really truly, there was a Dinosaur in the creek below the water fall!!!!!!!!
What to do?????  Scury, scury like a mouse, into the bus to get to our house……..
We finally all made it safe and sound, wet clothes in bags, warm clothes on and down the road we went.  Most of the way back we played a three year old version of 20 questions which they loved.

Jan. 3, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Unfortunately, I was not able to be here on this day to hurting my ankle the day before.
There were only four children who were back from holiday and such:
Luna, Holden, Eamon & Ellie Munenzen

Ruby shared with me about the day. The gist was it was GREAT!  Ellie talked on and on all day, Luna was just HAPPY and when the rains came down a little bit she cried and wanted to be with Daddy. Ruby loved her up, she was able to have her feelings and then, in true Luna fashion, her tears found rest and she came back into harmonious happiness.  Eamon and Holden wanted to run, explore and play, play, play! The biggest problem of the day Ruby shared, they were SO HAPPY that she almost could not get them back to the meeting place on time!!! They just kept exclaiming how delighted they were.

Ruby had many lovely tales about the day that I can not remember nor do justice to so please, do ask her about the day.  I am only most grateful that you were willing to bring your children to the Lakes since she was not driving the bus and that she was willing to be there so beautifully with the children!

Thank you, each and every one of you.