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May 9, 2018
Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Cole was absent today.

The Sun was warm and we went to our Sunny Spot with our water trough for circle and beginning adventures.

The story today was, what is called, a sequential tale.  This is where the storyline repeats through out the tale. This, as you might guess, aids in memory and deepens the subject matter of the tale. And, this particular story was called One Fine Day.  It was about a Fox that took some Milk that it did not ask for. In order to make right what he did wrong he had to go through many, many steps to get the milk back to the Old Woman who took his tail to be returned AFTER he brought her back her milk.

From this story, and after snack and more play, the children were led on an adventure to find many of the aspects of the story such as: a pitcher of milk, water, grass, blue bead, egg, seeds.  They found them all as they followed different clues to get them there. Then, there was some milk( homemade almond milk) with which Uma, Violet and Luna, mostly, drank it up via small Oak leaves that curled up around the edges and made great little cups.  They loved this all!

We were going to go on other grand adventure but alas, there was SO MUCH that took place right where we were that indeed, we never did leave this area.  They were extremely busy making Fairy houses, building with logs, eating different wild edibles such as Rattle Snake Weed and fresh Doug Fir tips.  Though this journal is the shortest that has ever been written for a Wednesday class, the day was full. Not with words though but rather with deep explorations with the Earth, Sky and one another in such a fine and sweet way.

April 25, 2018
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Ellie Erikson Absent today.

Ellie Acorn/Muenzens Grandmother came back to visit and I heard that she said she wanted to come back again next year when she visits here again!!  We enjoyed her as well!!!

We thought the day was going to be much cooler than it was yet, that was not the case.  And, we all enjoyed the warmth of the day and the freedom to take off some layers a couple hours into our day.

The day had such a graceful ease to it.  Ellie was delighted with being with and next to Grandma in the bus. She cuddled up to her most of the day and during one brief moment when she wasn’t with Grandma, I got to snuggle up with her in my lap.  She was so very happy all day with big smiles!!

Luna was back from her holiday and some wonderful Hawaii tales to share.  On the way to Roy’s Redwoods, they all played a version of 20 questions brought on by Luna.
When we got there they were happy to get out of the bus and go right to a loved spot. Luna wound up having a bit of wetness in and on her clothes so she and I went back to the bus.  I heard that the rest of them played on the bouncy tree and other wonderful games with Ruby and Grandma.

We all then came back and went to circle where I read them a great story about Mother Earth and all the beings who come out from under the Earth during spring in the beautiful and brightly colored clothes. Uma knew the story and shared much about it.  They were happy to sing our new songs and Ashley requested we sing the “Worm song.”  The children wiggle in this song and it seems that she really likes that!  After circle the children played a bit more and then, it was time to go on a grand adventure to the sun and to find some of the Spring children, like the BUTTERFLIES!!

So down the sunny path we went and what did Holden find? Big ditches in the middle of the trail. He popped right in, then Luna, Uma, Ashley, Eamon, and Violet. They reminded me of the rabbits from some of our March songs so, I began to sing them and they became the rabbits acting out the songs all the way down the path.  Uma found the first butterfly and by the end of the day most of them had spied some.

Uma had crossed a bridge earlier and had fallen and gotten wet. This is something she does not like and was quite upset. Yet we facilitated some “postponement gratification” with the intention of supporting her growth in resilence and, it happened!  She was able to receive love, support and finally open up to what was happening around her and have fun along the way.  And, as promised, when we got to, “where we put our backpacks down”  she changed her clothes with delight!   Luna and Ashley were inspired with her no shoes and followed suit. Ashley came in today SOOO proud and happy about her toenails that her Daddy painted in their “Salon Party” last night. When she got on the bus she whipped off her shoes and socks to show us all.

Eamon and Holden went to play in the Big Redwood Tree and made an Octogon station. Eamon was very thankful for this at the end of the day in his Thank You’s.  The girls played on the bouncy tree and Ruby and Uma were playing in another area.  Then we all gathered in another place where they were building in their old shelter. Then back again and on to lunch.  What a fine lunch circle we had, then, back to some play. But, Violet and Ashley had to go poop. It was close enough to time to go so they went ahead of us to use the Porta Pottie near the bus.  I heard that they came upon a butterfly and, with great care and slowness of movement, Ruby got it on her hand. The girls were in delight and awe!!!

The rest of us were playing Tickle Monster.  “But, where did Holden and Eamon go????????”  We could not find them. I heard small sounds and thought they were nearby but, where were they????? And then, Uma said, “I found them!”  They had THE BEST EVER hiding place. They were tucked inside a special spot in the Big Redwood Tree and they stayed there ever so quietly for a long time.  A Nature Schools dream come true!  We all laughed and laughed when we found them and celebrated this incredible find they made.  Then Luna went in and didn’t want to come out. 🙂
But alas, time to go home so we made our way back, sang our goodbye songs, and gave our thank you’s.

This was simply a very peaceful, pleasant, happy, easy day.

April 18, 2018
Waxing Moon
Sorich Open Space

Luna absent.

The Sun was up and there was dew on the grass and we all went joyfully out to play.
The children came in happy and with buoyant spirits.  There was a decided difference today in their temperaments.  This was clearly a developmental “milestone” kind of a day.  What I mean is that they are all getting older, their behaviors, socially and emotionally are right on target and they have or are entering what some have called the” wild and wonderful fours.”  The group play and group dynamics were far more unified. There were ongoing “pods” of children playing together and caring for each other.  They were louder in general as well as more vocal with each other. There still was great need, particularly in the bus, to aid them in unifying, so we continued with singing one of the songs we sing where they put their input in and take turns yet still, there was a decided difference in connection to each other and the group as a whole. So, they are healthy children growing as they were meant to do!!!!!! 🙂

When we got to Sorich Ellie Turtle found a mushroom and with excitement, everyone came in to see. They then went over to the rock and had their grand fun with that. Eamon and Holden went to their glorious hidey spot behind the rock and later we all found them with giggly delight.

We came to circle and noticed what the rain children had done; their gift of water made everything around us, the grass too, grow tall and strong and so, we thanked the waters and drank up what we had.  We sang a new song, a fingerplay song and ate our snack and then, the story.  The story was a shorter version of last weeks which was about learning to be still and allow the animals, bugs, and birds to come to us instead of grabbing for them and then the story carried on into finding so many wild edible plants.  I had gathered some before circle and brought those in and then after circle we began to search for these yummy treasures.

We found Fennel which they all said: “It tastes like licorice!”  And “Yes, it does!”  We ate Mallow which is great in soups to thicken it up.  We ate Miners Lettuce and found Pineapple weed which makes a great tea.  And, there were so many other plants alive and awakening around us.

The children played all around the rock. Eamon got stuck in one spot he was tucked away in and there was great support to help him out. He made it!  And then we all got our packs and walked down the road to the little farm. But first, we got showered upon with little purple flowers by the gorgeous tree we were walking by. It was so beautiful and they all did not even notice it so, I began to make it “rain” and from there we got to see that the little flowers were like little beings opening their mouths to say, Hello. And in this way they saw more closely the fine details of the petals and color as well as the glory and beauty of this new marvelous friend.  Ellie Turtle kindly picked the flowers off of Eamons head and Violet and Uma shook the branches onto others to have more of a “shower.”

Then down the road we went.  Violet and Ashley figured out which way to go to get to the farm. When we went in there were two extreme smells. One was BEAUTIFUL and the other was very NOT beautiful. But where were these smells coming from? So, with our noses, we went on a little search. And there we found the beautiful smell.  Orange tree blossoms.  We did not find the origin of the unpleasant smell though.  They then ran over to the chickens and there were tween age little chicks making their tender little sounds.  “Why can’t we go in and pet them?” most of them asked.  The answer was given and they then went to feed the big chickens with Mallow that was all around us and watch the baby chicks.  Some of us explored the garden and ate fresh Kale.  The rest of the day we explored all over the farm and ate in our nice little spot and then took one last look at the baby chicks.

Ellie Turtle was in GREAT and HAPPY spirits today.
Ellie Acorn was more engaged and talkative than ever. She was asking for what she wanted and happy, happy.
Uma was robust, alive and active.
Ashley was a little less engaging on and off yet still playing, laughing and being goofy with everyone.
Violet came in saying” I missed Tender Tracks” and just had the grandest of days!
Cole came with a cough and runny nose. He was far more sensitive with upsets yet, even with that, he was his warm, kind and happy self.
Eamon was a bit aloof and not his usual happy self. It was nice to see him settling back in though and find his joy. He particularly LOVED eating at the farm which has always been his great joy.
Holden was his happy, engaged, and alive self.

A very fun day to all be back together, accept for Luna, and explore the earth and that next step of being more engaged with the plant world.