Waxing Crescent Moon
Day 41
Stevens Creek Open Space Preserve

All were here today on this glorious spring like day.  Even though the need for Rain is grand, the pleasure of the Sun was still wonderful.   There was much play before getting in the bus.  Jill became some sort of monster being chased and while she was doing that I was in the Bus with Miu, Giselle and Aoife as they sprayed and learned how to spray with the four new and refilled spray bottles of different scents that I brought.
Roman Chamomile: Anti-infectious, aniti-inflammatory, calming and relaxing.  Good for Emotional balance and nervous system
Peppermint: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral and invigorating.
Lemongrass: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, insect repellent, revitalizer, sedative, tonic.
Serenity (a blend of, Lavendar, sweet majoram, roman chamomile, Ylang, Ylang sandalwood, vanilla bean): for calming nerves or emotions at the end of a long day or in times of stress. As the body is able to relax, more blood is able to circulate to the brain.

It was fun to see the girls work at spraying these.  Miu was the one with the most interest in the fragrances and changing the smell of the bus. She really liked Roman Chamomile the best.
After all the running around with everyone else outside I joined for awhile and then it seemed like a good time to head on out.   We only counted the days on the bus as it was quite wild.  With a calming voice and some redirection they all settled down, received their stuffed animals and off we went.   When we got to our destination and they ran about for a bit, we all sat at a picnic table, had snack, sang songs and heard the story of the day.  The story was about Warm Fuzzies and Cold Pricklies. Warm fuzzies are kind and caring words and Cold Pricklies can be the same words yet said in a way that you know are not sincere.
This led us into washing some sheered wool to make it clean so that we could dye them different colors like the warm fuzzies in the story.  Each took a handful of wool and went down to the creek.   But OHHHH, the water was SOOOOO COLD!!!!  So washing happened for a little bit and then, off they went to play.
Jill continued cleaning the wool as she watched the boys have such a good time down stream playing, finding a board, going up and down, taking off their shoes and socks, rolling up their pants and playing in the water some more.    The girls were with me and we were eating or they were, on and off throughout the day, and playing Dr.
Whenever they see a picnic bench it then becomes their Dr’s office.  Alice was having four children, Aoife 5 and Gissele at least two. But oh yes, this changed on and off and I do believe they were helping each other have their babies and take care of them.
In and out and all around the children played and then, I took out the basket with the sewing needles and thread and already cut up squares.  It seemed like making pillows with the wool would be a good idea.  Typically by this time Tender Trackers have already made pillows out of CatTail Down but it hasn’t happened this year so, the right moment arrived.  Paul, Aoife, Miu, Emme, Alice and Evan began their pillows. Miu finished sewing it all by herself.  She said that her babysitter has shown her how to sew.  Wow babysitter, nice work!!!!
Kaden wanted some nails to hammer into the ground and I said that we could make nails from wood so I got a piece of wood and sharpened one end and then we went to look for stones.  We found a bone for digging with which Paul, Kaden and Taz used and then a good stone for pounding.  Kaden pounded the just made wooden nail in the ground with joy and then Paul followed suite.
They all played in and out together, apart, this game that game, in such a beautiful free form way. Some were with Jill and I as we helped them sew, or clean wool while others were eating, playing, exploring, digging with “Wolverine claws” and things like that.
When it came time to leave it seemed all too soon.
And oh yes, there was much singing because they really wanted to sing the song I taught them a couple of weeks ago: Aye Mo ginumba, the Village song as well as the Magickal Unicorn song and the Fire song.  Before we left in the bus I shared with them a “Medicine Song” that was taught to me about trees.  They then gave a ,one word,  Thank you. Most of them said Play. Right as we were driving away Evan saw four Deer. We looked out and they were all jumping around and playing!!!  It was so very magickal and a beautiful reflection of themselves.

Waning Crescent Moon
Day 38
Martins Creek

Today was Miu’s Five year old Birthday!  She was very happy for this day and very much wanted to go to Martin’s Creek where her Father came on the first day of Tender Tracks. The day was warm enough so it was fine to go to this place that is at least 10 degrees colder due to being under the Redwood’s.    We did our usual singing before we left and counting.  Paul really loves to count on the counting string and others make good use of their counting strings by making them into leashes for their stuffed animals!  They are really learning how to tie those knots!  They have created a great game of throwing the animals to their neighbor in front of them and then being able to pull them back to them.  Very creative yes?!!!

Once we got to Martins Creek we climbing up the trail. There was less mud there yet there still needed to be some navigating around it.  Evan went straight into it and the Mud Monsters grabbed one of his shoes.  I had brought my walking stick which was a perfect retriever for this moment.   The rest made their way around it and were Mud Monster free.
As soon as we got to our spot they all instantly ran to the water, the water fall and all over.  They were excited!  However, they were all quite hungry too. The ground was very different though. It looked like either a huge amount of water came through and washed all the debri away, workers had come and cleared the ground floor completely out or?  What ever happened the ground was wet and straight mud.  Across the creek was a spot with Redwood duff on the earth so I set up our birthday circle there.  They heard the birthday story and Miu’s snack was a very big hit.  Thank you Miu’s Mom!!!
During this day we worked at building a dam by carrying a lot of big and heavy rocks over to the flowing water to stop it and, well, we never were able to, and we played some great chase and hiding games.   During these games I wound up getting them to go up a very, very large hill.  Some made it and some didn’t.  Alice was so sad as she was trying and trying and finally found another way to get up but then we had to come down before she made it to the top.  She was very sad.
Miu was very happy to have had her birthday stone but at one point she thought she lost it and AHHHHHAAAHHHHHHH! but We DID find it and all was well.
On the way back Emme somehow wound up in the Mud Monster pit and lost her shoe and again, my great walking stick came to the rescue and tugged it out.
Kaden wasn’t here today so at first Taz was very concerned about that.  I reminded him of how he played with Alice on Tuesday and maybe she would want to play with him again.  Things did seem to work out and he and the other children played together throughout the day, especially he and Paul.

A fine birthday celebratory day for Miu and everyone else.

Full Moon
Foothill Park
Day 24

Alice was absent today. Taz, our brand new member to Tender Tracks, arrived today and without a hitch.  Kaden was clearly so very happy to have his dear friend there and this was a true joy to see this side of him.   The children just jumped into the bus and were ready to go.  We passed out our stuffed animals and off we went.  There was still some volume control in the bus needed yet they found it within themselves, with support, to find the volume that worked for the whole.
Since the weather was a bit unpredictable I thought we would go to the backside in order to be under the trees for the potential rains.  However, when we got there (this part, if you are reading to your children is not for their ears) I looked into the trees and there was a couple with many blankets laid out and in some very involved embraces!  I shared with the children that there were some people there that looked like they really needed some privacy and that we would find another place.  Evan said, “We could stay here and just not go in there” with great and beautiful enthusiasm.  I shared that it would be best to allow them to have the entire place for the day and that we will find another grand place for us.   So, where to go?  There was construction going on in our usual parking spot and the top of the park would not be the best.  Well, there was the rangers station so I figured, if it rains we can easily come back there and I can bring out the indoor things that I have and we will be set.  The day before the children got DRENCHED with the downpour so I wished to be ready for the possibility.
When we got there, we went in and they were excited to see all of the taxidermed animals.  After some time with those amazing gifts, we settled in on the puffy couches there and had story , songs and snack.  Then, Audrey brought in a snake skin that she had skinned and they got to feel this incredibly soft skin and hear the story.   By this time it was time to move!  So outside we went.
We were going to go to the Slippey Sliddey area but what did we come across?  WATER!!! The creek was flowing and their were bridges to run across and imaginary Trolls to contend with.   Giselle went to a picnic table and started to eat and she and Audrey stayed together eating and eating for a long time. Meanwhile, the other children were just so involved with the creek, jumping across or trying to, exploring up and down the creek, putting leaves in to watch them turn into boats and float down the river and many such things.   Finally they came to lunch and after that?  They had some rousing chase games with Audrey and much hiding, sneeking, jumping upon and laughter.
Feet and clothes got wet and there was much figuring out what to do with that but then they were having so much fun it all got ignored.   Evan made a great friend with Aoife too.   The two of them were DELIGHTED to be such good friends and played and walked together. Before Aoife became dear friends with Evan, she, Miu and Emme did a great deal of exploring down the creek and were gathering much wood for?  Well, I am still not quite sure but they really needed to gather it that much I know!
Kaden and Taz were having a GRAND time playing in and around the water and on the bridge and Taz really and so very graciously, embraced everyone with open and warm kindness.
As we were driving back he said, “We didn’t have school!”   I laughed and said, “This day WAS school.”  He just looked at me and seemed to be content with that answer.  I have not mentioned Paul who was having a really grand time with Taz and Kaden as well and spent a bit of time figuring out his socks and his boots as his socks had gotten wet like everyone else’s.  He was his happy self and having four boys is just a grand bit of perfection I do believe for this group.