Oct. 11, 2016
Waxing Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

What a beautiful day we all had today! Each day now it is clear that the group is settling in with Tender Tracks, each other, our Rhythm and Life all around us. It was such a beauty filled day.
Before circle began we played a lot on the bouncy tree. Michelle was making a very fancy Fairy home with Archer and I believe a few others near him.
I was on the bouncy tree while the others were trying to bounce it and Isabella and Kai were in Hog Heaven playing together at “their house.”

After a time we called in circle and there we received fresh pomegranates and then heard a story about how Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy learned to dye some of their clothes with stones, burnt Redwood, flowers and pomegranate skins, among other things. You see, Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy came upon Gnomes, Flower Fairies, Fire Fairies and Water Fairies who showed them how to make color and paint from all these things and also how to follow tracks on the ground. ( Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy left their tracks all about though sometimes their tracks were very hard to see because the ground was too hard or dry!)

After circle they all went happily back to playing. All SOOOOO content!!! Then, then, thennnnnnnnn, Captian Hook AKA Kuba and Mr. Smee AKA Jesse began to chase me alllllll about. I fled to the great pirate ship AKA bouncy tree. I was safe for awhile but not for long. I followed Archers trail that he made in the ground with a big long log but still….. Skylar came to my rescue several times and the chase continued. But alas, I was worn out so I took refuge in the Fairy home of Ruby and Michelle. And, don’t you know that NOBODY can break the bonds of the Fairy home!!!! So there I rested until, Skylar freed me again and off we went but, resting just HAD to take place and, oh yes, Jake thought he needed to poop so, game stopped and bathroom break commenced. Then, packing up and off to yet another adventure.

Michelle was up ahead with Jake, Archer and Jesse. The rest of us were behind. They, on their own, gave our Coyote call to keep in touch. We all called back with the words that we know to say ” We hear you” and then we listened to hear where they were . This went on until we found each other and then made our way to the Cathedral Tree. Packs laid down, climbing commenced as well as Michelle’s famous bouncy tree fun.

Lunch came and such unity and beauty in the circle but oh dear, where once it felt warm now it was getting colder and colder. We finished eating, packed up and off to play.

Kuba, Kai and Isabella helped scrap the black from the trees for awhile while others were playing in small groups, climbing the trees, climbing in the Cathedral area. After awhile Michelle went with Jesse, Jake, Skylar and Eddie on a great adventure. I was told that they found fresh horse poop and a brand new adventure that they loved. While they were doing that we were still scraping and Archer made a pile of small pieces of wood that were great kindling. I was excited and thought I could test out my Fire Steel/magnesium rod with what Archer gathered. It never really works with anything for me but Redwood fluff but try, try, and try I do. I got to show the children how to make it safe, that we weren’t going to make a fire but to get the water bottle for safety and a few more relevant things. We were in a little circle and the wind was picking up. They got me the Redwood fluff that Jake found for me earlier in the day and then Archer got some dried leaves. We worked it worked it until A FLAME!!! then we put it out but learned that we could do it!!! We were practicing because we are getting ready to make fire next week because WE, like Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy, are going to make colors from plants so we can dye things too!!!

When the other group got back Jake needed to really poop this time so off to the woods he and I went while the others played some more. And oh yes, Archer thought it would be fun to hide my back pack so I stalked up on him to get it back while Jake helped me. The rest were in a circle doing well, I am not sure. A Fairy house?? It got to be time to go and Michelle and I wondered why most of them ran away. It turns out three horses with riders were coming. They loved seeing the horse person last time we were here and someone had said in the morning that they really wanted to see that again! And lo and behold, that is just what happened!!!!!!

Back to the bus we went and then off to home we drove.

Oct. 6, 2016
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today was a day to go on a big adventure straight away. There were some energies that needed to be moving right as we got there. I actually had the sense that this would need to happen a day before. Michelle felt it too when we got there and, as usual, she and I were in tune with each other so, out of the bus, backpacks on and down the road we went. We passed the Bon Tempe Lake that we explored last week, went over the bridge, and found ourselves on a small yet magnificent trail. Many cut down trees around us, and children in a far greater space of inclusiveness. On this day it was Jake that came fiesty, firery and filled with deep desire to do as he pleased. Therefore, he was resistive often to staying with the group and coaxed Archer to run head out of range. Oh dear, what to do what to do with such robust explorative selves? Turn them into, Guardians of the Rear: They made sure all was well from the tail end and the group was safe and sound. They also held my hands for awhile in support of this great Mission they now had:)

We stopped mid way under some fine Madrone trees and Doug Fir cones all about us on the ground. Here we had our circle and snack. Kuba was the one who noticed that “something was not the same.” Indeed, our regular routine was rearranged. We felt we could alter our ritual morning, that they were ready for this, and that this was useful for the days emotional and energetic needs.

I wanted to introduce a few more new songs but sticking with the old ones and the new Halloween song that has lot’s of hand movements was really what worked best, so that is what took place and it was grand!

Then back down the trail we went in two little podling groups until we all made it to our most beautiful destination; along a long shore line of the lake with many shells, painting rocks, and time and space to unfold like a flower reaching to the warm rays of the sun.

It seems that Kai REALLY knows how to find the best painting rocks, EVER! Michelle became resident face and body painter as the children lined up, as you will see on the pictures on FB. The children looked magnificent. Truly!!

Ruby hid in the tall Cat Tails and Jesse said I should look for her because she was gone:) Well, maybe there was just a Marsh Bird in the Cat Tails but, Could it be??? YES it WAS Ruby, tucked away blended in with the world of the shore.

The children were all mixing and matching with each other today so beautifully. Isabella played a lot with Skylar, Eddie was comfortable with that as she was being with her self or others. Kuba and Jesse were finding great treasures on the shoreline, Archer and Jake were really enjoying being on rocks at the farthest point they could go. It was so very peaceful there for them. Ruby and Kai I already mentioned.

This place provided just what we thought, ease, peace, calm, exploration, sounds to nourish the heart and soul, images of great majesty and gentle breezes to soothe the skin that covers our body like a nice warm coat.

This is a short entry that I wish to leave one main image: Friendship
Today was a red letter day of opening up to each other, Tender Tracks,Earth and Sky.

Oct. 4, 2016
Waning Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Archer and Kuba were away today with Family.
We are now into October and Ruby has been letting us know what is coming at the end of this month: HALLOWEEN! as well as cold air and rain that happened just very recently. The ground was not wet though yet the air would go from warm to very cool to muggy and the sky had either a light colored gray blanket over it or blue shinning through. Therefore, coats went on and off and on and off.

Michelle met and greeted us as we arrived and out of the bus and off they went. It seems that there still is some anxiety about coming to Tender Tracks as noticed by their fierce need to just have their one special friend and not want to connect with any others. I felt like Michelle and I were social/emotional massage therapists because, by the end of the day, what started out like a whirly, swirly fast passed flow ended up into an easy sprawl and gentle connections one to the other.

What amazing work 4 years do as they figure out their surroundings, friends, new environments and such grand navigational skills. So all of that is to say, from my vantage point, they are doing great and it is good to be able to support as well as guide them through the terrain of new friends and new environments.

Today we introduced new October songs and kept some old ones as well. They needed to find silly Trippy Troopy and Trilly Trully who had wandered off into the woods. The story included a drum and some Gnomes and learning how to play with sticks and listen to the trees. Eddie and Isabella are such great helpers with folding the mats and handing them to us and the children are doing very well with bringing the bowls and cups to Michelle when circle is over.

After circle there was play, bathroom time, continuing to build their houses time, climbing up the big hill and continuing to figure out how to slide down in a way they want to….
Jake scampered up the big hill that he really likes. Jesse and Ruby came up. They had a stick that they carried around like a rainbow in the sky. Everyone who wanted to would go under their rainbow stick! Sklyar and Eddie and I became a choo choo and tried to slide down together but it didn’t work so well so then they took turns sliding down and I caught them. Michelle was with Kai and Isabella for a time in the home they made down below. Isabella just had a baby and Kai was a princess. They did have some fights about if there should be one or two fire places. I asked them if they liked fighting. They finally decided that they didn’t but having to compromise was a bit hard particularly for Kai. He just really wanted it all his own way and Isabella really wanted two fireplaces in order to keep the baby warm in both rooms! In the end they let go, laughed and began to play again. However, they had a whole lot more tussels amongst themselves today then on other days. This was the case with Skylar and Eddie too. Skylar was a bit more rough in her play then Eddie liked so there was a lot of learning to really hear each other and respect the other. Ruby and Jesse were fine and Jake wound up playing a fair amount with Jesse later on and was delighted with this.

As we began our wander Michelle, Kai and Isabella went ahead because Jake and Jesse found a “cool place!” “Really, Come see everybody come see!!!” So, Skylar, Eddie, Ruby and I went to go see. It was truly a grand little house that, they really didn’t want to leave so, after quite a bit of time it seemed good to move on though that was hard for them to do.

We finally saw Michelle and began to sneak up on her as if we were butterflies. She asked us if we had seen Kai and Isabella. Oh where could they be? Well, we saw Michelle’s back pack then Kai’s then……KAI hiding in a beautiful tree and then Isabella popped her head out! Kai however did not want any one to come in their house so I suggested that maybe the others find a gift of friendship to offer. They all ran off to get a gift and give it. Kai did receive the gift but then said however that he didn’t want them to come in. They then became neighbors, found their own houses yet didn’t want others to come in. Sklyar and Eddies’ house had a door bell/ lichen on the tree and they scrapped away two holes for their out house which they proceeded to pee in!

Ruby and Jesse found a GRAND, truly it was large/grand, home that THEY did not want to share. They had a secret word/key. Jake wanted to figure what the secret word/key was but alas, it was lunch time. So that was to be learned after lunch. At the end of the day we found out that Ruby told him the secret words and that was how he came into their home. That home however turned into a great big long airplane. Ruby was the pilot, Jake and Jesse fixed it up a lot. All the other children climbed up on it, which was no small feat. This LARGE tree trunk that had fallen to the ground many years ago was high in one spot and narrowed lower and lower about 15 + feet down where some could easily get up. They loved being up so very, very high.

Kai, Isabella and Michelle spent some time looking at the Snake Nature carrying card I carry. Michelle wanted to figure out what snake she saw the other day. Skylar loved having her shoes and shirt off for awhile and playing down at one end of the tree with Michelle.

Right as we were leaving a very nice man with a beautiful horse came by and the children got to talk with him and be around his horse. They truly loved this then, off to the bus we went………….