One day before New Moon
Foothills Park: The Island
Natalie and Emme were out sick today.  The sky was gray and the cloud coverage was hanging low with the warm and quiet aspect to it.  We wondered if it would rain.
Just and FYI: A verse to help see if it is really going to rain:
When sparrows fly high the rain will go by.
When Sparrows fly low the rain will show.

Did you notice any Sparrows and how they were flying?
We did notice a lot of birds today from the beginning of the day and throughout.
We had such a fun and playful time today.  When we got to Foothills Park we had a rousing time, that Bosch instigated, playing and throwing up all the old fallen leaves.  I said I really needed a blanket and to be in a  little cozy house like the Squirrels nests we saw up in the trees before we even left today.  They buried me but then Aurora, with great glee PUSHED the leaves off and I POPPED out. We laughed and began throwing the great leaves up and down and all over ourselves.   They then ran to the snack basket. It was clear that it was time for circle!
We sang a new song called Standing like a Tree. We imagined that our feet were roots growing deep into the Earth and our roots drank up all the water and brought it all the way up to our branches. The words go like this:
Standing like a tree with my roots down deep and my branches held up high, down comes the sun, down comes the rain, down comes the love in a heart that is open to be…. then you begin again.
We sang some more songs and then I told them a story about How Dream Catchers came to be.  Last week I made Emme a Dream catcher and this day we were going to the Island to harvest more Willow to, eventually, make them all Dream Catchers of their own.   We played some more and then off to the Island we went.
All the way there we noticed the water birds and so many things along the way.  There we played great games, explored, but the most fun was when the children started to feed the ducks and water birds bits of their carrots, oranges, fruit and such. They laughed and giggled as they watched the birds grab the carrots and peas and swim from the other ducks who also wanted them. They did this for a very long time!
After lunch Aurora went to go get a “fish” and OH NO, she slipped  right into the water!  We Bundled her up and Eric gave her his coat to put on top of mine while I ran to the bus to get extra warm clothes.  Bosch snuggled her up the entire time. When I got back we changed her and , after a little bit, she was running all around the Island with Jasper and having a Grand Time!
Bosch, Aurora and Jasper said that they saw some fish that were at least 2 feet long. We all ran to see if we could see these wonders as well but,  the rest of us never got to see them. 🙁
The day was simply delightful, filled with joy, laughter and exuberance. On the way to the park they looked at the Golden Guide Field Guides that they like and on the way back they played, Bosch You’re Asleep and What Are You Dreaming. Then they put, with their hands over their heads, shapes of dream catchers so that they would catch the bad dreams and let the good dreams flow right into him.  Bosch seemed soo peacefulll!!!!

Waning Gibbous Moon
Foothill Park Big Meadow

Today was Emme’s Birthday and she was VERY Happy to be celebrating.  She was more joyous than ever and delighted to pass out her wonderful snack of strawberries and home made banana bread.  The children enjoyed themselves greatly.  We wound up having several stories. One official and others just came in the moment to support what was happening.
The children were filled with life and joy as they joined in songs, stories, snack and then moving on to the meadow. We were originally going to go to the Slippey Sliddey but Eric suggested that we go see if our Birds Nest gifts from before holiday were still there.  Emme was amenable so, that was where we went.  As we walked all the children accept Emme, Nareya, and Dahalia  went with me. The others were with Bosch at a spot that they all went to before at the lake’s edge.  I was told later, with much glee and laughter, that Bosch threw their sticks in the water and they made HUGE splashes!
The children with me spent time exploring the water and looking for the nests but after awhile all the other children, one by one, came running down the field fully excited with their adventures.  In the rear was Bosch carrying Jasper on his shoulders.  I wondered if Jasper was ok and then I saw, one of Jaspers shoes, foot attached, made it’s way into the water quite unexpectedly!  There was squeezing water out of socks and hanging them to dry.  As soon as he took his shoes off Eric, Dahlia and Nareya said, “We want to get our feet wet too!!!!!”
Later in the day we all went looking for the birds nests but alas, we found NOTHING! Not even a sign or clue.  However, Eric was still looking for more gifts along the trail where he last found some.  No luck there either!   I started to make a dream catcher and Emme not only liked it but wanted it.  That certainly seemed like a sound idea considering it was her birthday. I didn’t get to finish it that day but she will get it by next week.
I was playing a lot of games with the children on a hill and Bosch was in the quieter more still group by the main tree that we typically sit under.
My highlight for the day was seeing Emme and Natalie holding hands and playing together throughout the day.  They all are growing up so very much. It is beautiful to watch and be apart of.   And, they are soo much taller now. Yes? do you see it too?!
A beautiful, sunny, easeful and joyous day, especially for Emme.

Full Moon
Hidden Villa

Hailey is no longer with us as her Mother decided that she wanted to spend Wednesdays with just the two of them. And today we were very blessed to have Aurora’s Mom and baby sister with us.  They were both a big hit! Nareya just loved playing with the little sister and held her hand throughout the day. She is 2 and a real trouper!  She fell many times and without a blink of the eye, just got right back up and off she went.
When we got to Hidden villa they played for a bit on the natural play structures there and then we had circle.  The story today was about how come some trees have leaves all winter and some do not.  We were sitting under a tree that lost its leaves and near some trees that did not. And, during circle, we were blessed with birds that felt so comfortable that they kept on feeding on the ground!  Do you know what birds might be ground birds that peck for seeds all around us in our area?
We sang some new songs and I just couldn’t bring myself to sing any cold and wintery songs as, well, it was so warm. It has been so warm and it feels like SPRiNG!!
After all of this we made our way to the new baby sheep that are about a week or two old.  Such a delight.  Natalie was beside her self with excitment to see the Cow as her brother recently was able to milk her, so she called us all over there.   We then went to the dry creek bed over the bridge to eat some lunch before we went to see the chickens and the pigs.
Last time we ate where the chickens were the children were surrounded by all the chickens! Eating was a bit challenging and half put all their lunch away to get away from the chickens.  This time I thought it best to give the children an easier time with eating.
We were surrounded by many trees throughout the day that did and did not have leaves.
The children had a good time playing in the creek, eating, and climbing up on this old stump but then, it was time to go see the chickens and pigs before we had to leave so off we went.
Inside, there were not as many chickens roaming free as last time but Auroras Mommy was able to catch a chicken and almost all the children petted it while it was cozy in her arms.  I caught one as well with less children around so some got to pet another one as well.  The pigs had grown a great deal since we last saw them yet were still playful.  And the children transformed into pigs and put themselves in the pig cage at the end of the sty.  They really love doing this!
The day was so very warm, sunny and friendly.   I was more than delighted to be back with all of your treasures and sharing the Earth and Sky together.