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Waxing Moon
Day 29
Foothill Park: The Big Meadow

All were here today. The Sun shone so brightly, the winds blew refreshingly and the children continue to step into their more alive, talkative, exlorative, vibrant selves.  As the Tues/Thurs group has completely shifted into a softer, easier going group, the three’s are taking over into the more Wild and Wonderful world.  I keep writing about this but I think this year in particular, it is just so visible and so text book that I can just sit back and watch with grand amazement at Life and the natural Nature, of it all.
Jasper was first to arrive to day. He was filled with so much to say and in a way that shows he is just growing in leaps and bounds. Then came Serena. She is reaching out to me so much more with great smiles, ease and lot’s of fun as she also connects with gaity with all the other children.   Julian and Juliette have become an item of late.  They are sitting next to each other in the bus, playing with each other, eating with each other and, of course, enjoying each others company very much.  Davey is FILLED with exuberant physical energy and connecting with the other children.  He and Zara were walking hand and hand back to the bus today with such sweetness.   Harper and Davey played a pushing shoving game with me for at least 20 to 30 minutes and really didn’t want to stop.  I was crawling on the ground and meowing like a cat. Harper saw this and strarted to growl.  Since I was croached over Davey , like a wild animal, thought this meant I was to be pounced on and so the two of them DID!!  And off we went with pounching and playing.  Zara wanted some nice close friends so Juliette finally opened up, after Julian was busy, to sitting, eating and talking with Zara.  Then Harper gave Zara her hair clip for a bit and Zara was DELIGHTED!!!    Misha was talking with the other children in a way he has not in the past and calling them by name as well as joining the children regularly.  Duncan was having a great deal of fun running all around and going back to the “Dragon house.”  Most of the children went with Mindy over there and later most went with her to make some pretend fire.
Jasper got very involved in taking old charcoal and grinding it up into powder for making face paint.  And then, he LOVED painting my face.  All the other children came to his little rock store, got the black paint and either painted me or each other. Mindy was made beautiful as well with this superb paint that Jasper made. Harper said that she was making me into a beautiful Princess and Duncan called me a Dragon.  Zara just thought I looked very scary! Harper tried to let her know that it was just me and everything was ok.
I took a stick and did a “magick” trick for some of the children sitting in front of me.  I took the stick behind my back, broke it in two and showed them how one stick became two!!!!  They laughed and later on Julian was taking green grass, breaking it in two and doing the same magick trick.   The first stick I broke looked like a horse to me so I took some of the tall grasses and made a person on the horse for a toy. Then everyone wanted a toy and I spent the rest of the day making these little treasures.  Most got lost before they made them home but they were played with before that.  Which is really what I think is best, make it and give it back to the earth.
On the walk back the children came across a group of wonderful women painting the landscape on their easels.  The children were so well received by them and looked at all their pictures with great enthusiasm.  It was beautiful to see the exchange!

New Moon
Day 28
Duck Pond

What a glorious day that turned out to be quite hot.  Due to some unforseen Ganesha struggles we wound up having circle time at the park. ( nothing to worry about though!)  The children were in alive and vibrant energy ready to eat, sing, hear a story and play.  Their four year old selves are waking up in such a beautiful and predictable way.  I wish to give you here a list of social/emotional descriptors of four year olds from the 5th edition of ‘Beginnings and Beyond‘ a child development text book:

Mood changes rapidly

Tries out feelings of power

Dominates: is bossy, boastful, beligerent

Shows off; is cocky, noisy

Can fight own battles

Hits, grabs, insists on desires

Explosive, destructive

Easily overstimulates;excitable

Impatient in large groups

Cooperates in groups of two or three

Develops “special” friends but shifts loyalities often

In-group develops;exludes others

Resistant ;tests limits

Exaggerates, tells tall tales

Alibis frequently, Tease, outwits;has terrific humor

May have scary dreams

Tattles frequently

Has food jags, food strikes


Therefore, do not be alarmed when your child shows such signs or read about them here and in the coming blogs.


Julian and Juliette were filled today with games of good guys bad guys.  Harper has been increasingly growing alive with, hmm, how do I describe it with above words, maybe, “Tries out feelings of Power.”

Zara was actually quite peaceful today. Duncan was wild with swirly, twirly energy. Misha was having a GRAND time with the ducks, playing in the bush/tree house and then resting a bit.  Serena was alive and wanting closeness. Davey was adventuresome and continues to explore the places of pouting when he wants the grown up to do something for him, like carry his shirt, when he doesn’t want to and Jasper was vibrant, awake, engaged and playing with the other children.

Their dreamy, quiet, still selves are turning into the four year old descriptive term “Wild and Wonderful.”  And that was how the day was.
To hear Juliette and Julian be filled with good guys/bad guys, killing and shooting with guns is not only so familiar after years and years of seeing this but it is also has a quality for me of startlment.  They truly come from these sweet and gentle beings into these, truly, wild and wonderful beings.  It seems to me that the Human Being is a magnificent and complex character requiring much time to learn, grow and master so many social/emotional skills.  And of course there are then so many,many other areas that require skill building!

So, here they are living, learning and growing.  And at the Duck pond, there was much there to take in.  The weather in and of itself gave the childrenn a run for their money.  Most expressed words of discomfort with the hot moments that were experienced.  They did what all young beings do, they wanted to go back to what is most comfortable, Mom/home. But alas, we had the opportunity to find other ways to soothe these  discomforts and find inner resources and resiliancy in the midst of it all.

There was one spot where we were walking and it was hot but wait, what was up ahead?  “Go to the place where you see green and feel what the air is like there” I suggested.  With the hope of cooler air they found the energy to run where once it was not there and they made it to waters edge.  We played with feeling the difference of temperature by standing in a hotter place and then getting closer to the water. WOW, it was so much cooler.  The  cool wind would came now and again and the heat on our bodies was relieved.  In these times the possiblities of gaining strength, resiliancy was provided.

We tracked rabbits by following their poop and circling them with sticks, we were looking for Bad guys and seeing if we could find their tracks.  Serena was very scared about true bad guys so I let her know that actually, we were just pretending!  She appeared to feel better with that.

We found great Duck pond slippey mud and Duncan was in hog heaven over this!  The others found dock polls to play in and around. We found Fennel and Pickleweed to eat and Misha GOBBLED up the Fennel.  The Night Herons were nesting above us in several places and it was fun to watch them high up in the trees.

So many ducks were observed in the duck pond and great curiosity about their different shaped tails and colors were played with.

I found today to be a pivotal day. A transitional day from the very young to the budding developmental growth from 3 1/2 to four.  Some are not quite there yet and others are in the throws of it. But each one is pulling the other along and it is, and always has been for me, a remarkable occurence and a stunning show of our innate programing.  There is always so much to learn and be fascinated by.


First Quarter Moon
Day 26
Coyote Pt. Museum Beach

Mindy, Serena and Jasper were absent today.  Misha’s Mother and Brother came with us in their place.  Misha wanted to go to a beach so this was the only beach I knew about that was close enough for us to go to. However, when we got there he told his Mother that this was actually not a beach because it did not have waves.  This place is actually part of the bay and it’s waves are small. However, it does have sand, rocks, and lot’s of crabs to discover.  When we got there they all ran out and looked at the beautiful water and then ran about.  I set up snack and circle time but was not able to circle them up for very long and I felt no need to insist.  We have never been to a place like this and their enthusiasm and desire to run about and explore seemed far more worthy then songs and a story, for this day.  The snack was out and they ate on and off and we did sing a couple of songs. One was inspired by the Lady Bug that we saw.  Throughout the day we saw many Lady Bugs.
Davey and Julian had a great deal of fun going into the water.  Harper was happy to have her boots on to go into the water.  Juliette changed twice into all the clothes she had so by days end, and back in the bus, I just had to take off the lower layers and wrap her up in a blanket.  She did not mind one bit!  Zara was quite tired today and slow, not her usual self.  Misha was happy to have his Mother and his brother there.   Duncan was FILLED with a great deal of energy and excitment about being in this place.
They played with and around the water for awhile. I then coaxed them over to the rocks to look for crabs and, there were very small ones scurring all about UNDER the rocks.  It did take some keen eyes to see but, we found them.  All the while Davey was so happy being in the water.  Now and again he got sad about his pants being a bit wet.  He kept his shoes on until I took mine off  and then, off his went and it caused no problem until we went walking on harder ground. At that point I just gave him a piggy back ride to where we were headed and he was quite pleased with that.  Juliette really wanted her shoes off too so off they went and it was easy for her.
After the crab search I brought them to a Nature Castle, some great rocks that were good for climbing on and there they climbed.
One of the most beautiful images when all but  two of them were up on the rock was Duncan having his arm wrapped around Julian.  They all just sat there next to one another very happy on their “castle.”
Davey was very hungry by this time as well as the rest so down they came and back to our backpacks we went.   Eating happened but then, so much more play.   Misha’s Mom wound up inspiring a creative process of making a beach forest: sticks in the sand getting decorated with stones and seaweed.  It was BEAUTIFUL!
The children found sticks and made great lines in the sand which I believe was a railroad which I mistakenly stepped on!!!
Other people started coming to the beach.  There was a man and several of his children playing near the water. At  first Harper was curious and went over to them. Then Julian, Davey, and finally Duncan went over and played/ hung around them.
Alas, it became time to leave so clothes needed to be changed, sand to needed to be left behind and a good bye song and thank you’s were had.
A very beautiful day.