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April 11, 2018
Waning Moon
Richardsons Bay

All but three children were on holiday this day; Ellie, Ellie and Luna.
So, since it was such a unique day we decided to do something different, we went to the Richardsons Bay Wildlife Sanctuary in Tiburon.  Since we were going farther than usual we needed to feed Juniper Rose so she would be able to take us to and from our new adventure place, so we did.  The girls were so content and easy and, mostly, they were quite happy, particularly Luna, that it was an “All Girls day!”

Each one of them beamed a good portion of the day and that was just delightful.  When we got there we went to the Ceanothus tree and gathered some of the purple flowers.  As we went down a beautiful trail to the beach part we found another low lying ceanothus and gathered more flowers for a particular use later on.

Down the big steps we went and to the beach, we came.  Ellie Turtle was a bit frighted of the waves coming in and out so I stuck a stick right at the watermark and the rest of the day we watched to see if the waters were coming in or going out. When we left it seemed that the waters receded by about 5 + feet.  Once I put the stick in Ellie became braver to go nearer the water.

We then sat for snack. I took out our flowers and showed them how to make soap from these beautiful things. I put some in my hand, poured a little water on them and then scrubbed, scrubbed and then, SUDDSEY water came and I washed my hands. I then went to the water’s edge and rinsed my hands. Then it was their turn.  They got some and did the same.  When they got to the water Ruby wound up picking them up , turning them slightly upside down and let them rinse their hands in the water. How they loved this!!  We then came back and had some yummy pre-made, by me, popcorn, for snack.  While they were still eating I started to quietly make things on the beach. It did not take long, after snack, for them to find different ways to play on the beach.  Ruby was doing the same.

We were making pictures and building things. Luna wound up making a whole stick world, Ellie Acorn played with Ruby and I building with us, and Ellie Turtle wound up building too. At times all three of the girls were building and often Ellie Turtle and Luna were playing house games initiated by Ellie Turtle.  When playing house comes you know that four is just around the corner.

Later on I strolled down the beach with the intention of seeing who would follow and explore another area.  Ellie Turtle came and then Ruby and Ellie Acorn. Luna was still quite involved in her village that she was building.

We all found great rocks to paint with and give as gifts, Ellie Acorn discovered this fun game, and decorated our creations with the plant matter washed up on the shore.

One of my favorite things that happened today was while we were driving there.  I do not remember the whole conversation but Ruby said something about …you were born… And Luna said ” I wasn’t born.” and Ruby said, “How did you get here?” and Luna said, ” My Daddy drove me.”

There was much talk, play, creating, and Being with, the incredible weather, adventure and fun of just the five of us. It was truly a special day. On the way back, Ellie Acorn fell asleep for a bit and the rest of them were quite worn from the day, in a very good way. And oh yes, they all ate almost or all of their lunch, I mean all!

March 28, 2018
Waxing Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Ellie Muenzen Absent today.

A warm, sunny spring day and we came back to this lovely, lovely place that we have not returned to since early, early on in the year due to cold weather.  Oh wonderfully fun and gorgeous it was here. The children were in very happy and joyous spirits and off we went.  When we got there they were about to go straight to where we used to go to circle but alas, that was too cold so Ruby and I had decided, before this day, to walk straight down the sunny path to warmer yet just as lovely parts.

The walk along the trail met us with plants, holes in the ground, butterflies and running delight.   I went up ahead with Holden and he and I found the water tracks. The trail where the water left it’s sign of how it rushed through the land pushing aside all debris in its way.   The other children, I heard, all became rabbits, eating and hopping to our wonderful spot.

The bouncy tree was immediately remembered and the climbing tree was lower than in the past. It had cracked a bit and was now much easier to get onto.  The Poison Oak was all around in spots and there was much talk and sharing about that fine friend.

When they were on the bouncy tree and taking turns there were some dislike of having to do that, share. Stories of the non-sharing plants such as Star Thistles came up and how the two-legged people work to help them share the land with the plant people that came before them.  The children then shared with greater ease.   Holden and Eamon found a wonderland to play in and went off there.  The old “building site” was found and the whole group went over there for a bit.

A group of older children, that appeared to be from a developmentally delayed program, came and played near us.  One boy was very boisterous with his desire to play with the children and not so aware of the size, age or limitations to his.  Uma became a bit scared of them and snuggled up very close to me. They wanted to play on the bouncy tree too though, so we finished our turn and made room for them.

When they began big games in the area we were in our spot where they love to build in their little home. It needed a great deal of cleaning out so Ashley, Violet, Cole, and Ellie did quite a bit of work picking up big sticks and logs to get them out of there. And then, it was time to rebuild the roof. Eamon and Holden came back for that as well as Luna and we all rebuilt it a bit. Uma was helping Ruby set up lunch in a sunny and new spot.

Lunchtime brought ease and then Ruby and I went into a silent lunch where we spoke without words and listened to all the incredible sounds around us.  Ashley LOVED this and really liked listening to all of the birds. Luna said she was tired and curled up on her coat.  Eamon and Holden were immersed in their world yet settled down a bit and the rest were fairly happy in the whispering mode. Then Grandmother Whisper came out!!!Yes, a very small little Grandmother tucked in Ruby’s pack came out to whisper a hello to all the children and they enjoyed her!

We then packed up and began a splendid journey on a new adventure and path back to the bus.  But first ” Point to where you think Juniper Rose is?” I said.  They were pretty right on about it.  We then kept looking at the trails in front of us and how do you know it’s a trail and the signs to look for.  There were times where we had to stop and look far ahead, off to one side and the other and point again to where we thought the bus was.  All the while they wound up finding little creeks and having to navigate over them trying to stay dry. But alas, the latter, in the end, was not as successful as one might think. Some just got wet!  Violet was so proud of herself for being able to consistently jump over the creek but on the very last jump right below the bus, SPLASH! in her foot went and, she was sad about this.  She came out of it pretty quickly as she was having a GRAND Violet day!!

On our way back we sang many finger play songs which they kept saying “More, More, More!!” And then Ruby and I sang our song When the Green Grass Grows All Around All Around only we use their names and they love this! We sang all the way back.

And Cole, he was quite happy all day until all the kids got off the bus and he didn’t see his nanny and he just got so sad and cried. She came and his tears dried up.

March 21, 2018
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Violet and Ellie Acorn were absent today.

The weather was cloudy and drizzly for most of the day. Mid day the wind began to pick up and bring a coldness to it.  Yet, no matter to any of that as it was such a lovely, lovely, lovely day!!!

We had stories, and new songs, bubbles being blown all around the area ( I was making them), they painted with their horsetail paintbrushes and rock paint, ate wild edibles, ran in the rain and puddles and had great changing clothes parties.

And here is how it began; First thing in the bus was sweet, fun, and funny at times. They continue to learn about talking with each other in the group and taking turns listening and sharing as well as playing with the friend next to them. When we got there they went out to play and look at the big puddle closest to the bus.  We then all went and put our packs under the overhang and checked out the ROARING waterfall.  The day before the waterfall and the creek were at least a third smaller. One night of pouring rain the rushing waters were remarkable!  When everyone had their fill, or at least enough, of our beautiful place we all gathered for circle. There they learned two more new songs. These were about Rabbits AND the story was about what rabbits used to look like, why they now have the legs they do, short little cotton tails, long ears and a split lip and why the Willow trees have cotton puff balls in Spring.  This story was to lead us into finding fresh spring shoots as today was the first full day of SPRING!!!

After circle they ran to play yet it wasn’t long after that that we took them on an adventure. Right before that I took a bubble wand out that I had and let the very blowing wind blow the bubbles. The bubbles blew so quickly to the west and the children RANNNNN after these bubbles with such delight.  Cole asked, “When are we going to paint?” and I said ” After we have an adventure.”  And he was ELATED with going on an adventure.

Then, off we went.  Up the big steps, throwing things into the spillway to watch them RUSH down the rushing water, discovering holes on the floor where we were and seeing the rushing water below us.  Then taking a walk to find Miner’s lettuce.   When we found it all the children tried some.  Luna and Ashley ran ahead, then Holden, Eamon and Uma with me and Ellie and Cole were with Ruby.  Holden fell down and I sat with him for awhile.  Ruby and the other two, however, were well behind us and we wondered where they were.  They finally came down the trail and, they had been eating, eating, eating, eating, eating, eating, eating MINER’S lettuce!  And they were happy!!

We all made it down the trail over the bridge, past the Porta-potties, past Juniper Rose and back to where our backpacks were to eat lunch.  A fine lunch we had and then, it was time to have two at a time go and get changed with Ruby and the rest stay with me and paint.  And so it was that that is what happened.

Ashley came today with such happiness and exuberance.  She was filled with joy over the puddles, rain, running, a bit of the painting.
Eamon was his usual happy, happy self.  He helped with the cleaning up of the little paint cups in such a way that was superb!  He made sure he did not get wet as he used the water spout. He washed each one to perfection and then brought the stack back. It was truly quite impressive. And, he loved painting. It was his thank you for the day.
Uma wanted to hold my hand a lot throughout the day so we happily did that. She also really liked having many jobs throughout the day such as sweeping the table before circle and at the end of the day.  She helped bring the lunches out as well and other little things.
Cole loved playing Tiger game with Ruby, eating miners lettuce, painting and runnnnnnniiiinnnggg.
Ellie was happy, playing, eating miners lettuce, painting, and staring at the beautiful waterfall.  It was fun to watch her just stand there for quite some time just taking in the beautiful waterfall.  She said she liked doing that.  And when Cole was sad for a moment she was right there to see how he was.
Luna, was easy going, happy, and being a PIRATE!  She also, on the way home brought everyone into singing the song No more monkies jumping on the bed!  She had the song down. And, she is someone that is so good at knowing songs, singing them to us and sharing them!
Holden was so very, very happy today.  He really liked painting too and just had such fun with the colour blue.

I was so happy to have such a joyous day with them outside in the ongoing gentle rain and cooler winds.  The day had a beautiful flow and pace to it and everyone was working together so kindly.