November 1, 2016
Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Crescent Moon

Skylar, Jesse and Jake were absent today.
The night before it poured rain and this day it was sunny, warm and so very comfortable. Michelle and her children met us at Peri park and we all drove up together. The ride was predominantly quiet, still and peaceful. The rest of the day rode on those beginnings.

We started our day at our “witches brew” spot. Kai found a long beautiful feather at his “fairy house” that he made at his Monday “Pup Pack” nature school. ( His Mom’s!!:), Vilda”
We all went over to see it and it was beautiful with a very glorious roof and a little swing on the side as well. The children loved it. They all played for quite a while completely content in the area exploring, listening to the frogs, finding rocks, sticks, building materials and Madrone berries that were mostly ripe for the eating.

Circle time came and there we let go of most of our songs to let in new songs for the new season and time of year that we are in. Three songs came that were about Squirrels, Leaves gently falling from trees and leaves falling into the water to come “home never more.” These are soft, gentle and teaching songs that they all took to beautifully. Before these though we sang our bi monthly Moon song as the Moon was in it’s New Moon Phase on Sunday. We call it Her blanket being pulled up completely over her head.

The story today was about how Trilly Trully and Trippy Troopy. When they went out side they saw that there were so many animals getting ready for winter. They were huddling up in the rain and looking harder for their food. Trilly Trully and Trippy Troppy decided to bring their pumpkins to a place where no people would find them but only the bugs, squirrels, raccoons and birds to eat if they wanted.

And, can you guess what we did today??? Yes, at some point the girls who made one pumpkin last week and the boys who carved the other eventually found beautiful places to leave for the animals. We will go check on them when we get together on Thursday and see what we discover.

After snack there was more playing in the area. Then, it was time to head off to find our Madrone berries that we have been waiting and waiting for them to ripen and, to find their pumpkins a place to leave for the animals. Down the trail we went and what was found? Puddles!!! This was Ruby and Isabella’s highlight for the day. They found a puddle and played in it for a good hour. When they came in for lunch they were wet, wet, wet little Happy, happy, happy girls. Eddie played with them for awhile then came in with Michelle’s children, and I. Eland tried to catch a lizard we were watching and the lizard got scared and dropped it’s tail. We watched the tail wiggle and the lizard rest for quite a while. Archer was in delight climbing a nearby tree and Kuba and Kai were having so much fun most of the day together building and playing.

After lunch Eland and Archer went searching near us and found a large spool and tire. They played with these rolling them down the hill. Archer went off on his own with the spool and he was just in heaven most of the day with these and playing near the water.

After that we decided to spend the last bit of our time down by the water. This place that we go to is so very, very peaceful. The children had a GREAT time catching their “fish”/the lake plants. Kuba and Kai went searching searching for a great place for their pumpkin. Archer was fine that they did that because he was VERY happy playing at the water. Earlier Eddie and I found a place for the girls pumpkin and Ruby and Isabella were fine with that.

It was a most gentle, sunny, warm and easy day, the day after All Hallows Eve no less!!!

Oct. 27, 2016
Lake Lagunitas
Waning Moon

All where here and the 80% prediction of rain NEVER came!!!! As Kai’s mother said, it might be a good idea to learn how to read the tools that they use to read the weather for ourselves or I say, just learn to read the clouds and wind factors better and TRUST that!
So, we did not celebrate the day with you families yet in a way it seemed just right for them. The day went quite peacefully, easy and so beautiful!

For snack we ate the muffins that Kuba brought and the vegan cheese puffs that Eddie brought. They had a sweet story about Mother Earth helping a little mouse find his autumn and winter home inside a pumpkin as she watched over him all through the cold days and nights. We then split into a Trilly Trully (girls) group and the Trippy Troopy (boys) group. First the boys carved one pumpkin together with Michelle while the girls painted their capes with different colored rock paint. The girls mostly liked painting their nails and hands though. When both groups were finished with that we then switched. The boys got really into painting their capes and Kuba and Jake even wanted some feathers sewn on their capes, which I did. 🙂

When all of that was done I found Skylar, Eddie, Isabella and Ruby off in the mud about to go full body deep. It was a bit early for that yet Isabella’s cape now has a full 8 to 10″ hem of deep brown mud color:)

Michelle began getting the fire started and all the children, accept Jake whom I took to the bathroom to go poop, were helping find all the right size pieces of wood for the fire. Due to the bottom of the fire pit being so wet it took some work for the fire to really hold but, it finally did. The children then all helped make the pancake batter and stir and stir it. By this time it was definitely lunch time so they began to eat while the pancakes cooked and then they ate these delicious treasures. All their senses were engaged!

After lunch and such Archer wound up creating this great game that Skylar, Jesse, Ruby, and after a time I think, all of them came by to see and play. He took the elastic from the bottom of his rain suit and made it into this ingenious sling shot from a fire pit. Everyone was deeply fascinated. After awhile Jesse, Eddie, Skylar and Archer discovered a California Newt in the dark part of this pit and that intrigued them for quite some time!

Some of them were getting a bit excited to the point of excess random energy. We were trying to get them together to take a photo of their capes and the lighting of the pumpkins. We finally were successful. The Jack O Lanterns were lit and we sang a beautiful Jack O Lantern song and I took some pictures of the backs of their capes. They were still a bit wild so for our last few minutes I said we could now go over to the Water fall. Instead of climbing all around it wildly I just had us sit down near it and view the beauty. And, THEY ALL DID! We all just sat there and the greatest peace came upon every one. We were just in the flow, beauty, grace, ease and serenity of the waterfall. Skylar and Kuba wanted to just go to sleep on my lap right there. Archer and Jake just sat with ease. Michelle said she saw Jesse just watching the water fall from this beautiful site. Eddie, Ruby and Isabella sitting peacefully. There was so much tranquility it was truly hard to say, “Time to go now.” But alas, we did.

Oct. 25, 2016
Roy’s Redwoods
Waning Moon

Ruby and Skylar were absent today and it rained all day. Inside the bus it sounded so very loud. Outside the bus it just was a beautiful gentle shower upon our heads that most of the time the children forgot about.

Before circle there was,getting some warmer clothes, putting on some broader brimmed hats for Jake, Archer and Kuba and Kuba needing a little more warmth underneath. The children were however BEAUTIFULLY dressed in all of their colorful rain gear and looked like spring flowers dancing upon the Autumn Earth.

We had our circle in our usual spot. We said that actually on these days with their rain suites on they ARE the mat. 🙂
After circle there was some more changing and watering tree moments and then off through the woods we went on an adventure. We meandered along the creek trail until we wound up at an all new spot where much explorations took place.

Jake, Jesse, Archer and sometimes Kuba were up on this HUGE fallen down Redwood tree. It was a ship! And they were all sending out orders, well not Jesse, as to how this magnificent ship should go. Jake sometimes was the machinist/engineer and Archer was shouting out that “the ship is sinking! The ship was sinking!” There were actually Mermaids down below (Michelle and children) saying that they could help them but he said they didn’t need any help. Oh dear!!
Then there was another ship and IT was sinking. It was a rough day for sure!!!
Kuba was shouting out some technical ship language and pacing back and forth with this shout/chant. It was no easy feat getting up and Kuba for one was excited to share how he so wonderfully got up on top of this ship.

Isabella and Eddie were HAPPILY playing together all day. Kai was DELIGHTED when he and Kuba were holding on to a stick together and building things.
Michelle was inspired to make a teeter tooter and I helped her with this idea. Then we made two and they were in absolute joy.

At lunch time there was a large Redwood tree hollowed out and it just fit everyone in it. There it was dry!!! The children were body to body yet when they got inside and settled in they were completely quiet for awhile eating, listening to the rain and being in this incredible grandeur.

After lunch there was such fun play to carry on with. During the day they found two banana slugs. We were looking for California Newts but never found any which was very surprising. The ground cover when we got there this morning was of such a deep and rich red/orange like a vibrant Irish Girl’s hair straight from the Island and dancing in delight. The smells we noticed were so different then the days before that were hot and dry.

We left early because we knew there would be a great deal of changing of all so we packed up and went the short cut back. Right before we got there they found a large puddle/teeny pond! Jake just threw himself into this like taking a bath and was in heaven. Jesse went in and found out that one of his boots became filled with water and the other one did not. Kuba didn’t really go in and the rest of the children waded about it so Jake, in the end was the one who turned into a fish and left his human self behind to explore new adventures. And, he was happy for it.

Michelle and I took shifts, as we do, to change them and then pretty soon we had our usual assembly line, so to speak, of taking the clothes off, putting them in the wet bags, putting on the new ones and getting them in their seats. They were happy and content.

The thank you’s at the end of the day were truly warming as well. Today was even more evidence of us knowing each other more and more and becoming a more unified group. There were far more different play connections. One of my favorite memories was when Jake and Jesse were next to each other at lunch time. Jake had Jesse is stitches laughing and laughing. Jesse was having such a good time and was very happy to be sitting next to Jake and Kuba on the way back. A very sweet day.
Please check on our Face book for pictures of this day.