Waxing Crescent Moon
Forest Grove in Los Altos

Natalie returned and with high, happy, engaged spirits! Eric was just in happy heaven today and Jasper had a great deal of fun with Bosch.  Nareya and Dahlia were off playing on their own a lot today.  Aurora was her adventuresome, belly laughing, engaged self.  Anissa was her rough and tumble, smiley, happy self.  Hailey was a bit quiet and reserved yet filled with stories of home life and Emme was simply, grand!
Very  importantly though, today was Dahlia’s Birthday!!!  She brought us a special birthday snack and we sang her our special birthday song.  In circle we had all new songs accept, we still are singing the cricket song because, they are still singing themselves!!!   A lot of the songs, and the story are about Squirrels.  With this we brought their awareness to nuts and what might be under ground or buried under ground.  We shared with them, through story and song, where the Squirrels nests are which brought us into looking up and in the trees.
After circle the group played with Bosch while Eric and I went to the bathroom and then, off on an adventure down into the dry creek bed we went.  Along the way we found lot’s of feathers and Bay nut babies to be born.  We then discovered yummy Red Wood Sorrel to eat when we got to the Grove.
Once there, they ate lunch and…
• played on a great log that was WONDERFUL  for bouncing and bouncing and bouncing and bouncing….
• building up an existing “house” structure.  All but Jasper played in this and cleaned it and swept it with sticks and then we took some Ivy that was cut and piled  and put it on the house
• I became a squirrel early on and had them bury me and then they treated me as a squirrel for quite sometime.  They fed me in the house and buried nuts for me to find.
• Jasper was playing with Bosch and finding glass that they then buried. They visited us for a bit
• Dahlia and Nareya went to pee by two trees but then it turned out that they really POOPED!  The whole group came to see and then we all got sticks and stones and buried it so no one would step in it and all the bugs would bring it back into Mother Earth’s arms so she can make good soil.  I then shared how they can let me know when they need to poop and we will find a place that is easier to bury.
There were great games going on, balancing on logs which Aurora had such great success with.   At first she wanted lot’s of help but then, I showed her, by sitting in front of her, how she could scooch along the log and make it across.  She did and was so happy for this success.
After making it all the way back to the bus, on the way back they all got small Golden guides to read/ their request, and they were happy and content.

Waning Moon
Foothills Park: The Island

Natalie and Jasper were absent today.
The day started with the sky covered in fog. Typically on these days the children are more subdued and indeed, this held true. We all got in the bus and gave some thoughts of health and happiness for Jasper and Natalie. Well for Jasper, safe travels home as he was away on a long distance journey.   They received their stuffies with new little “blankets” made of alpaca fur.  As we drove Anissa asked Bosch where his “Lovie”was.  I figured out that that meant a stuffed animal.  We gave him one and she was content.
She was sitting next to Emme and was annoyed by something with her.  They had a tussel that we helped them through and then all of a sudden they were laughing and playing.  Oh to work through troubles that easily, knowing how to be with the true feelings, be heard and then let go and move on!!!
When we got to the park the Sky was still covered and the air was cool.  Jackets, backpacks and fun all left the bus.  To the bathroom some of us went and then to circle.  There we sang our songs, ate our snack and re heard the story from last week.  They remembered right away when to clap their hands back and forth when the turtle shell was played and it was fun.
Bosch began throwing up Maple leaf seeds and we watched them twirl down like happy dancing ballerinas from the sky.  The children found their own and threw them up to watch them dance down too.  We found a wonderful bug crawling about right as we were singing one of songs that spoke about Bats eating bugs but, do Bats fly and eat flying bugs? Or do they eat bugs crawling on the ground????
Now, which way to the Island?  Down the trail we went and what wonders we saw!!!  There was Old Man’s Beard, Lichen growing from the trees that we could wear.  We found baby Mugwort growing and Toyon Berries to try.  There were the most BEAUTIFUL spider webs dressed in gowns with diamonds. When we very gently touched them our fingers got wet.  Coots/waterbirds, were swimming on the waters and Cattails for fishing poles were to be had.
On the Island, relaxation, fishing, exploring with ease, was all about and the Fog lifted and opened to blue skies and warm air.   I started cracking last years acorns.  We came up with many ways to crack them such as, the bottom of our water bottles
(Anissa had the best bottle),having the acorn lay on it’s side and hit it with the bottom of the mortar, or the side of the pestle and a few other creative ways.  It was mainly Anissa, Eric, Dahlia, and Noreya that were cracking the shells.  They would come in and out. The rest were with Bosch on this wonderful little rock over looking the water.  Auroa, Bosch said, was quite the acrobat climbing through “treacherous” terroritory over water and through trees!
They were all just fishing, cracking acorns, watching ducks, gathering plants, finding places to give their pee too and so on.
When it was time to go, well, they were, as has always been, just getting so settled in.  We made it back safe, sound and with smiles and off we went.  The ride back was sweet.

Waxing Crescent Moon
Denis Martins Creek

A beautiful day.  We took the children here to be in the cool air under the many Redwood and Doug Fir Trees but first, Eric really wanted to harvest more acorns so we took a short visit to the Laying Down tree. Some gathered some played and then we made it back to the bus, buckled up, got stuffies, got the stuffies their “blankets”/ rabbit skins and off we went.They were filled with high energy and great delight. When we got there it was DARK!! and we turned the lights on in the bus to see each other better.   We then had circle with a story that I used a turtle shell and a goat horn to tell it with. Their part of the story was to clap their hands back and forth and back and forth each time I did that on the turtle shell and then STOP when I did. They were right on que!
They also loved sharing about what they were going to be for Halloween.  One of my favorite parts of each day with them is watching them try to get their fingers to do what mine do during the songs that include using their fingers.  They become so deeply focused and present.
Today Dahlia had one fall after the other with grand tears.  I spent some of the day slowing her down a bit and taking our time to see exactly where the right step might be in order to stay upright:)
Natalie had some extra falls or, letting us know about parts of her body that didn’t feel good to her. We did our best to comfort them all.
Nareya and Eric walked about 100 steps at the beginning of our adventure and thought that that was about enough for the day but alas, we went up and up a hill until, we made it to our destination.  There they dropped packs with delight. Then we all  explored the dry creek, the Grape vines, that are EXCELLENT for Mother Natures swings, a marvelous log that was a perfect seat and then, a great Banana Slug.  I brought out some apple for the Banana Slug to eat and they made a circle around it  in order to watch it. They did this for a very long time,  almost all of them.   They even came back latter to sit and watch it again.  At the end of the day Emme, Eric, Jasper and someone else, were building a great Banana Slug home for it with a fine roof and a little doorway.
We played Hide and Go seek, climbed down a big hill to get to another area that they tested themselves out a lot with climbing and went back and forth back and forth between all of this.
When it was time to go Anissa and Natalie started to play their whistles from their back pack. I thought they would stop soon after beginning but all the children with these went to town with them and it was LOUD!!!!  After a while, when we actually fully made it to the bus I shared with them that we get to use those great whistles just when we are really, really, really, really, really, really in need of help or lost.   But what fun they had blowing and blowing and blowing!
In the bus on the way home I only wish I had a recorder for you all to hear them.  They were far quieter after the days explorations and each one of them were singing their own songs, particularly Eric who carried on for the whole drive.  It was actually quite beautiful and funny.
I do believe though you have not heard a word here about Aurora and Hailey, well, Hailey was still talking about No Nogan and Aurora was in her happy state. However today she sat with me and talked and talked and shared and shared about what was real for her in that very moment.  This was a delight!