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April 12, 2017
Full Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Susie, Jasper & Vita were absent today.

The rest of us were together and in fine spirits. The sky was something to be watched all day. The clouds covered Grandpa Sun with clouds that turned many colors and shapes until , by the end of the day  something happened….The Sun came out!!!! There was blue sky and warmth on our skin and faces.

The day began in the bus with finding different plants hanging from the roof of the bus. What kind of plants were they? How did they smell???  We explored these little plants by smelling, touching and seeing. It was fun to discover and wonder if we could discover more throughout our day.  We made sure that we had our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, toes, fingers and the like all with us for our day and then off we went.

When we arrived there was an immediate and large puddle that was found. Puma instantly went in and filled his ONE boot. Tender Tracks hand an extra pair that worked just fine and he was able to play in the puddles for the rest of the day!

We had our circle inside the little log cabin home there at the picnic table.  We heard again about the adventures of the little boy and little girl whose grandparents taught them much about gardening, smelling, seeing and touching and finally, how to give gifts and songs to the Fairies.  And, a fairy came to visit them with a wish.
When asked what wish the children would have if they were asked it was fun to hear.

We then went exploring the area. Puma and Oliver went straight to the creek but then Oliver had to go poop. He and I went to the porta potties. When we got back WHERE WAS EVERYONE????  They were hiding just like the Fairies and the little boy and girl did in the story. They were playing Hide and Go Seek and we could not find them. We finally did though and YEAH!!!  They were all hiding inside one of our favorite trees.   First Puma came out, then Avaline who tumbled just a little and got up with a great big smile and then Ruthie came sliding out with Linda right behind.

Puma and Oliver were in their beloved way of finding newts and playing with them. Today I gave them lot’s of opportunities of tending to these creatures with the greatest of care. One of the ways of doing that was to sit on the ground while holding them so that if they fell it wouldn’t be such a long drop.  And they did this.:)

Avaline and Puma later on went down under the waterfall with Linda and DID NOT want to leave!!! the two of them had so, so, so , so , so, so, so much fun!!!!!!  Ruthie spent the day in, what looked like, a state of awe and wonder. She quietly wandered all around BEING apart of nature.  Her wish from the story and her thank you’s at the end of the day were all about the earth.  Several times I saw her so quietly and carefully getting close to the earth and gently gliding her hand along the tops of the dew dropped grasses just feeling it or going over the water puddles and doing the same. She was in a trance of Earth and Sky it seemed yet easily partaking in and with the group.

We began our adventure towards the Bon Tempe Lake on the other side of the parking lot. Along the way we found GRAND mud monster spots where the children had to be very, very careful not to loose their boots to those playful little Mud Monster children.
We found a creek RUSHING and so very red where once it was clear and not half as big.
Do you have any guesses why the water was red? What could make the waters red????

The bridge that was built there from the other Tender Trackers was washed almost away and we had to figure out how to get across. While the others were trying to cross the logs Ruthie just walked right through and over.  We then found the edge of the Lake and there we stayed.

They all got together and were gathering “fish” to cook.  I made the place to store all the fish as well as the fire circle and they fished and fished.  Oliver was in a very opposite kind of day though so, everything that anyone set to do or put together Oliver wanted to take apart.  The fish then got thrown back into the lake and the children started gathering all over again.  Avaline found a fishing hook with a rubber bait on it.  After looking at it for a bit and telling them what it was I then put it away due to being unsafe for them.

Lunch time came and right as we were about to begin Oliver found what looked like another fisherman’s bait but, it was a real life Dragon fly that was in distress.  We put it to the side to rest while we ate lunch and as soon as lunch was over Oliver went back to where I put and began to spend most of the rest of the day mesmerized and playing with this being.  It looked like it was on it’s last moments of this world so I finally had Oliver sit in my lap and we watched it, hands off, to give it a little breather and rest.  Oliver spent the day finding MANY, MANY, MANY bugs and creatures and he was delighted with this!!

The other children enjoyed his finds and looked at all of the creatures he found with joy. But then, back to their games they went.  Family, Avaline, Fishing, Puma and Exploring the waters, Ruthie.

When it was time to go they had a grand time finding their way back through the big creek to cross, the Mud Monsters to by pass and Juniper Rose to find. But first, a porta potty break before we got on the bus. 🙂


April 5, 2017
Waxing Gibbous Moon
Sorich Ranch

Vita was absent.

This day was warm, a bit muggy and no rain drops even came as was thought that they might.   Everyone came in sweet, alive and happy to be with each other.  The growth in them all was so very visible.  The developmental time clock still astounds me and tickles my heart.  At the current moment they are in a very easeful place. There is true play beginning to happen together and the parallel play has gone.

Puma is settled and calm when he comes in. Ruthie popped in this day all by herself and with great ease and confidence.  Susie was comfortable and connecting with others.  Oliver had LOT’s to share, Jasper came in a little hesitant as his dear friend Vita was not there yet he found his way and sat on the other side of the bus with all the boys and Avaline was her usual easy, open hearted and present self.

I played with their observational skills a bit in the bus to get a greater sense of where they were at and, they still are quite within yet, they did notice where the Unicorn moved to, where the Feathers moved to as well as the necklace that was hanging up last week that was new.  They did not notice the pattern of boys on one side and girls on the other.

When we got to our place they remembered it well and came out to go climb up the big Rock. How happy they were to be on top of this big rock and shout “Hello Down there. Do you see me??”  Ruthie was at the bottom and Puma really was encouraging her to come up this rather challenging part.  I invited Ruthie to join me to climb up on the other side. She happily came that way and then Puma came down to help her get up.  She was happy yet again with this.  We had a very lovely circle and ate the seed balls that the Tue/Thurs. class had made and offered to give them their extra amount. The children ate them up happily.

The story was about taking care of a garden with love, care, song and giving to the Fairies.  A fairy came and offered them a wish. The wish was to play Hide and Go Seek!  After this story the children planted their own little garden in a basket we had and next week we will see how the seeds have grown. We then began our journey up, up , up to the swings at the top of the hill.

They have truly gotten so much stronger as in the past this would have REALLY been a hard climb. They only took a few small breaks and then clambered right up!

On the way we found some soap root that was ready to harvest. I believe it was from last year’s abundance. The slides however from the rain kept them preserved it seemed as well as available to dig up so, we did, and, at lunch time we washed our hands with the soap root in the creek.

When we got up there they each went to their favorite spots for awhile:
Ruthie and Susie to the bouncy tree where Linda bounced and bounced them.
Oliver chasing lizards, Jasper following with intrigue and Puma on the swing.
And Avaline went down to the creek to explore. Of course after a time there was much moving about and sharing all these adventures.

One of my favorite moments of the day was when all three of the boys had their noses right in this big old rock on two sides where the entrances were trying, trying, trying to see and to catch a lizard!  The funniest part was when Susie and I were across the way from them. We saw, when the boys were all huddled on one side, the Lizard peeking it’s head out and looking at them from the other side. When they ran over the lizard WHOOPS and QUICK ran away. It was truly fun, and funny!!!

Watching Ruthie, Oliver, and Jasper delight in swinging on the swing was so much fun as well.  Most of us climbed another big hill  above the swings to the magickal Buckeye tree and found a great spider in it’s web. It was very sensitive too because with barely a movement it would run ,run, run away to where we could not even see it. Then, when all would settle down it wouldl come back.  They found lot’s of rollie pollies and had so much fun watching them.

On the walk back there was a great big rock that Puma wanted turned over. I turned it over and we saw a smashed lizard and a great looking Centipede wrigling wriggling and trying to find darkness again.  The big question was, “How did the Lizard get smashed by a rock that was just there, for a long time?”  These are the great mysteries and tracking questions to spend a long time pondering and usually stumbling upon years later through on going observations.  🙂

Back in the bus we had some extra time which meant we could draw our “story of the day” which they love!  And there we saw and shared the many things we did as well as our thank you’s!!!

March 29, 2017
Waxing Crescent Moon
Lake Alpine

Everyone was here and, I am pretty convinced that the reason every one is and of late, has been, in more mellow and expanded ways is due to the diminishing of a long and wet winter that we are not used to.  Truly, all the children had such an ease about them.
Moving about the day is just simply easier with warm Sun shining down upon us all and less cumbersome clothes.

When we got to the Lake there was a Fisherman there.  Before we got out Puma said, “Let’s go over and talk with him!” with extreme joy and exuberance.  I suggested that they go over very quietly as most Fisherman come for the quiet.  So, that is exactly what all the children, accept Ruthie, did. (Ruthie was with me setting up circle.)  They went over to him very quietly and he proceeded to take them in with a very loving and warm heart. He shared with them all about his fishing equipment and how to fish and he even said they did not need to be quiet!!!  The children were so happy to be with him. He was truly a very, very kind and generous man and we all benefitted from his willingness to share!

Ruthie was with me and having such a fun time. As a matter of fact ALL day she was having a fun time. Each week she engages more and more and today she had a large and expressive voice. She was IMMERSED in the water later on too!!

When all were done with the Fisher man we came in for circle time.  There we moved our bodies like birds soaring about, sang our songs and found out how each of our own Sparrows fly, like in one of our songs.  We then received little gluten free biscuit birdies and, the children gobbled them up.

After circle they scrambled up the big rock, played on the bouncy tree and had a grand time. We all wound up sitting for awhile looking at: the fisherman who moved to another spot, ALLLLLL the turtles on two logs across from us, the Incredible Great Blue Heron that was talking and then FLEW!!!!! up squawking away, the Cormorant that got startled by the Great Blue Heron, a butterfly flying and the beauty all around us.

We finally made our way down the road to find the turtles that they really wanted to see again.  They wondered if the beans that we laid out were still there so there was a lot of searching and then a wondering if we could find our way without the beans this time!
And, they did!!!  they began to recognize many landmarks.

We found miners lettuce to eat too and other edibles. Oliver found mud and he let it be known that he REALLY likes mud!   We all found our way to our place but…..where were the turtles??????

There were only a few turtles on the log.  Not long after we got settled Puma and I went to get closer to the turtles. We sat there for a long time watching them come back on the log one by one. And then watching their heads bobbing up and down and then finally climbing on.   Puma was done and then Avaline wanted to do the same so she and I went over and had a grand time sitting together and watching the turtles.  Then Oliver came over to join us. The three of us stayed there until we came over to set up lunch.

The others were on the other side with Linda, “fishing” and playing in the water.  Puma loved putting water in his boots. Vita went in the water with delight.  Ruthie became a fish due to the way she LOVED being in and playing with the water and Jasper played yet did not go in the water.

They all came over for lunch and there we ate. The winds started to pick up and we put some coats on them as it was a bit chilly yet still beautiful and easeful.  We kept looking at the clouds to begin learning how to read them.  They REALLY looked like rain clouds forming to me yet people kept telling me the weather report has been saying there will be no rain for awhile. Yet, as I write this the rain clouds are forming and there is a 50% chance of rain tonight. That was validating for my cloud reading abilities!

After lunch they really settled in and were playing, dropping in to the elements of earth and sky even more deeply and then, it was time to say the thing that I did not want to….. ” We need to go in a few minutes.”  They really did not want to leave yet, as so often times happens at this time.

And then some got even more wet!  When we got back we had a small changing party, shared our thanks and remembrance of the day and off we went with happy hearts shinning out through our happy faces.