Sept. 20, 2016
Waning Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

The children came filled with exuberance and great energy. Since it is Tuesday Michelle met us at Roy’s. In the bus they settled sweetly and received the stuffed animals of their choice with great delight. They saw the drawing of the moon in the front of the bus and we sang a song that we will sing to the moon every Full Moon and New Moon. It is a sweet, gentle and welcoming song sung in another language with only two words to the song with easeful hand movements.

When we got to our place they jumped out and began to explore. Boundaries were given as to how far they can roam. I showed them the large “bouncy” tree near by. There are actually two different sized tree trunk/branches that are at a horizontal angel, perfect for climbing on and then bouncing. What fun they had all figuring out how to climb up one or the other, helping each other, waiting for each other, bouncing each other, singing songs while we bounced and laughing together.
Truly they enjoyed themselves greatly and had so much to figure out. Eddie and Skylar were really working out how to climb up this one spot that they wanted to get up on. I pulled over a log for them to use and they did. Archer LOVED singing and wanted us to sing and sing and sing some more. Jessie LOVED being up in the front and bouncing, bouncing. Isabella watched mostly and with a very big big smile!! Kuba had a great deal of fun figuring out how to climb over someone to get to where he wanted to be on the long trunk. Ruby was spending most of the day with Jessie so was on the log and joining him in many adventurous climbing moments that normally I have not seen her do. And Jake he was just simply delighted by the whole thing!! He climbed, traversed and just loved it all!
The group is, at the moment, spending a lot of time in pairs and one triad: Archer and Jake, Ruby and Jessie and/or Isabella, Isabella and Kai and or Ruby, Kuba with Isabella and Kai, Skylar and Eddie.
We have our morning and lunch times together in circles where we stay together until whatever we are doing is fully finished, such as lunch. This brings a greater sense of unity, each other and getting to know each other. With this they are indeed getting to know each other and each others names and greater and greater interactions are taking place.

Circle time was again, very sweet with singing, and hearing the continuation of “Trilly Truly and Trippy Trooppies adventures. Today they figured out how to create a Coyote call when they get lost in order to always know where each other is. And, as you might have guessed, that is what WE played with today. Jake, Archer, Jessie and Ruby are filled with a bit of mischief and like to go a little farther then desired so we continue to work with how Tender Tracks works and how we stay together in our group and how we communicate when we want to go farther then usual. Ruby pronounced that she enjoying being “Tricksters”with Jessie today.

After morning circle we explored our area. It has a WONDERFUL tree hideout kind of place up the hill with a GREAT slippy sliddy area. WOW lot’s of learning and physical navigating here; how to climb up a very slippy area and how to slip down. One by one they each figured out how to navigate it for themselves and then help each other, when needed. Jake and Archer found some flat redwood bark to use to slid down the hill on and LOVED this. Jessie and Ruby liked trying to climb the tree. Isabella and Kai went to the bottom where our packs were long before everyone came down and talked and talked and talked. For the rest of the day they created from Redwood bark these “shooters” that shot ice and would freeze any one that they shot at. The day was also filled with learning to respect others when they said they did not want to play any particular given game that someone wanted to play with them. Really beautiful “work” that took place around this. So much to learn!!! 🙂

We then went on a journey to another spot a bit away where there is the most beautiful Redwood Circle that is like a Cathedral and another bouncy tree and such great areas!! From here on out there were wonderful games, adventures and explorations.

I brought, as promised, another ocarina that I had made so they could play it. Jake remembered my promise right away and I gave it to him first. Michelle suggested that he go a bit of a ways away, play it and we will come and find him by following the sound. From there they all took turns finding a place to hide, playing the ocarina and the rest of us then come find them.

After that we had a beautiful lunch time and after that we found great, already built, shelters that they all played in. Archer and Kuba had a great time building up one of them too!

Then it was time to go so we packed up and made our way but, we saw some folks on horses and watched them as well as followed some horse tracks. Back in the bus Michelle drew their “story of the day” on the board in the front of the bus. They shared their joys of the day and she drew it and then we sang our good bye song and off we went back to you all!!!

Sept. 15, 2016
Lake Lagunitas
Day before Full Moon

And so we had our first full day just with the children. So many beautiful pieces for us all. By the end of the day half of them were falling asleep in the bus. I take that as a good sign: they were fully engaged in the day and all that was being offered to and for them.
When we arrived to Lake Lagunitas they got out of the bus and took their alive, imaginative selves and went off to explore the area. Shortly after that I gave a meat offering to the Yellow Jackets so that we could have a little peace of heart and mind while we ate. Skylar still was a bit bothered by their sounds and flight during circle which aided us in diving in more deeply into observation mode of these fine beings.
When we got into circle it was beautiful; there was singing, participating, listening to story with focused intent, and finding their beautiful mats with their symbols. Michelle and I are learning about their food desires or lack there of and will be having fun finding healthy food that they readily partake in.
They are learning, for some, a different rhythm of eating and/or not and finding joy in “eating” the delights of our surroundings.
They were eager for an adventure after circle so, off we went to a place beyond where we went the first day where a creek and forest awaited our play and delight.
The children discovered rocks to paint with and black soot from the burnt Redwood trees to paint themselves with as well. There were wonder filled trees that turned into houses and a beautiful grove to begin playing with what a real fire circle would look like and a real way of setting up wood to burn. They gathered a lot of wood too for our future fires. Jake, Kuba, and Archer predominantly went back and forth to get big rocks to make a safe fire circle with. At the end of the day we all carried these rocks back to the creek and the girls made the fire circle look as if it never was there.
Jake needed to go poop a bit before all of this in the woods which, according to him, was his first “nature poop!” He did GREAT!
Archer and Jake like to run far away so we are beginning the journey of learning how to stay together as a group and how that all works with Tender Tracks. Skylar and Eddie found a great friendship with each other and Ruby and Isabella were rekindling their joy as friends. They had made a great house that Skylar and Eddie were invited into. All four girls played together in their homes for awhile sharing “tea” and such back and forth. Archer was delighted with painting and gathering the black soot for paint. Kai loved painting with the rocks as well as Jessie, Kuba and Jake. At one point all the children were painting and searching for the best rocks for paint. We discovered many sounds, sights, smells and birds to see. Kuba stopped us on the trail as his keen eyes saw some ducks hiding down below at the waters edge in the bushes.
Jessie played a lot with the boys today as Ruby was mostly preoccupied with Isabella. He seemed quite happy and at peace with this. Kuba was filled with exploration and observation. Kai had a run in with an eyelash in his eye that Michelle skillfully extracted and he sweetly complied and then carried on.
Lunch time had the glorious quality of peace as we ate in our circle upon our mats. Kuba shared with us a riddle that he at first called a joke. As we got involved in this joke we did realize it was a riddle that needed guesses. ALL the children got very involved in having an answer and one by one shared it. This was delightful!!!
We had two groups on the way back and by the end it was all the children with Michelle and me with Archer and Jake. Archer, and actually most of the boys, were being asked to observe a lot about where the dust was going as they joyfully would pick it up and throw it into the air. It would flow down into many peoples eyes, even those passing by. Well, with a great deal of support, observation and figuring out how the fun could still happen within the safety of all, many different solutions came about and a bit of success with alternate possibilities made manifest. YEAH!
Our drive back was so much quieter as most were VERY tired. 🙂

September 13, 2016
Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Moon

What a most beautiful first day of school. Having you parents there and partaking in the day was a very large treat and joy. There were so many pieces that were delightful for me to observe with the children. One being of the Tender Trackers from last year. They have matured so much and to see their bond with one another was a glorious site. The new children’s open and willingness to connect one to the other was also a grand image.
This was a beauty filled day. Michelle and I are both looking forward to the coming days with your treasures and writing all about their adventures.