Day 6
Eleanor Pardee park + The Bay Lands Duck Pond

What a very sweet and alive day.   Hailey was FILLED with a story about Curious George called No Nogen( don’t know  how to spell it but Nogen being your head) and how he lost his nogen and this is why you have to wear your hat on Halloween. I know I have missed the finer details but she told this story with the finest of storytelling skills!!!!  I was ENTRANCED and so were the other children because they were heard throughout the day telling this story as well.
Before we actually left we all went over to the Laying down tree to harvest the extreme abundance of acorns this year.  Oak trees are known for having abundant crops every two to five years.  This year is very abundant!!!  Before the day started Bosch and I found, right in front of the bus, acorns from the Black Walnut tree lining the street.  I was in 7th heaven over this!!!
We all gathered acorns, played, climbed, tried daring climbs on the tree and then it was time to go.  Anissa started the day telling her Mom she was scared and wanted her to stay.  She was peaceful yet “scared.”  I stayed with her and held her hand and then all of a sudden she smiled and said, “I’m not scared any more” and off she ran.  Wow, that was impressive!
When we got to the duck pond there was wonderful observing of the ducks, the stinky smell of the duck pond and wonderful running, running, running down the side of the pond.   Then, “where’s snack?” so, circle made, children slowly coming in and a celebration of Jasper’s fourth birthday with snacks that he brought and the children receiving this with great delight!!   Then sharing the story song from last week about Grandpa who planted a seed that grew so big.  The children really participated in this and were heard singing the refrains throughout the day.
Right where we were sitting there was a great Bush house. This has changed alot since last I was there and has become more open and easier to climb, and that is what they did.  Natalie was rescuing everyone throughout the day, well because she LOVES to do so.  Jasper some how became the Bad King and the kingdom/all the children, were different characters running from the King. I think this came about because of the HUGE stick he was wielding about.  He was quite happy with this it seemed until Natalie had  a bigger stick that came towards him and he got frightened. He went into the loving lap of Bosch with tears and Natalie wasn’t quite sure what the trouble it seemed. She was in full play mode and joining in the fun. But alas, only fun on one side. And so it goes, and so it went. Tears dried up, sticks played with in a way more compatable for all and onto other adventures one being,climbing the Mt.s of adventure, otherwise seen as stumps of different sizes.  And off they all went.  Playing, chasing, becoming different things.  Dahlia and Nareya were children having birthdays.  They made a lot of cakes and then I became their Mom and they sang to me Happy Birthday and then Nareya gave me a very big birthday hug!!
After a time I invited us all to go on a wild adventure into the Fennel Forest and off we went. Oh what wonders we found there, but before that we found Pickle weed to eat, then in the forest, eating Fennel and Dock, smelling Mugwort and gathering it for fire starter.  They had to walk through uncomfortable spots and follow little trails that were made from something that flattened the ground out.  Bosch found a great skull from one of the many, many ground squirrels there and finally Anissa got to take it home. She loved it!  We found a dead bird and checked it out for awhile as well.  Then there were incredible little rocks to look at and sort the colors, then there was a Eucalyptus grove and trees to climb and then…. “Is it time to go home?” some asked.  ” Oh no, because there is something special still waiting for you” I said.  And around the corner we went to find a beautiful laying down tree that would accomodate all of them.
Natalie became thirsty and found a water fountain. Bosch helped her get a drink and then others wanted this as well.  A spout was found that could be turned on and what should happen.?  Water over many children, quite unexpectedly, and then tears from such a surprise!  Drying up, going back to the warm bus, back to the park early to change wet clothes and then, PARRENTS  to pick up these wonderful treasures!!
Eric: alive, happy, explorative
Emme: Delightful yet not liking water all over herself so very much
Aurora: her happy, playful, running, curious self
Jasper: a happy birthday boy filled with large stick joy and excitement accept when water got all over him.
Dalhia: “I”m a ballerina!” with great joy all day
Nareya: very happy and playful
Hailey: all ready said but LOVED this Curious George story. Animated,alive and connecting
Natalie: The rescure with great aliveness and delight over all adventures

Day 4
Waning Moon
Hidden Villa: Slippey Sliddey

The day began with Emme’s Mom noticing that my description of the Moon was not correct.  She DID look at the board in the bus and SHE WAS RIGHT!!!  What a delight it was that, first she noticed and second that she was willing to ask the question about what she thought was true and what I wrote.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Emme’s Mom!! ( FYI, I do not use parents names for anonymity)
What a BEAUTIFUL new Autumn day.  The wind played games with us all day, blowing hard and slowing down.Grandpa Sun’s warm rays shone bright yet His warmth was decreased at times due to our friends the Wind Children.
They seem to be settling down with each other and just get more and more cohesive.  Driving to Hidden Villa was fun and easeful. When we got there we saw MANY Deer on the lawn.  After using the bathroom they all went stalking the Deer with Bosch and then came running back for circle.  As we circled up Bosch went out to see if he could get closer to the Buck.   As we washed our hands and got our snack, very quietly!, we watched and watched, the Buck and Bosch, Bosch and the Buck.  It was fun to watch how the Buck responded to Bosch quietly taking a different route , away from the deer in order to actually get closer and then see how the Deer stood still, listening, not listening and then finally, ran away!!!!
We all then sang our songs and heard a story about why we sing songs at the beginning of every day.  We also heard another story about Trilly Trully and Trippy Truppy and their discovery of Fall, Mother Earth and how She is calling Her children back home and why our days are going to get colder and colder and darker and darker.
After snack and story we had great chase games with ME!!!  They chased me and chased me and I ran them and ran them.  Some stayed with Bosch as they discovered the wonderful delights coming from the Cedar tree that we were near.
We finally made our adventure to the Slippey Sliddey but, how do we get there?  ” Find the trail with the Light that shines bright on it” I said.  And off they went but oh wait a minute, not before Bosch taught us how to listen to our tree friends.  We put our ears to the tree and got right cozy up to it and then, we got to begin to get to know the tree!!!  And we did!!
As we were walking to the Slippey Sliddey Hailey fell and scraped her palm a bit.  We took our time to help her as big tears came rolling down.  All the children ran to help her.  They gave her songs to make it better and lot’ s of kisses.   They helped with bandaids and gave so much love!!!   While we were walking Natalie was asked if she would hold Dahlia and Noreya’s hand and she beamed! with joy.  Then they said “Look at us, Look at us!”   Bosch had about three or four children holding his hands and I was wandering in the midst of them all.  We found our next landmark, the bridge. Emme thought for sure that if it was a bridge that water would be under it but, NO WATER!  “Where could it be?” and “Will it come again?” We looked and noticed and then, moved on.
At the Slippey Sliddey they all scurried to climb up this very slippey sliddey  place but Dahlia and Hailey and Noreya cried trying to get up.  They followed me to an easier way but it was too much for Hailey and I suggested we sit down below and have fun watching those who wanted to go up. Noreya and Dahlia decided to keep trying.  Hailey ate and the rest, well they had FUN!! I think particularly Eric because when we were all eating, all of a sudden he would come sliding down. Then he would disappear and come slidding down. Then he would disappear and come slidding down………
There was much play with being covered like a blanket under the leaves. Noreya really liked this and Aurora loved to take the leaves off.  She thought that was very funny. There were those who liked putting the leaves on and those who liked to take them off.   There were also some wonderful logs that all of us were climbing on.  Jasper really liked climbing on this one log by himself.  It would wobble and you had to work at staying stable.  Annissa was amazing as she liked going up and down and up and down the hill. She never even flinched when she got bumped into. She just would get up and go about her merry way, happy and laughing with fun.
Bosch climbed up on a big tree limb and they were all very excited about that.  Some tried to get up there with him and he helped them to be just at the beginning of where he climbed.  Natalie would say “Look at me, Look at me!” she was delighted.
They finally found that part of the day where they get fully immersed into the natural world and their interests, settled down and in. And so often that is right when we have to go in a few minutes.   They were truly having a good time yet, we got our belongings together and made our way back to the bus to playfully go inside, share our thank you’s and playfully make our way back to Elearnor Pardee park.

Day 3
Waxing Crescent Moon
Wunderlich Park

The Sun was up, the wind was low and the children were big with voices, fun, exuberance, openness and care one to the other.
Three year olds are a delight to the world I truly believe.  Their truth and honesty is to be greatly respected.
They came into the bus with readiness and, after stuffies, off we went.  The great question was, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”  “Well,” I said,( many different things actully but…) do you still hear the bus on?”  “Yes” they said.  A bit later the question again, and the reply ” our drive is this long, showing a space between two fingers, and we will be there in this much time, showing the fingers closer together.”  When we got there, and before the bus was shut off , they all listened  and then… the bus shut off and “Are we here yet?”  I asked.  “YYYYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!” they all said.   And we got to see beautiful horses right as we got there!
We made a little circle and had songs, story and snack.  They were present and content the entire time.  As we sat there there was a BEAUTIFUL Black and White horse that was escorted by.  They were very curious as to where it was going and what it was going to do so we watched and watched and saw and saw.  It was being run around in circles just for a little bit and then brought back to some other barn.    Then more horses were taken in to the ring.  When we cleaned up Natalie, Anissa, Hailey, Nareya and Dahlia all carried the basket filled with our snack and dishes to the bus aided by Bosch.  They carried it by themselves the whole way though!!!   The rest of us were making sounds like horses and moving around like them.  Then, off we all went down the trail but, along the way we saw more horses, horse poop, tickling plants and Rattle Snake weed that makes rattling sounds. Then, we found the Refrigerator Forest and felt the warm air get cooler and the sky grow darker because the trees were covering us so.
We made it to a wonderful Redwood spot, dropped our back packs and settled in for the rest of the day with play, exploration, climbing trees, playing Hide and Go Seek, running from Giants and things of this nature.   There were many people that walked by that just loved seeing the children at play and one set of people I actually knew!
Natalie got a cut that Hailey immediately brought out her first aid kit and helped her.  Natailie helped Anissa climb a tree. Emme climbed up and down this big felled tree, fell her self, cried, then got right back up to do it again.  Eric was coughing throughout the day and rested yet played and really had a good time with Bosch in the Redwood Trees little nest and Jasper LOVED playing Hide and Seek NOT Hide and Go Seek!  Dahlia was calling for me throughout the day to “Look! Look!” while she was often playing in the tree nest with Bosch, Nareya and a whole on going change of children.  Auroa LOVED playing with Bosch and being swung around. Though she speaks little words she is strong, loves to run, play and has a great LAUGH!
Nareya was a bit tired and sensitive today so I cuddled with her on and off and, she really, really, really, liked counting for Hide and Seek and then finding me or others.
One of the most treasured moments/authentic, was when Dahlia had a stick that, very unfortunately, caught Haileys face a bit.  The treasured authentic part was her absolute innocence when Hailey was crying, I was hugging her and she said, But I was a Mean Koala bear.”  She really knew that mean Koala bears DO these sorts of things and was in a bit of a conundrum here.  She was being a very classic young preschooler in her emotional world.  Hailey however was hurt and got much love as well as Dahlia. At lunch time the question asked was if anyone likes getting sticks in their faces.  They all agreed they did not and then all of them, one by one, said that they also thought it was a good idea to play with sticks pointed towards the ground.  Jasper however REALLY liked the stick next to his own face and Natalie had to think about this for a bit . Both took their time, and said that playing that way might work.  I do not hold three year olds to this, I only like to verbalize it so we can have it like a good solid book mark to become our helper and reminder.
Going back to the bus was sweet and fine though it did take a little longer then needed in order to get back on time.