Feb. 2, 2017
Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

I was absent today, the rains were in full glory and Michelle took the children here to carry out our plans of making candles. This is a traditional adventure to take on this particular day of the year: Bridget’s Day, Ground Hog day, Mid Winter Day. What ever you call it it is a time of Hope and a time to notice when Spring might be coming. We certainly have been seeing February’s leaf buds on many trees that give the sign that Tree Blossoms will be arriving, hopefully, SOON!

So there they all went under the protective shelter at Lake Lagunitas, set up the camp stove and got their bees wax to melt.And then, they made their candles. I saw some pictures that I sent to those that were there. It looked and, from Michelle’s report, sounded like such a great day that they all had!!

Jan 30, 2017
Day before  New Moon
Labyrinth at the end of Oak Manner Rd. Fairfax

Only four children today: Jesse, Ruby, Kuba and Jake and then, Michelle and I.

The Sun was gloriously showing it’s beautiful face with the promise of warmer and sunny days to come.  The air was fresh, the wind gentle and new adventures were calling to this small group. And with that calling  Michelle and I decided to go to this Labyrinth. We had gone here last year and had such a great deal of fun.  It is a big hike up to it and then you are on top of a  “Mt.” with incredible views in all directions with the Sun beaming down. Just lovely.

When we got there they were excited to jump out and explore. Up, up, up we went. Ruby was not as excited about this big climb. The boys however were FULL of energy and ran up and then down. As they were going down Ruby joined them but, oh no, they had to come back up again!!!!  Yet they seemed to be invigorated by the joy of it all and ran back up but then, “When are we getting to the top?????”  And wouldn’t you know, the top was so very, very close.

When there Michelle and I  went to set up our things and Ruby and Jake found the Labyrinth. They also found the treasures that get placed in the center. They were very excited about this. They came to show us and tell us how they were going to keep their new treasures. But oh dear, don’t you know, these things were put there by people. The people put their hopes and dreams into these treasures and left them there to stay. Ruby and Jake were dedicated to keeping these beauties. However, after Michelle and I did many gentle “massage” strokes to their desire bodies  by the end of the day they were very happy to leave the treasures there as they found many of their own throughout the day.

We had a beautiful circle time singing to the directions and giving our cornmeal offering to each direction. I read them a beautiful story about Nimby a wonderful little cloud that loved to play and create ( just like your children!!).  We would often during the day look up at the clouds and see what beautiful pictures were being created above us.

Michelle and I have been waiting for just the right time to introduce a little tracking and observation game to the children and today was the day.  It seemed perfect due to their desire to have treasures so a treasure game commenced.  This is how it went:

I laid out man made treasures in a camouflage way along a trail marking the beginning and the end.  One by one and in silence they walk along and look for the treasures. They do not point them out or pick them up. When all have walked the trail we then see how many we saw and then go back and see where it was if we didn’t see.  We wound up splitting up into two groups to do this as they all wanted a turn.  I was with Ruby and she said “I love Tender Tracks. This is the BEST game!”  They truly had fun.

Jesse and I were the first ones to set this up for everyone. While we were doing that the others went on an adventure. Jesse and I thought they were camouflaging themselves so we quietly, quietly, quietly, quietly looked all around for them. We didn’t hear anything, we didn’t see anything.  Where were they??????????  After quite a while Michelle comes up the trail followed by three children who got stuck in the mud by, none other then THE MUD MONSTER CHILDREN!!!! Yes the Mud monster children had taken Rubies shoe off and tried to get Kuba ? Jakes? which ever one it was the other saved them with a stick!  They were very delighted with their adventure and Jesse and I had fun practicing being ever so quiet. Jesse said he really knew how to do that and loved it!

After lunch the children got into creating another “performance.”  Michelle and I stayed a bit away as they prepared and prepared and prepared until they were finally ready to call us over.  I am going to attempt to post what I recorded on the FB page so do check it out.
They had such fun doing this with each other!

They found a rock with a Cairn on it and that became the main stage.  Kuba spent the entire time pounding rocks there.  It had to do, I think, with the performance but by the end of the day, I confess, I was still not totally clear about that. 🙂
Ruby and then Jake gave magnificent performances with songs from their hearts. Jesse did not want to perform yet was happy to just be there and do the Prep work.

They also spent a lot of time in and around the labyrinth and Kuba and I went all around it and back out again without jumping over any of the rocks to take short cuts!  He was very proud of himself for that.  Jesse and Jake were very proud of themselves for creating and finding short cuts!

We had Hummingbirds that flew right past our heads and soaring Turkey Vultures above. Many other birds flying near and around us as well.  It was simply a beauty filled day and fun had by all.



Jan. 24,2017
Waning Moon
Sorich Ranch

Archer, Kai, Skylar, Ruby, Michelle were all absent today for one reason or another.
The Sun however was NOT absent and the rains were abated.  We all enjoyed the warmth of the sun, seeing blue sky’s as well as in joy over the rains that left their tracks and sign.

Jake became my helper today to pass out the Stuffed animals and enjoyed that greatly.
Isabella and Edie really liked sitting together in their usual seats in the back of the bus and Jake, Jesse and Kuba loved sitting next to each other.

As we drove we went straight towards Alpine lake and remembering when it was very dry. We wondered how high the waters would be when we got there but….The road was closed!!!  Where to go, where to go? How about a sunny place? Yes!  We turned around and made our way to Sorich Ranch where the sun shone beautifully and they still had a big rock to climb. They were HAPPY about this!

On the way there they learned that they could read a lot: They could read the clouds, and scat/poop, and tracks on the earth. They were quite happy about this. For the rest of the day we were looking for different kinds of scat, tracks, signs of the rain, movement in the creek from what we threw in there, the clouds that went gray, puffy, clear, blue sky and on and on. They were reading all day!!!! 🙂

I changed the story today because we were going to have a great entry into jobs but since half the class was gone, even Michelle, I decided to wait. Instead I shared a story that was inspired by Jesse and Kuba having a debate around the darkness of the days. This story was about How Light Got to the Dark Side.  I was also inspired because all sorts of stories that were told this year about Why Some Trees  Loose Their Leaves and others do not, and Grandpa North winning the game and making our days colder were all stories that they remembered from early in the year and were referencing.  We also sang for the second time our Directional song singing to the East, South, West, North, Above, Below and to our hearts that helps us “laugh, giggle and grow.” We gave corn meal to each direction and they were so happy to do so.  Everyone joined in to give to the thank you plate and did the same, on their own, at lunch.

After circle they climbed the rock and played some more.   I got out some of the popsicle things they made a few weeks ago and we went to the creek to see if they were good boats. From there we did a lot of experiments to see if the boats would float. We went to a few places to play around with this. They had so much fun and excitement seeing if their boats would float or get stuck.  We left one stuck so we could come back and see where it went, or stayed, as we went off to our big hill with swings.   On the path a part of the hill was washed out and it looked like a large Dragon stepped there.  Well, Jesse, though he loves Dragons, was convinced that this could not be the case because Dragons are only statues.  He did how ever look for the three toes that he KNEW dragons have. We all checked it out and then noticed some dirt that looked like scat so we checked that out for awhile.  Then, up the steep hill we went and found some soap root that Isabella remembered that we gathered there last year.

When we got there Isabella, Edie, Kuba and Jesse went straight to the swing, and Jake went right to the rock. What FUN they all had.  They took turns with the swing and throughout the day we did different things with the swing to make it swing more to their liking. Jake found glass and though he was steered away from playing with it  he was determined. Cause and effect worked fabulously as he did wind up gathering a lot, ( beautifully I would like to add), got a very small cut and discovered that he really did not like that feeling. We patched him up very well and after that he chose not to gather the glass any more even though he liked it very much.

Right before lunch we all went down to the water to wash our hands with the soap root I found that was washed up and out by the flooding. Kuba kept saying “It really worked! It really worked!”  And, yes it did. Their hands got very soapy from this great plant and they were so happy to wash their hands with it in the creek and then go straight to their lunch.  In truth soap root is not really ready to be harvested but the strong rains uprooted some.

Image result for picture of soap rootImage result for picture of soap root
The photo above and on the left is what the leaves look like. They are very wavy. Next to it is the rough covering, the brown and the white is the root or bulb that you can use for washing.

After lunch there was a great deal of fun on the swing. Edie, Jesse and Isabella and then sometimes all of them were swinging together and laughing, laughing laughing over what fun they had. Latter in the day Kuba and Jake were having a very grand time chopping and playing on a tree and finding tools on the Earth to help them with this chopping.

We then came back down and drew pictures for Skylar who, as by the time you read this you will already know, Skylar will no longer be in the program. As was shared with the children, she is going on a different adventure now.
They drew lovely pictures for her and sent sweet messages for me to pass along, that I wrote down.